Zhejiang womens Department official was sentenced to 9 years and was the youngest female cadre of Quzhou deputy department level

 Zhejiang womens Department official was sentenced to 9 years and was the youngest female cadre of Quzhou deputy department level

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On the morning of November 21, Zhuge Huiyan, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Quzhou Municipal Peoples Congress, was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 9 years and a fine of 500000 yuan by the Lishui intermediate peoples court for the crime of bribery; the proceeds and stolen goods were recovered according to law and turned over to the state treasury. According to the trial, from 2003 to 2018, Zhuge Huiyan took advantage of her position to seek interests for relevant units and individuals in matters such as enterprise settlement, project approval, punishment reduction, promotion, work arrangement, etc., and illegally received or obtained other peoples property, which amounted to RMB 5.5525 million.

Violations of discipline and laws are serious, and the lessons left behind are profound. The specific situation of Zhuge Huiyans corruption can not be ignored, except that she borrowed money from the folk in the later period, but also received all kinds of money and things from her subordinates, enterprises and individuals in the name of holiday condolence for a long time. As she concluded tearfully after the sentence, dont do it because its evil and small, party leaders must remember that discipline is before and strictly before the law, or they will pay a heavy price.

The dyke was destroyed in the ants nest of the ceremony

Heaven and hell, a lot of time is not between one thought. Back to her own degenerate track, Zhuge Huiyan said that her dam was destroyed in the ant nest of the ceremony.

Since becoming the deputy director of Quzhou Municipal Health Bureau at the age of 34, Zhuge Huiyan, as a female cadre who was mainly cultivated by the organization, has been able to exercise in many important posts since then, and has become the target of many bosses and subordinates.

At the beginning, I was also awed, but when I got closer to some of my bosses and subordinates, they gave me gift cards and valuables on Chinese New Years day, and I began to accept them. I thought it was normal human relations, nothing serious. Zhuge Huiyan wrote in her confession.

Since 1997, Zhuge Huiyan has been in a leading position. Every Spring Festival is very lively. From 2000 yuan as a gift in the early years to 20000 yuan as a new years red bag in the later years, from accepting the shopping card from the boss who thanked her for her work to laughing at the gold bars from her subordinates who thanked her for helping to adjust their duties According to incomplete statistics, from 1998 to 2018, Zhuge Huiyan received nearly 1.1 million yuan worth of all kinds of money and things sent by others in the name of New Year greeting.

In this kind of human relationship, Zhuge Huiyan is more and more trapped and greedy.

Some bosses with more contacts began to take advantage of other ways. At that time, Jin, who was in the concrete business, was one of them. In 2002, Jin invited Zhuge Huiyan, then deputy secretary of Qujiang District Committee of Quzhou City, to invest in his enterprise. The latter invested 500000 yuan in the name of his husband Wang.

Mr. Kim had already made a good calculation: I am not short of money, but the investment of leading cadres can not only bring money, but also help us to do things in the future. Sure enough, the next year, Zhuge Huiyan served as Deputy Secretary of the Longyou county Party committee and acting county head. It coincided with the public bidding of the commodity concrete project in Longyou County. She greeted the person in charge of the County Construction Bureau and the deputy county head in charge to help the gold enterprise win the bid successfully.

Investment for profit falls into the abyss

Section is not kept, and greed is rampant. What impresses the investigators is that Zhuge Huiyans bribery crime has an obvious evolution from small corruption to huge corruption.

In May 2009, Zhuge Huiyan, who just served as the vice mayor of Quzhou City, was going to buy a set of real estate in Quzhou City. In order to thank Zhuge Huiyan for her help when she was the county chief in Longyou, Jin Mou actively called her 875000 yuan in the name of investment dividend. In fact, as early as the end of 2003, Zhuge Huiyan had withdrawn 500000 yuan of investment principal and agreed not to enjoy dividends in order to avoid suspicion in the promotion. However, six years later, when Kim again offered to pay dividends with the principal at that time, Zhuge Huiyan did not refuse.

