A fugitive in Anhui Province was arrested at the end of 27 years and robbed with four people

 A fugitive in Anhui Province was arrested at the end of 27 years and robbed with four people

In 1992, master Nie opened a small shop in Shaogang Township, Huoqiu County, selling daily necessities, pesticides and fertilizers, with a solid family. At about one oclock in the morning, master Nie was still sleeping. Hearing the door crash, master Nie just wanted to get up and put a cold muzzle on his head. Master Nie found that four masked men broke in, tied him up and forced him to ask where the money was hidden. In order to get the money as soon as possible, four masked people scalded master Nie with cigarette butts and dug his ear holes with daggers, causing his face to bleed.

In order to protect his life, master Nie had to watch the robbers take away the cash and valuable items in the shop. There were eight cigarettes in total, some of them were cash and some of them were small commodities, which were worth a lot of money in that year.

One week after the crime, two gangsters were arrested, and in 2001, the third was arrested. According to the accounts of the three people in the case, they have no grievance or hatred with master Nie. Nie, one of the four, is still a distant relative with master Nie. According to Huoqiu police, some people are idle, have no proper occupation, and have no fixed economic income, so they want to earn some fast money and do illegal acts. The last criminal suspect, sun Yuzhang, has been absconding and is one of the main fugitives listed by the police.

Sun was very alert, the family absconded, and all the relatives at home were disconnected, which brought great difficulties to the police. After continuous investigation, the police found that sun used other peoples identity to apply for a fake ID card. Following this clue, the police finally found the whereabouts of suns husband and wife. They worked in Nanjing. On October 13 this year, Huoqiu police set up a joint arrest team and rushed to Nanjing for arrest.

According to reports, in order not to expose his whereabouts, or even to live with his wife, sun only lives in the same area. In order not to disturb others, the capture team decided to arrest him at the construction site where sun worked.

On the day of arrest, after the police approached sun and his workmates, they first asked them to put down the tools in their hands for the sake of security inspection, and then clarified their identity to control sun. As soon as the police knew his identity, Sun said he knew it. Sooner or later, he would. He said that he wanted to go back and commit suicide many years ago. So many years of running away outside, the process of running away was also very complicated.

Sun told police that seeing two children grow up day by day, sun wanted to commit suicide, but he was reluctant to give up his wife and children, so he was always at large. Over the past 20 years, he has been sleeping badly every day. Whenever there is any movement, he must get up to see if it is a public security organ or a ward round. His heart is tense. Now he has entered the detention center and is relieved. He is stable and can sleep.

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