34 gang members set up a bureau to make profits

 34 gang members set up a bureau to make profits

On the morning of December 4, the first instance of Xian new urban area court publicly sentenced the case of 34 people, including Guan Xianfeng and Guan Xianqiang, who organized, led and participated in the underworld organization. Guan Xianfeng, the main criminal, was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and all personal property was confiscated. Other members of the gang were also sentenced.

Add wechat beauty in the hotel

One is cheated and one is robbed

In the winter of 2017, after Wu Ming (pseudonym) checked in at a small hotel on South Taibai Road, he found that someone had added his wechat while playing with his mobile phone. Seeing that his head looked like a beautiful woman, he passed, and the two began to chat. Wu Ming said that when he told him about the sexual service, he told the other party about the price and sent the hotel location and room number. About an hour later, he received a call from a woman to answer it. Then he went to the front hall to pick up a girl and went back to the room together. The woman said that he paid the service fee in advance and that it was stipulated by the company, so he transferred 400 yuan to the other party through the QR code provided by the woman. At this time, the woman said to let the driver go first, he thought it was the normal process and agreed, who knew that the woman would never come back after going out together, he called to ask, but found that he was blackmailed by the other party, so he knew that he had been cheated.

In March 2018, after Wang Jun (pseudonym) stayed in a hotel in Hanyuan Road, he searched nearby people through wechat and added blue face confidant to start chatting. After chatting for about 4 hours, Wang Jun asked the other party to pick up the cosmetics for 500 yuan, sent the location and told the room number. At about 4 a.m., a woman entered his room. After a few words, Wang Jun scanned the QR code provided by the other party via wechat and transferred 500 yuan. The woman said she had a brother outside, and then two men opened the door.

Wang Jun said that after entering the door, a man in Black said: my sister is still in your room so late, you have to compensate us 1500 yuan.. Wang Jun didnt want to give it, but the other side threatened to send someone to kill him if he doesnt give it. the woman slapped him twice and the man in black kicked him. He picked up the stool in the room to resist, but was pinned on the bed by two men. At this time, the woman began to turn over his bag, took away two lenses and one sunglasses, and then three people left. When he chased out, the man was gone. He called the police.

The case implicates the gangs of evil forces

Making profits through immortal dance

Police investigation found that Xian had a number of similar cases in a row. With further investigation, a gang of evil forces involving more than 30 people gradually emerged, and members of the gang were arrested successively. On October 18 this year, the court of the new urban area heard the case. On December 4, the case was pronounced.

After the trial, the court found that the gangs of the evil forces were underworld organizations headed by Guan and Guan, and the criminal mode of the underworld organizations was mature. Before committing the crime, Guan and Guan are divided into three groups according to the thugs, Miss and drivers. The studio recruits prostitutes through the keyboard network or obtains the victim information from partners (receiving orders) and sends it to the nearest crime team (dispatching orders). All crime teams are in charge of the thugs. According to the dispatch information, they go to the designated hotel. The driver is responsible for the release and reception. After the Miss enters the room to collect the victim service fee, he will immediately notify the thugs outside the door and cooperate with them to enter the room. After the thugs enter the room, they collect the deposit under the pretext of protecting the Miss from being abused and photographed privacy video. If they encounter the victims who are unwilling to pay money, they force the victims to pay deposit and deposit by means of beating, verbal threat, etc. Then they leave successively with the Miss for the reasons of holding a condom in the lower floor, and quickly escape from the scene with the outside drivers.

Since the second half of 2017, the underworld organization has been in hotels and guesthouses in the main urban area of Xian for a long time. Aiming at the accommodation personnel in the hotel, it has systematically and wantonly carried out illegal and criminal activities such as robbery, extortion, fraud, etc. to obtain economic benefits. At present, 70 cases have been implemented, including 17 in new urban areas, 11 in Beilin District, 9 in Lianhu District, 23 in Yanta District, 8 in Weiyang District, 1 in high tech Zone and 1 in Qujiang New Area. The group has had an important influence in this illegal industry, and a large number of victims are afraid to report cases for fear of retaliation.

Gang leaders started from soliciting customers to recruit prostitutes

And set up a special studio

Guan came to Xian in 2006 and started as a waiter in a hotel. Since 2007, he began to introduce passengers to Xian railway station and solicit customers to recruit prostitutes. In September 2009, he was released on bail on suspicion of extortion.

Since 2010, Guan has run a hotel near Jianshe Lane in the new urban area and kept women for prostitution. In December of the same year, she was released on bail for prostitution. During the period of bail, Guan once again left women in the hotel for prostitution and was investigated by the public security organ. Guan escaped. After that, Guan still went back to his old business. In 2015, he was punished by public security for prostitution of prostitutes (suspended).

