Veterans have been working as impostors for 23 years

 Veterans have been working as impostors for 23 years

Group photo of Huang Ruihua and his comrades in arms. Picture provided by interviewee

After being replaced by others for the information of demotion, the man went out to work for more than ten years

In 1992, according to the national call, he was recruited to serve in a Harbin army, said Zhu Ruihua, 47. Three years later, he returned to Baima town. At that time, some of the soldiers I worked with were resettled. Because the situation is different in different places, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dancheng County said that I should go home and wait. I will be informed if there is any news. Since then, he went to Dancheng County Civil Affairs Bureau for many times to consult with them about the matters of demobilization and relocation, but no reply was received, so he went out to work at the end of 1996.

In recent years, he has been working in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and other places to make a living as a decorator. Because his parents in their 70s and 80s are not as healthy as they used to be, he chose to return to his hometown of Dancheng in 2008 to engage in decoration work. On December 3, when a reporter from the Beijing News saw Huang Ruihua, he was wearing a khaki coat and looked haggard. Because of his long-term work, his hands were worn and cracked.

Until October this year, the Dancheng county government announced the work placement of veterans in the whole county. Zhuruihua found that he had been resettled as early as 1996. Why didnt anyone inform me that year? I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau so many times. Later, he found the Bureau of retired servicemen affairs of Dancheng County, and the computer system showed that he was indeed placed in the government of Baima town of Dancheng County in 1996.

Because my surname is relatively rare, I went to the human resources and Social Security Bureau to transfer the files to check later. after checking, we found that a persons name and ID card number were exactly the same as their own, and the information in the Veterans files, as well as the names of their parents and sisters, were also exactly the same, Mr. Yu said. Now I know that I have been replaced by someone else and have worked for more than 20 years.

Information on the demobilization and transfer of Ruihua. Picture provided by interviewee

Theres a middleman calling. The other side is willing to pay for it

On December 3, the reporter of Beijing News verified from the Bureau of human resources and social security of Dancheng county and the Bureau of retired servicemen affairs of Dancheng county that the situation described by Huang Ruihua was true.

A staff member of the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Dancheng County said that there was no one with the same name as Ruihua. The people who used the files of Ruihua to work in Baima town have now been transferred to the government of Yilu town of Dancheng county. According to the file information, this person is now a cadre of Yilu town government of Dancheng county.

In response, Mr. Ruihua said that now he only wants to resume his own work and ask the other party to return the salary previously received. In addition, I hope that we can find out what happened in that year and hold the parties responsible.

On the afternoon of December 3, a reporter from the new Beijing News accompanied zhuruihua to the peoples Government of Yilu town to report the incident. In the meantime, zhuruihua received a phone call. The other side claimed to be a staff member of the retired military affairs department of Dancheng County, saying that zhuruihua wanted to settle down and was willing to give part of the compensation, which was the job paid for. Or Ruihua paid more than 100000 yuan to buy the job back. You can negotiate this first. If you cant negotiate, you can go on to the next step.

Liu Yang, deputy director of the Bureau of retired servicemen affairs in Dancheng County, said that relevant departments had been involved in the investigation.

Veterans replaced in government for 23 years

In October 2019, the Bureau of retired servicemen affairs of cities and counties in Sudan announced the resettlement of veterans in the whole county. Only then did Ruihua find that Ruihua was resettled in 1996.

In an interview with Yilu town government, Ruihua sent a message to Ruihua through an intermediary: give a sum of money to Ruihua . If you come to work, 100000 yuan is not enough.