Chinas first special-shaped commemorative coin with a premium of over 200percent media: speculation is not advisable

 Chinas first special-shaped commemorative coin with a premium of over 200percent media: speculation is not advisable

Taishan coin is issued for public exchange. Picture / visual China

Today, the price of a Taishan coin is 14.5 yuan, and the selling price is 15-15.5 yuan. Yesterday, it was 16 yuan, and the day before yesterday, it was 16-17 yuan. These two days, the price has dropped, and the aftermarket still says its not good. On December 4, a reporter from Beijing News, as an individual seller, asked a collection company about the recently popular purchase price of Taishan coins, a person from the company said.

Compare the original price (5 yuan) with the sold price of 15 yuan, and the premium is still 200%. A reporter from the Beijing News saw on Taobao Thursday that a single shop sold for 20.5 yuan, with a premium of more than 300%. Industry insiders remind that Taishan coin is a circulating commemorative coin with a large circulation, and its collection and investment value are weaker than that of gold and silver commemorative coins. The price of these two days should be speculation high. There is little room for future market rise, so investors should be alert to blindly following the trend.

It is worth mentioning that there is another chance for banks to exchange Taishan coins from December 6 to 8. However, according to the data disclosed on the official website of the central bank, the exchange volume in many places has exceeded 97%. Customer service staff of the four major banks of industrial and agricultural China Construction also said that only some outlets in some regions may have the opportunity to exchange Taishan coins, and the banks have different requirements on whether to make an appointment.

Market quotation

The premium is generally more than 200%, and the price has slightly dropped in recent two days

Taishan common commemorative coin (hereinafter referred to as Taishan coin) is the first special-shaped commemorative coin in China. According to the announcement of the central bank, Taishan coins will be issued from November 28, 2019. The main picture is Taishan, the style is round corner square, made of brass alloy, the face value is 5 yuan, and the issue volume is 120 million. You can make an appointment online or at a bank outlet, and each person can make an appointment, and the exchange limit is 20.

Since the appointment on November 21, there has been a situation of one coin is hard to find in the market. As announced by the operation and Management Department of the peoples Bank of China on November 22, the number of Taishan coins allocated in Beijing is 6.45 million. On the first day of the reservation, 6.45 million coins have been reserved, accounting for 100% of the total.

It is followed by a straight-line rise in the price of Taishan coins. The reporter of Beijing News searched Taishan coin on Taobao on December 4, and found that the price premium was more than 200%, that is, the price of a single coin was more than 15 yuan, and the price of the whole volume (20 coins) was more than 300 yuan. Among them, the sales volume of one days cat shop has reached more than 5500 pieces, with prices ranging from 20.5 yuan to 2100 yuan. There are 14 specifications, including single square box, 3 square boxes, 10 square boxes, 20 original packages of the whole barrel and gift book gift boxes of different numbers.

However, in recent two days, some channel prices have fallen. A person from a collection company said, the price of a single piece in the first two days was 16-17 yuan, and today (4 days) it has dropped to 15-15.5 yuan. The above tmall stores also noted that new commemorative coins are issued, the price fluctuates, so investment should be cautious!

Mr. Huang (pseudonym), a collector, told the Beijing news that his collection of commemorative coins began five years ago when a friend gave him a commemorative coin for the year of the sheep, and he became interested since then. On the first day of the Taishan currency open reservation, he snapped up 20 and exchanged them all. In the past, there have been about 10 coins with five necks, and there have been cases like the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China that were not seized for the first time. He also said that all the real coins are gold and silver coins. Taishan coins are circulating commemorative coins, more of which are collected by himself.

Opportunity to pick up a leak

You can also exchange at some bank outlets on June 8

According to the announcement of the peoples Bank of China, from November 21, 2019 to November 24, 2019 is the reservation period of Taishan currency, and the exchange period is from November 28, 2019 to December 1, 2019; the reserved and non exchanged Taishan currency will be exchanged with the public through on-site exchange, and the on-site exchange period is from December 6, 2019 to December 8, 2019.

According to the data disclosed by many central bank branches, the exchange volume in the early stage is basically over 95%. For example, according to Guangzhou Branch of the peoples Bank of China, of the 20 regions in the province, only Chaozhous exchange volume is 93.46%, while the exchange volume of the other 19 regions is over 97%, and the total exchange progress of the province is 99.05%. As of 24:00 on December 1, the exchange rate of Zhejiang Province was 96.08%, and the exchange rate of only one of the 11 regions in Zhejiang Province was less than 95%.