In 2016, Guan met with Si, and took him to continue prostitution around the railway station. At the end of the same year, Guan learned from his peers that he could use wechat, Momo and other Internet chat software to recruit prostitutes to practice immortal jump to earn illegal interests, so he began to try it himself. At first, Guan obtained the victims information from the street girl. Subsequently, in order to obtain more illegal interests, Guan tried to buy the victim information from the online profession chat one hand.

Since June 2017, Guan has gathered more than 10 people, including Si, Wei, Zhou and fan, and gradually formed a criminal gang headed by the evil forces. They are divided into three groups: thugs, Miss and drivers. They have been engaged in a series of illegal and criminal activities in the whole city on the basis of providing paid pornographic services. At the same time, Guan and Zhao were engaged in such activities.

After that, Guan will recruit Zhang, who is engaged in professional online chat. In April 2018, Guan and Zhang rented a house in a residential area of Weiyang District, purchased mobile phones, black cards, computers and other tools used in the crime, and set up a studio for the organization to recruit prostitutes, send bills, transfer bills, and keep accounts on the network, which is managed by Guan. The establishment of the studio marks that the criminal groups of evil forces led by Guan Xifeng and Guan Xiqiang have developed into the underworld organizations including chat, thug, miss, driver and payee.

Clear division of labor and strict management

More than 30 crimes committed in one night

The underworld organization was initiated and established by Guan, who, together with Guan, CO directed and managed the activities of the whole organization. Both of them had absolute leadership and command power in the organization. Together, they were recognized as bosses by members of the organization and 11 active participants. In this organization, some people are specially responsible for receiving orders, sending orders, transferring orders and keeping accounts. Some people pretend to be prostitutes (young ladies) and some people are thugs (responsible for letting loose and accompanying young ladies to collect stolen money).

In order to ensure the effective management of the organization and avoid the attack of the public security organs, Guan and Guan stipulate that members must ask for leave in advance when they cannot go to work normally; when committing a crime, they must use the black card provided by the organization to contact the victim, use the two-dimensional code provided by the organization to collect money, and it is forbidden to collect money from the victim without permission. After the crime is committed, all the contacts between the victim and the victim should be deleted in time. Whether the crime is successful or not, it should be reported to the organization in time. In addition, if two or more victims, ethnic minorities and foreigners are involved in the crime, they should evacuate in time to prevent the victims from reporting the crime. If the members of the organization are arrested by the public security organ, they cannot disclose their relationship with the organization.

According to Guan, the studio has a daily income of more than 10000 yuan, less than 7000 yuan to 8000 yuan, and occasionally 1000 yuan, 2000 yuan. Zhang usually keeps accounts, and checks with him every day.

Zhang said that he started to keep accounts in May 2018. Guans gang can run about 30 bills a night and earn about 23000 yuan a day.

1778 cell phone numbers are blacklisted by Miss

More than 4.6 million yuan of illegal income from gangs

The court in the new urban area held that, in order to grab illegal interests, the organization has successively carried out a series of illegal and criminal activities such as robbery, extortion and fraud in major hotels and hotels in multiple core areas of Xian. A total of 1778 mobile phone numbers were extracted from the defendants mobile phones, with an illegal income of more than 4.6 million yuan, which has formed an important influence in the illegal industry u3002 On the one hand, the victims personal and property security is infringed, and they dare not report the case for fear of retaliation, which not only disturbs the public order, but also affects the normal operation of hotels and hotels in the place of the crime; on the other hand, the organization uses the Internet chat tools to provide paid sexual services as bait, spread pornographic content, corrupt the social atmosphere and damage the image of the city. At the same time, in order to expand the scale of the organization, many defendants participated in a series of illegal and criminal activities, disturbed the social order, affected badly, and had serious social harm under the circumstances of weak legal awareness and driven by economic interests by means of introduction, referral, self recruitment and members solicitation.

The defendant Guan, who committed the crime of organizing and leading the underworld organizations, robbery, extortion and fraud, decided to carry out a fixed-term imprisonment of 20 years and confiscation of all personal property and deprivation of political rights for three years; the defendant Guan, who committed the crime of leading the underworld organizations, robbery and extortion, decided to carry out a fixed-term imprisonment of 13 years Six months, and confiscation of property of 400, 000 yuan, a fine of 30000 yuan, deprivation of political rights for three years; the rest of the defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of seven years and seven months to six months.

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