Iran arrested 300 suspected rioters and claimed 130 billion yuan from the United States

 Iran arrested 300 suspected rioters and claimed 130 billion yuan from the United States

On December 3, Irans judiciary spokesman Ismaili announced in Tehran that 300 people suspected of participating in last months demonstrations and riots had been arrested by Irans security services.

Ismaili said that the security department will bring criminal proceedings against those who committed acts of sabotage during the riots, and those who are found to have no relevant criminal acts will be released as soon as possible.

On November 15, the Iranian government announced to raise the price of gasoline and implement a new rationing system. Since November 16, there have been many protests and clashes in Iran, causing casualties. After that, Irans supreme leader Khamenei and President Rouhani delivered successive speeches, characterizing the demonstration as a very huge and dangerous conspiracy, accusing the United States and some regional countries of playing tricks behind their backs in an attempt to disrupt Iran.

Iran claims more than $130 billion from the US

Ismaili said Wednesday that the United States should be responsible for its crimes against Iran and provide compensation to the Iranian people who have suffered losses in this round of demonstrations and riots. Ismaili said that Iran has filed a total of more than 360 lawsuits against the United States. With the approval of the court, the total amount of compensation payable by the United States exceeds $130 billion - and then the Iranian government will recover the money from the United States.

According to information previously provided by the Iranian Ministry of interior, the round of demonstrations and riots resulted in death and injury, and 731 banks, 70 gas stations and more than 300 private cars were smashed or burned in Iran.

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