The reporter of Beijing News learned from the customer service offices of four banks of China Construction Industry and agriculture that only some outlets in some regions may still have the opportunity to exchange Taishan coins, and all branches have different requirements on whether to make an appointment.

According to CCBs customer service, Taishan coins, which were booked in the early stage but not collected, will be collected by the central bank and then distributed to bank outlets. No appointment is required for this round of exchange on June 8. You can go to the outlet with your ID card and line up for exchange. Now you havent informed which sub branches about the quota. Its suggested that you pay more attention to the announcement on the website of the central bank and the construction bank or contact the Construction Bank about 5 days.

ICBC customer service said that the bank issued Taishan coins on behalf of Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Guangdong, Sichuan and other places. During the on-site exchange period of June 8, if there is any balance in the outlets, the outlets shall prevail. According to ABC customer service, the host provinces are Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hainan, Guizhou, Tibet, Xinjiang, etc., while Beijing is not the host of ABC. Both ABC and BOC customer service said that the customer service department didnt have a detailed description and record of whether the 6-8-day exchange period is free of appointment. It is recommended to consult the outlet.

Cattle business

Cattle earn 0.5-1 yuan per piece, how much is it?

On December 4, the reporter of Beijing News inquired about the purchase price of Taishan coin to the above collection company as an individual seller. According to the insiders of the company, the purchase price of a single coin on that day was 14.5 yuan, the price was 15-15.5 yuan, making a difference of 0.5-1 yuan; one set (20) sold for 300-310 yuan, making a difference of 10-20 yuan. The company has two offline offices in Beijing, where it can trade directly. External sales channels include Taobao, Jingdong and offline channels.

It is understood that the company mainly deals in a variety of stamps, yearbooks, gold and silver coins, commemorative banknotes, commemorative banknotes, conjoined banknotes, one, two, three, four version banknotes and other series of recycling businesses, no matter how high the price (how high), how many goods we receive, which implies that the sales volume is good. According to public reports, recently there have been a lot of scalpers buying at a premium at the exchange site of bank outlets, with a set price of 280-300 yuan.

However, the authenticity of some Taishan coins sold by yellow cattle is questionable. Reporters noted that in the comments of the above tmall stores, many buyers said, the box is very loose, and the commemorative coins are dirty. The Taishan coin is very good, but there is a little scratch on it, but it doesnt matter. Its still great in general! I dont think the coins and the commemorative coins of the Chinese zodiac are well made. I bought them online for the first time. I hope they are not fake. Otherwise, the sentence would be serious.

Under a comment of I dont know whether its true or not, the shop owner replied: you can rest assured that our goods are all from the original bank. They are absolutely true. If they are false, they will pay 10% for one!

According to Article 18 of the regulations of the peoples Republic of China on the administration of RMB, the peoples Bank of China may issue commemorative coins as needed. Commemorative coin is a limited amount of RMB issued with a specific theme, including ordinary commemorative coin and precious metal commemorative coin. Wang Deyi, a lawyer from xunzhen law firm, told the Beijing news that the circulation of commemorative coins is equivalent to the normal currency, and counterfeiting is definitely an illegal crime.

After market price

According to the analysis, there is not much room for price rise and speculation is not advisable

As for the future price of Taishan coin, Dong Zheng, a senior financial industry official, told the reporter of Beijing news that we should distinguish between the circulating commemorative coin and the gold and silver commemorative coin. This time, Taishan coin was issued in a large amount, but it was fired high in these two days, and there were not many factors to support the further price rise.

According to his analysis, the principle of frying commemorative coins or stamps is that things are rare and expensive, or they are issued less or consumed more. For example, in the 1980s, 8 million 8-cent stamps were issued, about 6 million of which were used to post letters, and only 1-2 million of which were collected. Now the price is very high. Taishan coin is not related to less issuance or high consumption, so there is little room for subsequent price increase.

Wang Deyi also said that this kind of currency has a large circulation and may not have speculative investment value. At the same time, he reminded that for investors who buy second-hand Taishan coins, if they lack professional identification ability or professional identification organization, they are easy to buy fake goods; it does not rule out that there are behind the scenes operators in the market, the relevant market and information may be opaque, and there is serious information asymmetry between small buyers and dealers, blindly following the trend, resulting in price emptiness High, large-scale purchase may lead to large economic losses, and difficult to claim. As a personal interest can be a small amount of start, speculation is not advisable.

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