72 year olds ride in 25 countries: two lives in one life

 72 year olds ride in 25 countries: two lives in one life

After the first season of 2018, the star experience reality show adventure life with high reputation was broadcast, and the second season was finally launched in the expectation of people. In the first episode of the season, the guest invited a controversial female star, angelababy. After the broadcast of the program, in addition to Yang Ying, who is still able to cause accurate public opinion disputes, Xu Yukun, a 72 year old Henan cyclist, entered the publics vision.

In this program, host Aya and guest Yang Ying will follow Xu Yukun on a three-day ride in the United States, which is part of Xu Yukuns ride across North America itinerary.

The discussion about the old man quickly occupied the hot topic list on the Internet. He insisted on staying in the tent at night, using hot water to make bread and sausage for dinner, going on the road at six oclock in the morning on time every day, and told the program team his own principle at the beginning of the production: I have to move forward, one step without sitting, dont expect me to stop.

In the microblog, many netizens said that they cried somehow after watching the program and left messages to him. They also called him Grandpa Xu kindly. Of course, they couldnt help but feel sorry for the old man who has been used to traveling alone for more than ten years.

In adventure life, Xu Yukuns firmness, perseverance and peace deeply hit peoples mood. No matter how the situation changes, no one or anything can break his principle of going forward all the way. It can be said that his life is the real adventure life, but also brought people from the heart of the feeling and motivation.

Dream to walk the worlds five continents and ride for an average of 12 hours every day

In the middle of November, the reporter of Beiqing daily tried to contact Xu Yukun to make an exclusive interview, and learned that Xu Yukun was working in Beijing with his daughter Xu Qiuju, so this rare face-to-face interview was very lucky.

Lets just chat in a quiet place on the side of the road. I dont have to worry about the place and form. Im just going to be happy when I meet you. Beiqing newspaper reporter saw grandpa Xu Yukun waiting there on the side of a street in Dongcheng District.

The white beard, the fat, the thin figure, the black frame glasses, and the cheerful look that can show the teeth are just the same as in the show. Xu Yukun leaned his half meter bag on the bench beside the sidewalk and began the interview. In November, the temperature in Beijing was already low. He only wore a slightly thick plaid shirt and a military green canvas vest. Below was a military green canvas outdoor sports pants and hiking shoes. On his head was also tied an outdoor headscarf that someone had just given him.

Xu Yukun said that he suffered from serious heart disease and gastrointestinal disease more than ten years ago, and almost recovered from the disease after riding. In spite of the increase in age, the body has become stronger and stronger.

On April 1, 2019, Xu Yukun set out from Los Angeles and embarked on the U.S. Interstate 40. Along the way, he gets up at 4:00, eats at 5:00 and goes on the road at 6:00 every day. He doesnt find a place to sleep until its completely dark at 89:00 in the evening. On average, he rides for 12 hours every day. After riding alone for 110 days, on July 19, 2019, Xu Yukun finally rode to Toronto, Canada. The story of adventure life takes place in this ride.

This time, Xu Yukun came to Beijing to do some preparatory work for the plan of the next ride in Africa, the most important thing is to raise funds, of course, to apply for passports and visas, to fight various vaccines, to find a better charging treasure and so on. He was well organized about the preparations to be made.

So far, I have gone to seven countries in Asia, 15 in Europe, most of Australia, the United States and Canada in North America. Africa and South America have not gone. If they have both gone, the five continents will be one. Xu Yukuns dream at this stage is to ride all over the world. In recent years, the media has gradually reported more about him, and many friends have given Xu Yukun economic or other help.

In October 2018, at the world traveler summit in Shanghai, the prince of the United Arab Emirates awarded Xu Yukun the best global travel achievement award. Its hard to imagine young people riding in so many places, let alone an old man in his sixties and seventies. Everyone is curious, what makes him so firm belief in riding?

I was a farmer before 60, and I want to be a traveler after 60

On the night of April 7, 2007, Xu Yukun, 60, left home alone without telling his family, and embarked on his first ride. In order not to be discovered by his family, he also has a careful plan to secretly put the prepared riding equipment at his friends house in advance, and then leave without saying goodbye. The next day, he dared to call his wife and tell him that he had started.

