Trump mentioned the possibility of using force against North Korea

 Trump mentioned the possibility of using force against North Korea

On September 10, when Jin Zhengen guided the launch of the super large rocket launcher, park Zhengchuan stood beside him. (KCNA)

Overseas net, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) - according to KCNA news agency, park Zhengchuan, chief of the general staff of the Korean peoples army, said in a statement on the same day that President trump of the United States mentioned the possibility of using force against North Korea. If the United States uses force against North Korea in any form, the DPRK will also take corresponding measures promptly.

Trump, who is attending the NATO summit in London on March 3, said at a press conference about North Korea that he hoped it would not be necessary, but if necessary, we will do so.

Park Zhengchuan said in the conversation that the president of the United States threw out adverse remarks against North Korea during the NATO summit, and the commander of the armed forces of North Korea was very unhappy after hearing about the news.

The talks pointed out that at this moment, the DPRK and the US are still in a state of armistice, and any incident may immediately turn into a comprehensive armed conflict. Recently, the U.S. military has taken extraordinary military actions against North Korea. The North Korean army is analyzing the possible impact of these actions on the security of North Korea and preparing to take countermeasures.

Park Zhengchuan said that in such a highly tense military confrontation, the only guarantee to prevent the armed conflict between the DPRK and the US is the close relationship between the DPRK and the US leaders. Although the president of the United States put forward the preconditions of if necessary, the statement of possible use of force was deeply disappointing. He also stressed that the use of domestic force is not just a privilege of the United States.

The talks also said that anyone can predict how the DPRK will respond to the US military action against the DPRK. If the US forces against North Korea, the consequences will be unimaginable.

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