Hes a bribe, Im a bribe. In later confessions, Zhuge Huiyan wrote clearly. However, when the case was just filed, she said she thought that if there were corresponding principal payments, it would not be power money transactions or bribery.

Especially after being the propaganda minister of Quzhou municipal Party committee in 2011, Zhuge Huiyan, 55, felt that she was about to retire and had no hope of promotion, so she turned a considerable part of her energy to thinking about how to lend money for profit.

According to her recollection, most of her illegal borrowing from enterprises occurred between 2011 and 2016. Most of these enterprises have used their power to help before. Later, in order to express their gratitude, the boss of the enterprise took the initiative to extend an olive branch to welcome investment.

A paper-making enterprise in Quzhou City is one of the most profitable enterprises of Zhuge Huiyan. In 2008, in order to thank her for her previous help in relocation and project implementation, ye, the head of the enterprise, offered to let her invest some money. Zhuge Huiyan asked her husband Wang to come out and lend 600000 yuan to ye at an annual interest rate of 30%. In 2011, because 30% interest is really attractive, another 2 million yuan was invested in the name of brother-in-law Cao. As of 2018, the total profit was 5.54 million yuan. In March 2014, Zhuge Huiyan, knowing that Jin had no need to borrow money, took the initiative to ask for a loan of 1.5 million yuan in the name of her son, making a total profit of 1.41 million yuan by November 1, 2018.

At that time, she had been blinded by the interests and had only her own needs. Zhuge Huiyan said that at that time, her son just returned home to work and was going to buy a house in Beijing, because she felt deeply guilty about the lack of care for her family, so she tried her best to think about how to quickly accumulate family wealth through private loans, but did not want to fall into the abyss of illegal crime.

The twisted top beam finally collapsed

Zhuge Huiyan not only destroyed his family like this, but also took his brothers and sisters on the wrong path. However, this self styled pillar was crooked from the very beginning.

After entering the leading position in 1997, Zhuge Huiyan called her younger brother, who was in Jinhuas hometown, to Quxian, where she worked, and kept greeting and doing business for him at his younger brothers request. In the meantime, Zhuge Huiyan invested nearly 900000 yuan in his brothers business from her husband Wang, who made more than 1 million yuan. Later Cao and his sister-in-law set up the company. Wang invested another 100000 yuan, making nearly 1 million yuan.

Under the cover of family affection, Zhuge Huiyan goes further and further on the road of breaking the rules and regulations. In 2012, his younger brother began to do fly ash business, and Zhuge Huiyan helped him to contact three businesses by using his authority. She didnt give a share of the principal, and later received nearly 800000 yuan of the profit dividends.

And one of these three enterprises is Kims enterprise. In 2017, Kim is going to set up another environmental protection building component company, and let Zhuge Huiyans younger brother come to the company to make preparations. She immediately solved the problems encountered by the enterprise in the approval process, and made herself, her younger brother and Kim more and more closely related.

In December 2018, the inspection team of the provincial Party committee made an inspection tour of Quzhou, and the whole province also launched the special rectification work of illegal lending by leading cadres. Zhuge Huiyan, who felt that something might happen, proposed to Jin Mou to stop the investment in his sons name before, but was persuaded by Jin Mou to continue to invest in his brothers name instead: in case of anything, its also the business of your brother and me.

Even in January this year, after receiving a letter from the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhuge Huiyan also sought for relevant personnel to collude with them and unify the caliber. He also transferred the stolen goods of up to seven or eight suitcases that his family had received over the years to his brothers and sisters.

However, the struggle at this time can only make her sink deeper and deeper in the mire. The Spring Festival of 2019 is what zhugehui called the most simple and miserable Spring Festival. She couldnt help crying when she thought it might be the last time she had dinner with her father and mother in their 80s. During the detention period, Zhuge Huiyan said frankly, I finally realized that the most important thing in life is not money, status, power and material, but freedom, peace and health. Its just that its too late for her to recognize her. She can only warn others from her past.

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