Thugs in black smash traffic lights and kill 70 year old citizens: let them pay for their lives

 Thugs in black smash traffic lights and kill 70 year old citizens: let them pay for their lives

Data sheet: the mob in black destroys traffic lights under the umbrella of other mobs. (source: Wenhui)

Overseas. Com, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) - in the practice storm of nearly half a year, the mob in black destroys Hong Kong by any means, hinders Hong Kongs traffic, and destroys many groups of traffic lights. On the afternoon of April 4, a truck on the Tianrui road section of Tianshui Wai failed to stop, hitting a 70 year old man and killing him. People in Hong Kong left a message in social groups criticizing the mob in black for indirect killing, life filling (life compensation)!

Hong Kong rioters have been vandalizing many parts of the city. Many traffic lights on Tian Rui road in Tian Shui Wai have been damaged and cannot be completely repaired. Pedestrians and drivers rely on estimates. Yesterday (4) afternoon, a 69 year old man surnamed Li, who was inconvenient to walk, was knocked into a coma on the spot by a truck when he was crossing the road on the pedestrians auxiliary line in an electric wheelchair, and was sent to the hospital for rescue.

During the police investigation, it was found that at least one group of traffic lights on the scene were damaged and unable to display traffic signals. Li, a 26-year-old driver, was driving a truck to the road section and could not accurately grasp it. When he was aware that someone was crossing the road, he could not stop and hit an electric wheelchair, causing Li laoweng to be hit and fly. At present, the police arrested Mr. Li in the name of suspected dangerous driving, and were investigating whether the accident was directly or indirectly related to the damaged traffic lights. They called on anyone who witnessed the accident or provided information to contact the investigators.

According to the on-site neighborhood, although bad lights and warning signs had been posted on the traffic light posts of the section earlier, the traffic lights in the area were frequently damaged by mobs in black, and the damage was faster than the repair, which eventually led to the tragedy. According to the data, since the practice storm, blackclothed thugs have blocked and damaged the roads in tianshuiwei district many times, including a so-called parent-child parade on September 14, in which the applicant is the elected District councillor Chen Shiya of Songhua electoral district. Although the police had issued a notice of objection before the tour, there were still a lot of people who gathered illegally, and Li Weifeng, another district councilor designate of Songbai District, also participated in the activity. On that day, a large number of mobs in black blocked roads, damaged traffic lights and light rail facilities, and set fire.

Hong Kong neighbourhoods pointed out that violent destruction is enough to cause tragedy, and criticized that public facilities are caused by the failure of illegal rally promoters to control the destruction of violent demonstrators, so the pan rioters of violent promoters must find the number (explain). Some netizens left a message in social groups criticizing the mob in black for indirect killing, to fill in life (pay for life).

The practice storm has lasted for more than five months, during which a large number of black clad thugs blocked roads, smashed pavements, set fire, damaged Hong Kong railway facilities and injured innocent citizens for many times. Rob, a 70 year old cleaner, was shot in the head by a mob with bricks and died. Li Bo, who was burned by a mob splashing flammable liquid, was in a coma for several days. The Hong Kong police have repeatedly reiterated that they strongly condemn the violent acts of thugs and will never tolerate any resort to violence for any purpose. They must resolutely take law enforcement actions to restore social order and pursue all illegal acts to the end.

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