Zuckerbergs small goal: to cure all human diseases by the end of this century

 Zuckerbergs small goal: to cure all human diseases by the end of this century

Were not going to do it ourselves, Zuckerberg said. We believe that by the end of this century, it will be possible for mankind to cure, prevent or control all diseases.

Its important to set bold goals and we need to consider all the possibilities, says Priscilla Chen Priscilla Chen is a pediatrician and teacher, co-founder and co CEO of the Chen and Zuckerberg foundation.

To achieve this, the Foundation hopes to map every cell in the human body. You may think that we humans have understood all the cells and their functions in the human body, said Priscilla Chen. In fact, we dont, we need the atlas as a reference.

Zuckerberg said the study was the basis of many biological studies..

Chen and Zuckerberg foundation was founded by Priscilla Chen. The couple have pledged to eventually donate 99% of their Facebook shares, with the goal of solving some of the worlds most complex problems.

In addition to discussing the foundation, Zuckerberg also answered questions about regulating social media giants such as Facebook.

Zuckerberg has responded to calls to split Facebook. I think [Facebook] does have a problem, he said. I think a lot of people are upset about it. A lot of people are talking about measures like splitting Facebook, but these measures dont solve these problems.

The Zuckerberg couple posted their annual letters on the website of the Chen and Zuckerberg foundation. In the letter, they said: we hope we can close a gap for our partners - people who may not have engineering, funding or advocacy expertise. By accelerating their research progress, we can build a better future for everyone. (Liu Chun)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report