This is not Xu Yukuns first time on the road. As early as 1999, he prepared one. At that time, two of Xus four children were unmarried. Ive prepared a lot of equipment and Im happy to tell my family that Im going to go. But the whole family didnt agree. They held a meeting to impeach me. The first time he failed on the road, the second time Xu Yukun came up with a way to escape in the middle of the night - he was afraid that his family would stop him again.

After the success of escape, Xu Yukun was out of control. He rode all the way north to Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang, all the way to the Arctic village of Mohe river. Later, he applied for his passport. At the end of September 2011, Xu Yukun set out from Kunming to Laos via Mohan port in Xishuangbanna, and started his first overseas riding, namely Southeast Asian countries.

In June 2014, he flew from Beijing to Moscow, then transferred to Paris, France. After getting off the plane, he equipped his bicycle and began his European cycling journey, which lasted for three months.

In September 2016, he set out from Zhengzhou, flew to Xiamen, flew to Australia, and then rode back to Sydney from west to east along the territory of Australia from Darwin, lasting for more than two months.

From the age of 60 to 72, Xu Yukuns total riding length has reached more than 110000 kilometers in the past 12 years. He counted the number of bicycles he had broken in all these years. So far, he has traveled eight times to 33 provinces and cities in China except Taiwan, and six times to 25 countries on four continents, 14 times in total.

The idea of going out to see the world, Xu Yukun had already imagined it for half his life.

Im a real farmer in Henan Province. I dropped out of primary school after only five years. Xu Yukun, born in 1947, lost his mother at the age of 5. At the age of 13, he began to take care of his blind father, who had been taking care of him for more than 30 years. I have been working in the farmland all my life. There is a saying that I face the Loess and face the sky. It describes me. I have never been anywhere.

In the beginning, when Xu Yukun told his wife and four children about his plan of cycling, no one at home agreed. He continued to wait. When he was 60, all four of his children were married. The children said to him, you can have a rest. You dont have to work in the future. Its good to enjoy your old age.

Xu Yukun didnt want to wait any longer. The older he was, the stronger his desire became. In his own words, the intensity of this desire has reached the point of sleeplessness at night, unable to sleep over and over, no one can persuade it. Another reason is that Beijing will hold the Olympic Games that year. Xu Yukun also wants to walk under the banner of the Olympic Games and make contributions to the promotion of the Olympic Games with his own actions.

I was a farmer before 60, and I want to be a traveler after 60, Xu said.

Insist on self-study, use the story that oneself writes to do exhibition raise road fee

For Xu Yukun, riding outdoors is not a rash fantasy. He understands that this is not something that can be done with only a cavity of blood. It requires extensive knowledge and excellent ability.

Although he hasnt studied for several years, Xu Yukun has never stopped learning. He not only armed himself with knowledge in various fields, but also learned a good hand at writing. Even his smartphone is more slick than his peers, and he is good at writing articles. Before each trip, he will draw a map by himself, mark his riding route, and make riding notes after the trip.

In 2016, Xu Yukun returned to his hometown in Henan Province for a temporary rest after finishing his Australian riding, because he needed to raise the travel expenses for his next overseas riding. The fund has not been very generous, which once made Xu Yukun very distressed. However, this difficulty is hard for him. Xu Yukun saw peoples stalls selling small commodities in the Tianrun square in the center of Nanyang city. The bustling scene made him think of raising funds for holding exhibitions.

Therefore, Xu Yukun began to hold an exhibition in the square to show the photos and seals during the ride, as well as his own small stories. The writing skills accumulated over the years also came into use. Depend on the mountain to eat the mountain, depend on the road to eat the road, cant I just think. At last, I sold my brochures at the exhibition. Ten travel notes were stapled together to form a brochure. Such original brochures, Xu Yukun priced 10 yuan a book, a little bit to save road fees.

While riding in North America, Xu Yukun published 90 articles on the Internet about 72 year old farmers cycling across North America, the story in the program adventure life happened in this ride. Xu Yukun insists on updating his articles every day. If he is lucky enough to catch up with the hotel and not stay in the tent, it will be Xu Yukuns peak work. In a hotel where he can sleep comfortably, he doesnt sleep, just to use the hotels Internet to upload articles and pictures, even if he doesnt sleep at night, he will finish it..

