Yu Chengdong forwards the article black PR Carnival against Huawei

 Yu Chengdong forwards the article black PR Carnival against Huawei

The article says:

Recently Huawei has encountered some disturbances, from the Huling incident to the Li Hongyuan 251 incident. A lot of the same message asked, what do you think of the 251 incident? Its very simple. Its a typical black PR activity, not a labor dispute. And its a black PR activity launched by the whole network. Most of the network platforms, network header accounts, are involved.

What is black PR? Black PR is to hire the network water army to make a story through rumor, or to make a purposeful use of a pretext, to hype an event, to plot a planned and paid attack on a person or an institution. So as to damage the reputation and brand of the other party and the interests of the other party.

As we all know, the cost for a star on Weibo to do positive PR and crisis PR is 10 million yuan. And the cost of doing black PR is many times that of positive pr. Those sailors on the Internet are engaged in both positive and negative public relations.

The traffic generated by the two black PR activities aimed at Huawei is at least tens of times and hundreds of times that of a star on Weibo. It can be imagined that the cost of launching this scale of super black PR is at least tens of billions.

Li Hongyuan obviously does not have so much energy to do this kind of operation. He is just a poor chess piece, which has been used.

Who has so much money and the motivation to blackmail Huawei? The driving force behind it can be counted at the top. Because through analysis, if Huawei is harmed, it will be known who can benefit.

America is the first black hand

Huaweis strength is most feared by Americans. Therefore, the first push behind the scenes must be the U.S. non-governmental organizations lurking in China. Theyve just done something shameful in Hong Kong for a few months, and now theyre starting again with Huawei.

It is noted that the black hand of the United States has been agitated from Hong Kong to the mainland. The Hong Kong incident has been linked with the black PR incident against Huawei.

The competitor is the second black hand

Besides the Americans, there are still a group of people who cant see Huawei well. This is Huaweis competitor. The reason behind this is very simple. Because the United States suppressed Huawei and aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of the people, Huaweis brand is becoming stronger and stronger, and it has become a national hero. This makes Huawei suffer some losses in the world. But in China, the growth is particularly rapid, and the market share in the consumer business, especially in the field of mobile phones, has reached 50%.

This puts great pressure on other friends and businessmen. Therefore, they have both capital and motivation to participate in the black PR against Huawei.

Media platform is the third black hand

Like super black PR, the media platform is a huge revenue participant. At present, there are only a handful of media platforms in China that have the ability, conditions and relevant business support to take over the job. Mainly microblog, douban.com and zhihu.com. In particular, Zhihu has emerged as a new force in the black PR business and has become the first platform of black PR in China.

Many people may think that the revenue of these media platforms mainly comes from advertising. This is not the case. Most of the header accounts on these platforms are self-supporting. By raising a large company and taking on some shady business of black PR, we can make more money than advertising.

Why is Zhihu so impressed? Because learning palace as a public number, in the know almost hundreds of people organized and planned black for more than three years. No injustice, no hatred. I dare not register a number on Zhihu. The only dynamic is to kill us.

From the perspective of the traffic of these black public relations, the fund owner behind the scenes of guangheixuegong will spend millions on the platform every year.

Even more wonderful things, I know that these black PR posts are not deleted like treasure. Its like defending black PR posts to the death. As for the posts that others have cleared up their grievances, those that publicly and fairly prove their innocence know that either to delete the positive posts, or to fold the comments, or to directly seal them.

I know this website is very evil and dangerous. There is no one in the world they cant be dark. First, they are like Fang Zhouzi fighting against counterfeits, pretending to be loyal and saving their conscience. By fighting Baidu, they have saved a lot of conscience. Then people think its a website with conscience. As a result, Zhihu began to engage in the black PR business.

Moreover, there is no black PR business in the world. As small as Hei to Daoxue palace. As big as Huawei. Including the black country and the black government, they dare to take over. For a while ago, Zhihus app was removed from the shelves for 7 days because the black country and black country were so outrageous. But this website, do not know the slightest repentance, now in the aggravation of the black PR business again.

Why is the black PR media platform extremely dangerous and terrible? Because they know people and how to manipulate them. In peacetime, they make money by taking advantage of peoples hearts, engaging in black PR and business. In the period of social unrest, they can carry out organized political subversion activities through the use of peoples minds.

The media platform is in the private hands, which is so terrible.

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