Numbness, swelling and pain after liposuction in womens thighs

 Numbness, swelling and pain after liposuction in womens thighs

Xiyajie xika medical beauty clinic.

Xiya beauty issued by the bill.

On December 3, Ms. Yu, a citizen of Chengdu, once again came to Chengdu xiyajie xika (hereinafter referred to as Xiya beauty) medical beauty clinic for consultation, but the two sides still failed to reach an agreement on compensation.

On May 3 this year, Ms. Yu took a mortgage loan and spent 22800 yuan on a thigh liposuction and facial plastic surgery in Xiya beauty salon. After the operation, her left thigh appeared numbness, swelling, hydrops and pain, I think it was caused by Xiya beautys liposuction operation, and asked the hospital to refund and bear the cost of follow-up treatment.

Chen manager in charge of the operation of Xiya beauty said in response to the Huaxi Metropolis Daily and the cover news that the hospital has been cooperating with Ms. Yu to deal with the problem, this operation does not involve the knee with effusion, if it can be proved that Ms. Yus thigh problem is caused by liposuction operation, the hospital will be responsible; if it cant be proved, the hospital will consider using legal means to sue Ms. Yu for interference The hospital operates normally.

Patients themselves

After liposuction

Numbness, swelling and pain in thigh

Ms. Yu, 45, told reporters that in May this year, she had a medical cosmetic operation in Xiya beauty salon, including liposuction of thigh, thin face, facial plastic surgery and so on. She paid 22800 yuan, I paid 4000 yuan in the first place, and the rest was mortgaged, with a monthly repayment of 1124 yuan.

According to the outpatient operation record sheet issued by Xiya cosmetology, the operation started at 11:50 on May 3 and ended at 14:30, lasting for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Ms. Yu said that ten days after the operation, she found swelling, numbness, effusion and pain in the left thigh after the operation, so she went to Xiya beauty salon for treatment. At that time, she helped me to extract a lot of effusion. After the operation, I recovered according to the doctors advice.

She said that since the operation in May, in half a year, the abnormal condition of the thigh has not been relieved, the numbness and swelling of the thigh still affect my walking.

Ms. Yu believed that the swelling, numbness and pain in her thigh were caused by liposuction, so I asked Xiya beauty hospital to refund my money and bear the cost of later treatment.

According to a report of Qionglai Medical Center Hospital presented by Ms. Yu, there is a small amount of liquid in her knee. Numbness and pain in her thigh, the doctor explained to me that it was peripheral nerve damage, which can only be felt but not checked.

Reporter search

Medical records tampered with?

The surgeon became a mystery

According to Ms. Yu, it was a male doctor surnamed Luo who operated on her, but the operation record sheet issued by Xiya beauty showed that the surgeon in charge of the operation was Qiu, and Dr. Luo was only an assistant during the operation.

In response, Ms. Yu raised an objection, it was Dr. Luo who operated on me from the beginning to the end. There was no Dr. Qiu at all, and the medical record was tampered with. She said that as far as she knew, Dr. Luo had no qualification to practice beauty in Xiya at all during the operation.

According to the management measures for medical cosmetology services (2016 Revision), the doctors who are responsible for the implementation of cosmetology surgery projects shall have the qualification of practicing doctors; have more than 6 years of clinical work experience in cosmetology or plastic surgery and other related disciplines; have passed the training or further study of medical cosmetology.

The reporter also inquired about doctor Luos qualification through official channels.

According to the official inquiry channel of the practicing physician of the national health and Health Commission, the doctor surnamed Luo has the professional qualification of surgery, but at present he has not practiced in Xiya beauty clinic, but has registered in a medical beauty institution in Chongqing.

According to the examination and approval records of Wuhou District administrative examination and approval Bureau of Chengdu, Luo was born on May 10 this year and registered in Xiya beauty. That is to say, when Ms. Yu performed the operation, Dr. Luo had not been approved by the competent department to register for Xiya beauty.

Many people in the medical industry told reporters that if the practicing doctors change the practice of medical institutions, they need to submit to the competent authority for approval to change the practice institutions, and only after the change can they practice in the new practice institutions, but there are also a few special situations such as consultation, hospital appointment, etc.

Hospital response

Thigh problem

It cant be proved that it was caused by liposuction

In order to understand the cause of the incident, at noon on December 3, Huaxi City daily and cover journalists came to Chengdu Xiya Beauty Co., Ltd. to learn about the situation. Chen manager in charge of the operation of the hospital responded.

The hospital has been actively cooperating with Ms. Yu in this matter, but Ms. Yus claim for compensation is too high. Mr. Chen said that Ms. Yu claimed to have numbness and swelling pain in her thigh, but did not prove that it was caused by liposuction operation in the hospital, and Ms. Yus knee with effusion is not involved in liposuction operation.

She said that if it can be proved that it was caused by liposuction, the hospital will be responsible for this, but Ms. Yu has refused to accept the hospitals examination.

Manager Chen confirmed to the reporter that it was the doctor surnamed Luo who performed the operation for Ms. Yu, but she said she was responsible for the operation and didnt know much about it.

Mr. Chen said that the hospital and Ms. Yu have held many consultations, and some of Ms. Yus behaviors have affected the normal operation of the hospital. The hospital considers suing Ms. Yus improper behaviors through legal means.

At present, Ms. Yu has complained to the health department, and the two sides are still in negotiation.

Counsel advice

Patient accessible medical record

Demonstrate the cause of disease

On December 4, Ji Shijun, a lawyer from Sichuan fangce law firm, suggested that for medical disputes, patients can take the most original medical records and seal them up. Whether to identify them depends on the disease. Generally speaking, medical identification is the most direct way to clarify the responsibilities of both parties.

She suggested that both the hospital and the patients should be rational and objective, and the patients should be rational and take the medical records according to the steps to demonstrate the causes of the disease. Hospitals should encourage and assist patients to understand the whole thing if they think they have no fault.

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