All of them weigh 40 kg. Some of them are handmade

Compared with many outdoor enthusiasts, Xu Yukuns line is not the most professional, but he is the most handy. There are also many self-made equipment, such as outdoor backpacks and raincoats used in riding, which are all handmade by him.

Xu Yukuns backpack is 40kg at the heaviest and 30kg at the lightest. It has a full range of things. If you can count more than 80 items, ranging from sewing boxes and seal books to cooking pots and tents, his special outdoor bag can hold everything perfectly.

My raincoat is made of plastic cloth. Its width is about one meter and its length is about two meters. Dig a hole in the middle, and the head can drill through. In this way, the front and the back of the raincoat are long enough to block the front of my car and the big bag on the back. I can guarantee to go ahead in heavy rain.

Grandpa Xu has two plastic sheets. One was used as a raincoat, and the other was spread under the tent at night to prevent moisture. Xu Yukun has also accumulated a lot of outdoor experience like this. For example, in camping life, he will not pile firewood into a pile, but line up around the tent, which can not only prolong the burning time and not burn it all at once, but also play the role of defending and protecting the tent.

A bicycle, a person, a tent to keep out the wind and cold, an iron pot to eat in the wild, and a flag to protect the environment, low-carbon life. Xu Yukuns journey is full of poverty. In fact, my journey is very hard. I came here to eat pancakes, drink spring water, set up tents and sleep in the wilderness. Its the same way when I go abroad and overcome many difficulties.

North American riders were threatened with guns and local police were recruited

When riding abroad, Xu Yukun could hardly stay in a hotel because of the limited funds. He was looking for places to set up tents. When night falls, when Xu Yukun looks for a suitable place to stay at night and set up a tent, its common to have trouble sleeping.

On a day of riding in America, Xu Yukun came to a sparsely populated village and saw a repair shed for agricultural machinery near a house nearby. When he saw no one, he went in to have a rest. Just a moment after he closed his eyes, he suddenly heard a loud drink at the door. A car drove into the garage, and its headlights were shining straight at Xu Yukun, very dazzling. The other party was obviously a little frightened, picked up the gun and pointed at Xu Yukun and drank loudly. Xu Yukun hurriedly took out the Bilingual Introduction book he had with him and gave it to the other party to let the other party know his identity and purpose of the trip. Unexpectedly, this method didnt work. The other party continued to order Xu Yukun to leave. But Xu Yukun had to find another place in the middle of the night. Another time, Xu Yukun was facing the gunpoint because he entered a parking shed beside the road.

Outdoor riding, mobile phone power is a big problem, Xu Yukun very understand the importance of smart phones, I have to use the software is navigation and translation, I cant speak English, so I use my mobile phone to write what I want to say, it can be translated into dozens of languages in any country.

Because to charge the mobile phone, Xu Yukun has encountered a painful experience now. He rode to a small village, put his tent in the middle of the village at night, found two families to express their desire to help recharge the battery, which was refused, but someone called the police. Everyone was obviously very alert to the unexpected guest and drove him out of the village.

There are moments of embarrassment, but there are also warm moments. Once in France, Xu Yukun rode along the road to a small village. It was late, and when the food and cell phone were gone, Xu Yukun put his tent in the small square in the center of the village. At a loss, two local young women came to ask if he needed help. I talked with her about my difficulties through the mobile phone translator. She sent me food, took my two rechargers home and charged me all night. When it was delivered the next day, I also sent a scarf to me. I said what should I do with a scarf so hot. I thought it was a souvenir, and I accepted it happily. Now I still put it in the room.

I dont have any other ideas in mind, just go ahead

In addition to dealing with different people, what Xu Yukun needs to overcome is the harsher and long-term riding alone, loneliness, hunger and unknown. All difficulties need to be overcome by himself.

In April 2011, Xu Yukun was riding alone in Lop Nur, Xinjiang. It was dark. He wanted to find a place to rest and set up a tent, so he locked his eyes on the culvert under the bridge. Xu Yukun pushed his bicycle and equipment down the slope, feeling that the slope was abnormally steep and slightly uneasy. Sure enough, just down to the bottom of the bridge, he found a big black bear sleeping under the bridge hole.

