Whether trump will step down or not will be determined next month

 Whether trump will step down or not will be determined next month

The intelligence committee of the house of Representatives released the impeachment investigation report, which directly pointed to the presidents abuse of power and obstruction of the investigation; the democratic party wanted to promote the vote before Christmas

Whether trump is suspected of bribery, treason or other felony and misconduct will be the key to whether he is impeached to step down.

With Trumps impeachment investigation report coming out, the democratic and Republican parties in both houses of Congress will be doomed to perform house of cards around Christmas this year. If the Democratic House of Representatives can vote before Christmas, it will force the Republican Senate to vote in January to impeach the president.

Although the White House and the Republican Party have criticized this, the analysis believes that whether the Democratic Party can finally come up with the real hammer evidence of impeachment of the president will directly determine the outcome of the impeachment Christmas drama.

Beijing news after two months of investigation and evidence collection, the intelligence committee of the U.S. House of Representatives released a 300 page impeachment investigation report on the evening of December 3 local time, which directly pointed out that President trump of the United States abused his power to seek foreign forces to intervene in the national election and obstruct impeachment investigation to prevent Congress from exercising its power.

According to the associated press, the report will be submitted to the House Judiciary Committee, which will be an important basis for the committee to draft impeachment provisions. On December 4, the judicial committee will hold its first impeachment conference to discuss the constitutional basis for impeachment of the president. According to reports, Democrats want the impeachment clause to be put to the house of representatives for a vote before Christmas.

The Democratic Party released 300 pages of impeachment Investigation Report

On December 3, local time, the intelligence committee of the house of Representatives passed the report called trump Ukraine impeachment investigation report by 13:9 votes. Among them, those who voted for it were Democrats, and those who voted against it were Republicans.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said they found overwhelming evidence that President trump used his power to pressure Ukraine to help him win re-election, while impeding congressional investigations into his actions, AP reported. What the American people need to understand is that this president puts his personal political interests above their own. Thats very dangerous for the whole country, said Schiff.

The impeachment investigation report focuses on three aspects.

First, trump used U.S. military assistance to Ukraine and the White House meeting between the two heads of state as chips in exchange for Ukraines agreement to investigate his political opponent, Democratic Party presidential candidate in 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. According to the report, the presidents actions undermine the U.S. foreign policy towards Ukraine and the national security interests of the United States.

The second is that Trane tries to hide his behavior in many ways, which prevents Congress from impeachment investigation. Trump has ordered people not to testify in Congress, while blocking Congress from obtaining the documents and testimony needed for the investigation, the report said. In addition, the report also points out that trump has repeatedly attacked and threatened witnesses on twitter, suspected of violating federal criminal law.

Third, new evidence shows that Trumps private lawyer Giuliani conspired with a number of White House officials and Republicans to discredit former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Jovanovic. Jovanovic previously told an intelligence committee hearing that her sudden dismissal in May was due to trumps months of pressure on the State Department, while Giuliani and others accused her of removing her. Schiff said Wednesday that there was enough evidence to show that many parties, including the White House, cooperated to plan a smear campaign against Ambassador Jovanovic..

According to the New York Times, the report will serve as a guideline for Trumps impeachment and the main basis for the judicial committee of the house of representatives to draft the terms of Trumps impeachment. The report did not directly determine whether Trumps actions constituted a constitutional condition for impeachment, that is, the president was suspected of bribery, treason or other felony and misconduct. Both houses of Congress will finally vote on whether to impeach the president.

Trump attacked the Democratic Party for being too unpatriotic

After the intelligence committee released the impeachment investigation report, the White House responded quickly. White House spokesman Stephanie Grisham said in a statement that Democrats ultimately failed to produce any evidence of President Trumps misconduct and that the report reads like an article in a basement blog that wants to prove anything but no evidence.

Trump, who is currently attending the 70th anniversary meeting of NATO in London, directly criticized the Democratic Party for launching the impeachment investigation, saying that the Democrats are too unpatriotic, which is a bad thing for our country. Impeachment should not be used in this way at all. I didnt do anything wrong at all..

In fact, before the Democratic Party released the impeachment investigation report, House Republicans first published a 123 page rebuttal report.

