The two founders of Google resigned and each gained more than $1 billion

 The two founders of Google resigned and each gained more than $1 billion

They each own about 6% of the Internet giant and control alphabet through special voting rights.

The rise in Googles share price suggests investors welcome Sundar Pichai to the top of alphabet. This means that none of the three most valuable U.S. technology companies has a founder at the helm.

Like Apples Tim Cook and Microsofts Satya NADELLA, pichay has been a long-time deputy, making steady progress on the companys promotion path for 15 years.

This change also reflects that Google has entered the middle age of enterprise development. In 1998, brin and page started Google in a garage in California. In 2018, the companys revenue was $137 billion, and now its market value is $893 billion. Second only to apple and Microsoft in the S & P 500.

At present, many Silicon Valley giants dont have founders at the helm. Larry Ellisons Oracle Corp. is led by safra Catz, but Ellison is still chairman. Some younger companies, such as Uber and weco., have turned to outsiders for management in the turmoil.

But there are some notable exceptions. Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg still run Amazon and Facebook, respectively. By market value, the two companies are the fourth and fifth largest in the United States.

It turns out that the introduction of external managers is a good thing for apple and Microsoft. Apples share price has risen more than 400% since cook took the helm in August 2011. Microsofts share price has tripled under NADELLAs leadership.

Pichai has been Googles chief executive since 2015. During this period, alphabets share price doubled.

Unusual position

The success of the three chief executives has also made them one of the wealthiest corporate executives in the United States. Thanks to their stock awards, everyone is worth billions of dollars.

Pichai, 47, is in an unusual executive position. Unlike cook and Nadra, almost all of Pichais stock awards have been paid, according to the documents.

By contrast, according to a recent document, cook, 59, will still hold up to 1.8 million restricted shares, worth about $500 million, by August 2021. NADELLA, 52, will receive up to 1.8 million long-term performance stock awards, currently worth about $275 million.

The board of alphabet may take action to correct the discrepancy. But no matter how they decide to compensate Pichai, he will still be far behind the wealth accumulated by brin and page. According to the Bloomberg billionaires index, the combined net worth of the two Google founders is about $126 billion. (Chen Chen)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report