Media comments on clean coal poisoning: improper use cannot be an excuse

 Media comments on clean coal poisoning: improper use cannot be an excuse

In the process of heating in rural areas in winter, there are more than one carbon monoxide poisoning casualties. Objectively speaking, even before the strong promotion of clean coal in the local area, carbon monoxide poisoning caused by burning charcoal for heating in the winter may also exist in the countryside, but it is puzzling and intriguing that what causes the few in the past winter and especially many in this year in the mouth of local medical staff? Whether the promotion of clean coal is related to farmers carbon poisoning not only in time, but also in the process of strong promotion, clean coal production, selection and safety operation training.

Local promotion of clean coal heating

According to the existing media reports, we cant see the evidence related to the tragedy of carbon poisoning in terms of the quality and production specifications of the involved clean coal. However, in view of the fact that the involved enterprises refuse to provide the central media reporters with the production and quality inspection data of clean coal, the judicial organ should timely intervene to obtain the relevant evidence of the involved enterprises and products, and conduct authoritative investigation on the cause of death of the villagers, instead of allowing the production Manufacturers set the tone of improper personal use.

When the tragedy of carbon poisoning happened in the villagers, without authoritative and careful investigation, they were very irresponsible and even suspected of shirking the responsibility. Whats more, according to the villagers, this promotion of clean coal has no basic safety instructions, specifications and relevant training. Only after poisoning cases, some villages are equipped with monitoring instruments and give safety tips.

Tragedy happens

Interestingly, the clean coal is provided by the manufacturer designated by the superior government department, and the purchase and use indicators are set for each village according to the population. The supply of clean coal with similar rationing system makes local governments have more responsibilities in the selection of clean coal manufacturers and quality certification. However, media survey found that many suppliers of clean coal have ordinary qualifications. Some manufacturers seem to have set up in a hurry before heating this winter, and even product packaging has no logo. In the report of CCTV news, local villagers gave many details of local promotion of clean coal: the government staff took the police to the door to check the bulk coal of each house, and some of the bulk coal was forced to be pulled away and replaced with clean coal What role does the local government play in the production, supply and compulsory promotion of clean coal?

Just last winter, the second ecological supervision group of the central government once reported the situation of one size fits all Prohibition of coal use in some communities in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and explicitly prohibited too simple and rough methods in the process of coal prohibition. At that time, coal was banned to promote central heating, and now it is compulsory to use clean coal instead of bulk coal. Although there are differences, the specific implementation methods and ideas are the same. In May 2018, the Ministry of ecology and environment issued a special document, which showed the attitude of firmly opposed and strictly prohibited to the one size fits all disorderly actions that seriously disturbed the peoples production and life under the banner of environmental protection. In September of that year, Hebei Province issued the first provincial level guidance detailing and responding to the above-mentioned documents, in which the peoples livelihood clean heating measures is one of the one size fits all phenomena in the documents.

Relevant enterprises just established

Environmental protection is of great importance. Central heating and promotion of clean fuel are considered feasible measures. However, some places have problems in the implementation of promotion measures. Even under the pressure of performance appraisal, they act in a hurry and dont pay attention to ways and methods. As a result, the promotion of one size fits all clean coal is not only a good meal, but also a tragedy. The case needs to be properly handled and authoritative investigation. For the subsequent use of clean coal, it is more necessary to close the loopholes of safety precautions and use guidance, so as to prevent the tragedy from happening again as much as possible.

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