Republicans said in the report that the evidence collected at present is not enough to support the impeachment of President trump, nor to force the president to step down. The evidence presented at present does not prove any charges of the Democratic Party, nor does the testimony of a witness confirm bribery, treason or other serious crimes and misconduct.. Democrats have been trying to pull the president out of office against the will of the American people since the first day President trump took office, the report said.

CNN said the Republican preemptive refutation report will be the blueprint for president Trumps Refutation by House Republicans at the upcoming Wednesday hearing.

In fact, Trump and Republicans have always said that the impeachment investigation is just a political fraud and witch hunt, and Democrats are impeachment investigation based on the purpose of party politics. Trump also criticized Democrats for holding impeachment hearings at the time when he went abroad to participate in important diplomatic activities, saying the Democrats who dont do anything are too bad..

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the house of Representatives, asked Democrats to put an end to the nightmare of impeachment Wednesday. They are worried that if they do not impeach the president, they will not be able to defeat him in the general election..

Democrats hope to finish the House vote by Christmas

After the House Intelligence Committee released the impeachment investigation report, Trumps impeachment case gradually turned to the house judicial committee.

On the morning of December 4 local time, the judicial committee will hold its first impeachment hearing to discuss the constitutional basis for impeachment of the president. This also means that Trumps impeachment case has entered a new stage, the focus is no longer whether to impeach trump, but what kind of accusation to impeach trump.

According to the associated press, the judicial committee previously released a list of witnesses for Wednesdays hearing. One of the agenda items is that four law professors from Harvard University, Stanford University, North Carolina University and Georgetown University will discuss impeachable presidential acts under the constitution.

Of the four witnesses, three are from the Democratic Party and one is from the Republican Party. Jonathan Terry, a Republican law professor at Georgetown University, will accuse Democrats of being too hasty in impeachment cases, according to an opening statement from a witness obtained in advance by the associated press. An impeachment investigation can be initiated, but not based on the existing records.. Three other democratic witnesses will push for impeachment. If Congress doesnt impeach this time, the impeachment process is completely meaningless, said Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina.

After the first hearing, the judicial committee will hold a series of hearings. According to the New York Times, the second hearing is expected to let the lawyers of the intelligence committee formally submit the impeachment investigation report, while the third hearing will provide trump and his lawyers with the opportunity to argue. After that, the judicial committee will draft the terms of impeachment of the president and submit them to the house of representatives for voting. If the house of Representatives passes the impeachment clause by a simple majority (more than 50%), the president will be impeached and the case will be transferred to the Senate for trial. If more than two-thirds of the members of the Senate vote that the president is guilty, the president will be dismissed.

At present, Democrats control the house of Representatives, so it will be very easy to pass a vote in the house. Democrats hope to complete the process by Christmas, forcing the Senate to vote in January and decide whether to step down, US media reported. However, as the Republican Party controls the Senate, the result of the impeachment is still unknown.

u25a0 expert analysis

Real hammer evidence will affect impeachment trend

Liu Weidong, a researcher at the American Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the key to trumps impeachment and future direction lies in whether the Democratic Party can find convincing real hammer evidence to prove that trump really used his power to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son.

In fact, this impeachment is a double-edged sword for the Democratic Party. Liu Weidong pointed out that if the Democratic Party can find striking evidence to prove Trumps improper behavior, even if the Republican Party forces trump, the public will change their views on trump, which will seriously affect Trumps election in 2020; but if the evidence they finally find is not painful or itchy, it may backfire on them, making the public think that they are not doing anything but doing nothing Focusing on partisanship will have a negative impact on their image.

Liu Weidong believes that, on the one hand, the Democratic Party hopes to force trump to restrain his words and deeds through early hearings and investigations, so that he can devote more energy to dealing with impeachment; on the other hand, the Democratic Party may have some strong evidence at present, hoping to weaken the reputation of the Republican Party through impeachment in the house of Representatives, and serve the general election.

Liu Weidong said that from the Republican point of view, before the real hammer appeared, they would do their best to protect trump for the partys interests, but if the national popular sentiment had changed, they all believed that trump should be impeached and stepped down, and the Republican Party would not insist on it any more. Liu Weidong said that with one year to go before the US 2020 election, whether Democrats can find the real hammer will have an important impact on Trumps re-election.

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