Expert interpretation: 5g business in China speed up in open cooperation

 Expert interpretation: 5g business in China speed up in open cooperation

According to a study released by GSMA think tank, China is expected to have 650 million 5g users by 2025, leading the world in absolute number, Reuters reported.

CNBC, the US consumer news and business channel, reported that China and South Korea are currently countries with 5g commercial deployment. Chinas implementation of 5g shows that science and technology will be placed at the core of future development.

China has officially launched 5g business services to promote the development of telecom industry, smartphone manufacturing and other related industries, Japan Economic News reported.

The rapid launch of 5g mobile devices in China will make China the largest cloud game market in the world, the Financial Times reported.

Recently, three domestic operators released their 5g packages, marking the first step of 5g business. At present, domestic operators have launched 5g applications, which mainly focus on enhanced mobile broadband, one of the three application scenarios of 5g, and can realize high-capacity video transmission services such as Ultra HD video, 4K live broadcast, HD game and cloud based virtual reality.

There are obvious differences between 5g and 4G in application development mode. In the process of commercialization, 4G has gradually emerged killer applications such as short video, mobile payment, and shared travel. 5g started to discuss the application direction from the beginning of technical standard formulation, so the application direction of 5g is more clear. In the future, the killer Application in 5g era is expected to make consumers experience more abundant 5g services.

In addition to consumer applications, industry and academia have also reached a consensus on what is the industry-level application in the 5g era. In addition to enhanced mobile broadband, the other two directions are Internet of things and high reliable, ultra-low delay communication services. 5g is expected to give full play to its technical advantages in time-delay sensitive fields such as automatic driving and industrial automation.

Globally, Chinas 5g technology has unique advantages. The technology accumulation of Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese enterprises, as well as the talent reserve of domestic scientific research institutes, all make Chinas 5g technology form its own unique strength.

Looking back on the development of mobile communication industry in the past 20 years, Chinese enterprises have undertaken the production of chips, terminals, instruments, base stations and other industrial chain links in the 2G and 3G era, and accumulated a large number of talents and technical reserves in the industry and academia, which is an important advantage of China. In the 4G era, hot applications are emerging in China, and the market volume of Chinas mobile communication is expanding unprecedentedly. A large market has promoted the overall development of the communication industry including communication equipment, which is another advantage of Chinas development of 5g technology.

Of course, the real development of 5g technology still needs to be based on the healthy development of global ecological chain. The communication industry involves a huge industrial chain, and one enterprise or one country cannot complete all the breakthroughs of 5g technology. 5g technology needs to be gradually improved in the process of opening, competition and cooperation.

Chinas 5g promotion group led by the Ministry of industry and information technology has promoted cooperation at home and abroad. In this plan, the three major domestic operators, as well as Huawei, Qualcomm, Datang, Ericsson and other domestic and foreign enterprises participated in a number of experimental cooperation. The early adaptation verification of 5g key technologies needs the participation of all sectors in the global industrial chain.

In the future, China will promote the further development of 5g technology from three focus points.

First, mining high-quality application scenarios. Under the background of continuous improvement and promotion of 5g infrastructure, the whole industry, including operators, equipment manufacturers and Internet enterprises, has formed a joint effort to develop the application programs that give full play to the advantages of 5g technology, which is the key point for the healthy development and prosperity of 5g industry.

Secondly, further consider spectrum planning. At present, the frequency band deployed by domestic operators is below sub-6ghz, but in the long run, when the application of high capacity and large bandwidth appears, it is still necessary to promote the layout of new frequency bands such as intermediate frequency band and high frequency millimeter wave.

Thirdly, 5g security is realized by technology. 5gs security is not a single companys problem, but a common challenge facing the entire industry. 5g security architecture is an ecosystem of layers and domains. Different layers and domains will have different responsibility subjects such as network operators, terminal manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and Internet manufacturers. The safety of 5g is a technical problem in the final analysis, which requires the joint efforts of the whole industry to protect the safety of enterprises and users through technical means.

(interview with Lin Zihan)

Source: Peoples Daily Overseas editor: Li Yigou nbjs9851