Trumps impeachment investigation enters a new stage

 Trumps impeachment investigation enters a new stage

The impeachment resolution of President trump of the United States.

[impeachment investigation enters a new stage, the judicial committee of the US House of Representatives holds its first hearing

According to reports, on the 3rd, the intelligence committee of the US House of Representatives voted to pass the investigation report on Trumps impeachment and transferred the report to the judicial committee of the house of Representatives. The Judicial Committee immediately took over the follow-up procedure of impeachment investigation and held the first hearing on April 4.

During the hearing, three famous law professors participated in the discussion and believed that Trumps seeking foreign interference in the American election had constituted an impeachable crime. However, the fourth law professor who testified strongly disagreed, insisting that trump must commit major crimes and misdeeds before impeachment. However, the current evidence is extremely insufficient, reflecting the current split situation in American politics.

At the beginning of the hearing, Jerry Nadler, chairman of the Democratic judicial committee, said trump was willing to endanger our countrys security for personal political interests and sought foreign intervention in US elections in 2016 and 2020.

The presidents serious misconduct, including bribery and asking for help from foreign leaders in exchange for the exercise of certain powers, and his obstruction of judicial and congressional investigations, is more serious than any presidents misconduct in the past, said Graham trump, a law professor recommended by the Democratic Party

Jonathan Turley, the only professor at George Washington University law school invited by the Republican Party, disagreed, arguing that the Democratic led impeachment investigation was too sloppy and hasty and lacked the testimony of people who knew directly about the incident. The current evidence is not enough to show Trumps clear criminal behavior.

US President trump profile.

According to the report, the televised public hearing was quite dramatic, and there was a fierce dispute between the two sides. Not only did the constitutional professors testify to a wide range of opinions, but also the members of the Republican and democratic parties took a clear stand to fight fiercely over whether to impeach trump.

Next, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on impeachment within two weeks. If impeachment is agreed, the judicial committee will draft impeachment clauses, which will be deliberated by the whole court one by one. Once the house of Representatives passes the impeachment, the Senate will be responsible for the trial, which will require the approval of two-thirds of the members present at that time to succeed in bringing trump down.

Some analysts pointed out that if there is no accident, the Democratic majority of the house of representatives will pass the impeachment clause, while the Republican majority of the Senate is likely to eventually veto the impeachment clause, with no great suspense.

On October 29 local time, House leaders of the U.S. Republican Party held a press conference after the party caucus meeting to condemn the Democratic Partys vote on the resolution on impeachment investigation procedure.

[the impeachment report said that the Republicans involved in Tong Wu trump called it a joke

The intelligence committee of the U.S. House of Representatives passed the impeachment report on President trump on March 3, detailing that there is a lot of evidence that trump abused his power and obstructed the judiciary. In addition, the report also points out that Trumps private lawyer Giuliani has repeatedly contacted Nunes, vice president of the Republican Party of the intelligence committee.

According to the report, the call records show that during the period when Giuliani publicly asked for an investigation of former Vice President Biden in April, he and his assistant parnasi had many phone calls with Nunes, and three people also called Solomon, a columnist of the Capitol Hill newspaper, who had published many articles criticizing Jovanovic, then the US ambassador to Ukraine. On April 24, after Giuliani called the White House, the State Department recalled Jovanovic. Nunes has not declared contact with Giuliani and parnass.

Trump, on the other hand, denounced the report as a joke and accused Democratic lawmakers of holding investigative hearings while he was at the NATO summit and not in the United States.

In its report, the intelligence committee said Trumps request for foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the United States and national security to win re-election was unprecedented in impeding congressional investigations.

In response, trump said: its bad for our country that they do this and believed that this approach has made Republicans more united and supportive of him.

White House spokesman Stephanie Grisham also tweeted back, claiming that three of the four experts attending the hoax hearing were biased against trump.

On November 8 local time, President trump said at the White House that congressional Democrats should not hold public hearings. Impeachment investigation is only a continuation of the pass Russia door fraud.

[trump is hit again after failing to pay financial records

Facing the pressure of impeachment, trump was hit again. The federal court of Appeal ruled Wednesday that Trumps appeal for failing to pay financial records failed again, requiring Deutsche Bank and capital one to hand over Trumps financial records, its family members and family companies to Congress to investigate the incident that he was accused of seeking foreign forces to intervene in the general election.

In April, two Democratic controlled congressional committees asked the two financial institutions to hand over the financial records related to trump and his family members, but trump later appealed to prevent the banks from cooperating in handing in the documents, becoming the first president in the United States who would not voluntarily disclose the financial records for more than 40 years. However, the second circuit court of appeal also ruled Trumps appeal failed after the US District Court ruled trump lost in May.

At present, two appeal courts have ruled that trump must provide relevant documents, including information held by Mazars USA, but the Supreme Court has not yet ruled. Trump said in November that he would release his financial information before the 2020 presidential election, but did not specify what information to release.

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