China threat is written into NATO statement for the first time

 China threat is written into NATO statement for the first time

The NATO summit in London has yet to come to an end, but the draft joint statement has been exposed by the media, and it is not surprising that China threat has become the focus again.

Leaders of 29 NATO member countries will sign a joint summit statement on Wednesday to recognize opportunities and challenges brought about by Chinas rise, AFP reported.

This is the first time that NATO officially regards China as a threat, and then NATO will approve an internal report to draw up an action plan to deal with China.

Changan Street governor noted that NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said on Tuesday that he does not want to regard Beijing as an enemy, while French President Marcon had made it clear that China and Russia are not enemies.

Frequently hype Chinas threat

Stoltenberg said China has the worlds second highest defense budget and has demonstrated new and modern military capabilities, including long-range missiles that can reach Europe and the United States as a whole.

However, Stoltenberg said that NATO would not intervene in areas such as the South China Sea in any case or create a new enemy and regard Beijing as the enemy.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg

The governor noted that on the eve of the NATO summit, several senior White House officials hyped China threat as if they were building momentum for the summit.

Before trump arrived in London, U.S. ambassador to NATO Hutchison said that China has developed into a threat country to the world. Now its time to bring China into the rule-based order.

Later, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio said in a speech at the University of Louisville that NATO should mainly deal with the challenges of Russia and China at present. On the same day, pompeio also wrote an article urging European leaders to put safety first on the issue of 5g construction and reliable enterprises must be allowed to build the information artery of the 21st century.

Secretary of state pompeio

Bloomberg also quoted an anonymous senior U.S. government official as saying trump would make it a priority to win NATO support and fight against Chinas growing influence, and pressure the EU to exclude Chinese enterprises from 5g construction.

The US side is anxious and understandable, but it should be reasonable at all times. On March 3, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying urged us officials to prepare for the China Threat Theory before the NATO meeting.

Hua Chunying also compared Peng peiao to Lu Xuns sister-in-law Xianglin, I think Mr. Peng Peios current behavior is very similar to sister-in-law Xianglin. Its just that Mrs. Xianglin talks about harmless nonsense, while Mr. pompeio talks about poisonous lies. .

NATO united by China?

In fact, it is not new for the western countries headed by the United States to hype China threat, but NATO has included China issue in the joint statement of the summit for the first time, whose background is the serious division within NATO.

The French president recently put forward the NATO brain death theory, which has received public or private support from many European officials;

Turkey sent troops to Syria without NATOs consultation, which caused internal strife among its allies, especially the opposition of European countries;

Trump has repeatedly asked NATO members to increase defense costs, and has threatened to withdraw from NATO

President trump

CNN pointed out that every ten years or so, NATO will put forward a strategic concept to clarify the challenges faced by NATO in the new era. Especially since the end of the cold war, NATO has been trying to develop a common threat perception.

NATOs current strategy, which was formulated in 2010, is seriously outdated. But now that China is NATOs common enemy, can NATOs unity be enhanced?

VOA pointed out that NATO is not monolithic in Chinas challenges. Markron had made it clear that the enemy of NATO is not Russia and China, but terrorism.

French President Marcon

Germanys Le Monde commented that NATOs role in China is very different: for Americans, Beijing may be the enemy. But Germany and France dont want to say much about it. Most importantly, they stressed the opportunities that China offers as a trading power. This is a fundamental difference that has been debated internally for months.

Sarah Rehn, a senior researcher at the Institute for international strategy, a British think tank, believes that while discussing Chinas rise is important and welcome for NATO, it risks exacerbating political differences rather than bridging them.

NATO may launch a formal new strategy in 2020. As for who should be targeted by the new strategy, most countries want to wait until trump is re elected before making a decision.

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