The 22-year-old take away boy passed by when the female driver ran out of control and ran down the wall was killed

 The 22-year-old take away boy passed by when the female driver ran out of control and ran down the wall was killed

What happened on the surveillance screen

In the monitoring screen

Black car involved

At the gate of the park

The female driver is going to turn left and enter the park

But there was a yellow tractor in the opposite lane

Straight ahead come here

So the two cars collided

I didnt expect this black car to rub

All of a sudden, I sped up to the edge of the street

Directly knock down the fence column at the entrance of the park

Visible in video

At that time, a delivery boy riding an electric car

Passing under the fence column

The heavy wall column hit my brothers head

Safety helmet smashed to pieces

After the incident, the security guard of the park ran out to check the situation, and called the police together with other personnel. The fire and public security rescue personnel rushed to the scene for rescue. They used a crane to move the fence column away. Unfortunately, the delivery boy died on the spot due to his serious injury.

How could it get out of control?

Witnesses said

The driver lost control of his car

There are two possibilities:

One is to find that the flat car has hit, to speed up or not to drive; the other is to step on the accelerator and rush up the street edge after being hit, causing an accident.

According to witnesses

The woman driver cried on the spot

I dont think I can control it, and the female driver is particularly scared. When she saw the accident, she cried out in horror...

But the exact reason

We need to wait for further investigation by the police

Unfortunately, the delivery boy who died was only 22 years old

According to the family of the deceased

Unfortunately, the delivery boy who died is Xing

From Anhui, only 22 years old

Relatives of the deceaseds mother, sister, etc

Got the bad news and rushed to the scene immediately

Theyre concerned about sudden accidents

Feel unbearable pain

Sister and mother of the victim:

Work hard, how can you be hit? When the car hit the concrete column, the column fell down...

Reporters saw it on the spot

The fence column at the gate of the park is made of red brick

The place where the accident happened is full of gravel

Next to it is a broken stationary outdoor umbrella

There are fragments of safety helmets on the ground


Victims father: my son has been delivering takeout for more than 2 years. I really dont understand why the Secretary had the chance to rush up the street.

The victims mother: my son is well gone.

At present, the driver was taken away by the police

Investigation and rehabilitation work is still in progress

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