Qualcomm President: working with apple to launch 5g iPhone as fast as possible

 Qualcomm President: working with apple to launch 5g iPhone as fast as possible

It home on December 5, according to foreign media pcmag, Qualcomm president Cristiano amon confirmed today at Qualcomms snapdragon technology summit that apple and Qualcomm are trying to launch 5giphones at the fastest speed.

Amun revealed some new details of the multi-year license agreement with apple. The first 5giphones will use Qualcomm modems, but they may not be able to use all of Qualcomms RF front ends. The purpose is to ensure the timely release of mobile phones. He said: the priority of establishing this relationship with apple is how to launch their mobile phones as soon as possible, which is a priority.

Due to the long development cycle of Apples iPhone, when the two companies reached a partnership last April, it may be too late to re-develop the wireless circuit path of 5giphones to integrate the Qualcomm RF front-end. We have years of agreements with apple. Its not a year, its not two years, its years of snapdragon baseband protocol. We dont have any expectations for the front end, especially because we work late, Amun said.

We could be back together later than we both hoped, and I think weve been trying to get as much done as possible and make the most of what theyve done so that we can launch 5g phones as planned, Amun added

In 5g era, RF front-end (the integration of antenna, signal tuner and power amplifier) has become a new and important method, which can be used as a way to tune and squeeze more signals from the difficult network. Qualcomm calls its new snapdragon processor Modem RF system, implying that Qualcomms own RF front-end components are used with its modem to get the best signal.

Apple has been a mashup customer for Qualcomm, for example, mixing Qualcomm modems with its Avago and skyworks front-end components in the iPhone 7. But Apple turned to Intel modems around the time Qualcomm started building its own RF front-end. But in terms of LTE speed and signal strength, Intel modems Apple has been using often lag behind the latest Qualcomm modems.

We are very satisfied with the progress that is being made and I hope they will have an excellent device, said Amun

According to Amun, the iPhone will support 5g networks next year, no surprise.

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