Premier League - 1-2 from Manet and 2 from oligi for Liverpools 5-2 home 15 wins in a row

 Premier League - 1-2 from Manet and 2 from oligi for Liverpools 5-2 home 15 wins in a row

The sixth minute, lalana counter attack in the pass, manenze, origi penalty area line to take the ball over Everton goalkeeper Pickford pushed the open net, 1-0, Liverpool made a dream start. The 13th minute, Mina does the ball, Lewin penalty spot right side shoots slants the right post.

In the 17th minute, Arnold found MANET with a long pass from the right side of the backcourt. The latter took the ball and put it straight. Shakri put a small ball into the left side of the penalty area to score against Everton goalkeeper Pickford, 2-0. Liverpool expanded its lead. In the 19th minute, in the left corner of Danieles Cross, Richardson headed over the crossbar.

In the 21st minute, in the right cross of the forbidden area, Keanes first shot was blocked by lovelen, then Keane grabbed a catch-up shot, the ball hit the net, 2-1, Everton pulled back to a city. In the 25th minute, ivalby went straight and Lewin shot from the right post on the right side of the penalty spot under the interference of Van Dijk. Everton general later thought that van Dijk was suspected of fouling Lewin, and referee Mike Keane refused to give a penalty after hearing the VaR referee. In the 27th minute, Arnold fouled Daniele when he grabbed the ball, and the referee showed him a yellow card.

In the 31st minute, the long pass from the back court of lovelen, the penalty spot on the left side of origis natural stop, faced Everton goalkeeper Pickford, and scored twice, 3-1. Liverpool once again expanded its leading edge. In the 40th minute, ivalbys arc top shot slightly deviated from the left post.

The 45th minute, Liverpool scored another goal, Arnold cross, Ma inside the top of the restricted area arc low left corner into the net, 4-1, Liverpool scored another goal before half-time.

In the third minute of the first half stoppage time, Richardson leaped to the top of the ball in the left cross of Bernards forbidden area, pushing the ball into the goal with his shoulder, 4-2, Everton pulled back one point again. At the end of half-time, Liverpool beat Everton 4-2 at home.

Yi Bian fought again. In the 54th minute, shakiri corner was sent into the forbidden area. MANET failed to get the first goal at the front point, and van Dyck jumped up in the bag of two defenders at the back point. He failed to get the ball. In the 59th minute, Milner made a fake pass near the forbidden area line. Lalana received the ball in the forbidden area and faced the goalkeeper directly. The referee raised the flag to indicate that offside was the first. In the 66th minute, Davis kicked MANET in defence and the referee on duty showed him a yellow card warning. In the 69th minute, Manet got the ball in the forbidden area and faced two defenders. After a little adjustment, he was ready to play. The ball was damaged by the defender.

The 77th minute, Liverpool left free kick into the restricted area, vinaldoum point in front of the high jump header, the ball slightly higher than the beam. The 80th minute, Henderson backcourt long pass, Manette after the ball killed the forbidden area, in front of Pickford directly hit the door, the ball slightly off the right post. In the 84th minute, Henderson made a straight pass. After getting the ball in the penalty area of mane, he passed Pickford and failed to get a start under the interference of the other defender. One minute later, ivobi straight plug, Keane single shot, the ball slightly out of the left column.

In the 89th minute, fermino made an inverted triangle pass in front of the court, and vinaldum shot in the lower right corner, 5-2, Liverpool locked in the win. At the end of the game, Liverpool beat Everton 5-2 at home and won 15 consecutive home games.

Liverpool (4-3-3): 13 Adrian; 66 Arnold, 6 lovelen, 4 van Dyck, 26 Robertson; 5 vernardum, 20 larana (7214 Henderson), 7 Milner; 23 shakri, 10 mane, 27 origi (729-fermino), Everton (5-4-1): 1-pickford; 19 Sidibe (3420-bernard), 2-holgate , 13-mina, 5-michael Keane, 12-dione; 17-iwobi, 26-tom Davis (7218-schneiderin), 10-sigurdson, 7-richardson; 9-calvert Lewin (6027-keane). Source: Netease sports Author: cool tea editor in charge: Feng Haotian Liu nsjs2656

Attendance list of both parties:

Liverpool (4-3-3): 13 Adrian; 66 Arnold, 6 lovelen, 4 van Dyck, 26 Robertson; 5 vinaldum, 20 larana (7214 Henderson), 7 Milner; 23 shakri, 10 mane, 27 origi (729 fermino)

Everton (5-4-1): 1-pickford; 19-sidibe (3420-bernard), 2-holgate, 13-mina, 5-michael-keane, 12-disney; 17-iwobi, 26-tom-davis (7218-schneiderin), 10-sigurdson, 7-richardson; 9-calvert Lewin (6027-keane)