I was only a meter or two away from it. I could see its outline and hair clearly. At that time, the first idea was to run back. Xu Yukun was terrified. He quietly turned his bicycle around and hurriedly pushed it to the bridge. He dared not stop. The slope was so steep that I didnt even know how I got up.

Xu Yukun did not dare to stop because he was not sure whether he had entered the bears settlement area. He ran to two oclock in the middle of the night, saw the water station of the car, and dared to stop to put up a tent to sleep. He found that his clothes had been wet by sweat for a long time.

The situation in the no mans land abroad is not much better than that in Lop Nur.

In September 2016, when I was in Australia, I experienced a section of thousands of kilometers of no mans land. From calguli to tacula, I looked at all the bushes and forests. I rode in the daytime and went to the forest in the evening to find a relatively large open field. There can be no grass on the ground, there will be snakes if there is grass. In the evening, I set up a bonfire to let it burn until dawn, so as to prevent the attack of wild animals.

The no mans land in Australia is the most difficult road Xu Yukun has taken. He has eaten up his food and has no other food. The vast area of thousands of kilometers is almost deserted. Fortunately, there are a lot of kangaroos there, and the bushes grow so fast that there will always be some less intelligent kangaroos lost in them, and then hit the car that was passing by on the road. Every few kilometers, Xu Yukun can meet a kangaroo killed by a car. He chooses fresh meat, which is cooked in a pot and used to satisfy hunger. He can only eat it for two or three days. In his ten day journey alone, Xu Yukun ate three in all, and finally walked out of the no mans land.

No matter what kind of difficulties I encounter, I have never been afraid or lonely, because I have no other ideas in my heart, just go ahead, Xu Yukun concluded.

Nothing can beat me. I feel like Ive been flattered.

While Xu Yukun was interviewed by Beiqing news, his daughter Xu Qiuju was around looking for a cheap and clean youth hotel. At the end of the interview, she just came back. She left several youth hostels nearby and finally found a suitable one

Do you still support my father to do it now? When asked this question, Xu Yukuns daughter replied, we cant express it with approval or support. We prefer to describe it as a kind of respect. We respect my fathers will.

After the broadcast of adventure life, Xu Yukun saw the message from the netizen on the Internet, and felt grateful. I am very grateful that everyone on the Internet praises me without any negative voice. Only Xu Yukun himself knows what kind of changes people have experienced in his 12 years of cycling.

At the beginning, I was satirized. In the village, almost no one said that I was good, including my family and the people in the village. Its hard to hear. Basically, its full. But I know for myself that Im not insane.

Xu Yukun still remembered that once he had a good chat with a middle school teacher in the village about his riding experience. He just walked apart for more than ten steps, and then two passers-by asked the middle school teacher, is this person nervous? Unexpectedly, the teacher subconsciously replied, you cant do this without nerves.

Speaking of this episode, Xu Yukun smiled: in fact, I heard it, but I pretended not to hear it.

Over the past ten years, Xu Yukun has felt that in addition to his healthier and stronger body, he has also changed his mind and mind. Theres nothing to beat me, he confessed, and I feel like Ive been flattered.

Xu Yukun wants to show the world the image and power of old farmers in the new era of China. He travels around the world with the green concept of environmental protection, low-carbon life. He also wants to let people understand how much potential a person can tap.

Some people say that being full is happiness, others say that not having to work is happiness. I have both of them, but it cant comfort my heart. Xu Yukun expressed his inner flame with the most simple and straightforward language.

At the end of the first episode of adventure life, Yang Ying finished her three-day trip and left first. The hosts, Aya and Yang Ying, hugged and said goodbye to Xu Yukun. Three days of getting along with each other made them have strong feelings. At the time of their separation, the two girls all shed tears that could not be restrained. Xu Yukun said to them with a smile, go, go, you go first, while wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes with his hand.

Then, Xu Yukun quickly adjusted his condition. The 72 year old cyclist got on his mountain bike. The back seat was his heavy equipment.

Just like the beginning, but never the end, Xu Yukun once again embarked on the road to go all the way forward.

I want to spend my whole life doing two things.

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