Xinjiang Education and training center graduate students: the education and training center let the lost me get a new life

 Xinjiang Education and training center graduate students: the education and training center let the lost me get a new life

My name is subinur mamatiming. I am 23 years old. I used to be a trainee of Yecheng vocational and technical education training center, and now I am a worker of an enterprise in Yecheng county. My story starts as a teenager.

When I was in junior high school, my neighbor, aynur, secretly gave me two books and said to me: subinur, read these books first, and make sure you will get something. Out of curiosity, I took these books and looked at them. I found that these books were totally different from the extracurricular books I had read before, from the initial curiosity to infatuation. Every once in a while, Ainur sent me books and often invited me to her home to chat and teach me the so-called religious knowledge.

Ainur often told me that heaven is very beautiful, with endless money, endless food, endless clothes, and dedicated servants? You can have whatever you want. I believe what she said, and I long for myself to go to heaven.

After entering the secondary school, although I left home temporarily, I was still enthusiastic and persistent in my pursuit of religious extreme thoughts. Instead of secretly reading some books that half publicized religious extreme thoughts, I turned my attention to the Internet. Late at night, I click on my own collection of overseas websites that publicize religious extremist ideas, violent scenes and bloody pictures, which makes me very excited.

In order to spread the religious extreme thought more widely, I registered my account in several illegal network platforms, collected information about gun making and explosion making, how to evade attack and spread it maliciously through the network, and the network became my extrajudicial place. The religious extreme thought of eliminating heretics occupied my whole brain and penetrated into my blood and bone marrow.

After being brainwashed by religious extremism, I became more radical. In my life, I will not buy even clothes, cosmetics and other non food items as long as they are not produced by our national enterprises or Islamic countries. Not only that, I also tried my best to tell people I knew to resist the products made by the Han people like me. For those who do not obey, do not hesitate to cut off contact with them. Once, on one of my birthday, I was invited to a new fire bar restaurant for dinner. When I pushed the door in, I saw someone smoking and drinking in the room, which made me angry. I smashed the bottle on the spot, severely scolded them and slammed the door. A good party broke up because of my upset.

At that time, as long as I heard about violent terrorist cases in some places, I would deliberately inquire about them and regard those thugs as national heroes. After the 3.01 terrorist violence in Kunming, I learned from the news that there was a Uygur girl smaller than herself, who thought that girl was my Idol, and imagined that one day she would declare war on heretics.

Under the persuasion of my family, I went to the county education and training center to study.

At the beginning of my study, I still think that the only rule that Uyghur people should follow is the canon, which does not cooperate with education management. Its the teacher in charge of the class and the counselor who tell me the truth, the law and the policy over and over again, and patiently enlighten and comfort me when Im in a low mood. During this period, I visited the anti-terrorism exhibition and saw many cases of people committing crimes because they dont understand the law, dont know the law and dont abide by the law, which made me fall into deep reflection.

August 26, 2018 is my 22nd birthday. After class, I lie in the dormitory reading. Suddenly, the door of the dormitory opened. The teacher in charge of the class smiled at me with a big cake in his hand and said, happy birthday, subinur! I suddenly froze, looking at the teachers amiable face, a warm stream came to my heart, I was deeply moved. In the training center, I have always been moved. There are no rigid sermons, some gentle teachings; there is no pollution of religious extreme thoughts, some clean springs to wash the soul; there is no repression and darkness, some freedom and light.

I regret the mistakes I have made. For the party and government who sincerely serve the people and create good conditions for us to study, for the party and government who are conscientious, responsible and devoted to training our teachers, I can only repay the teachers with my own practical actions, and repay and save my party and government.

Unconsciously, other students gathered around and sang a happy birthday song together. I feel that I am the happiest person in the world. This is the most memorable and meaningful birthday for me.

Although its unfortunate to be infected by religious extremist ideas, its lucky to take part in vocational skills education and training. Through the training, I learned the constitution, criminal law, marriage law, family planning law and other relevant laws, mastered the employment skills, and changed my mind. In the assessment organized by the school, my national general language level is qualified, the law is up to standard, and my skills are proficient. In October 2018, I successfully graduated and became a worker working in the factory. Now I am also a workshop director with a monthly salary of 2500 yuan. In the county, I also applied for a low rent house.

If I dont take part in education and training, maybe I am a thug today. I know that all these changes have benefited from vocational skills education and training, which has brought me back to life.

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