Germany expels two Russian diplomats Russia: will take retaliatory measures

 Germany expels two Russian diplomats Russia: will take retaliatory measures

Earlier, German federal prosecutors said they had ample evidence that a Chechen separatist had been assassinated in Berlin, with the approval of the Russian Moscow authorities or Chechen government.

Russias foreign ministry expressed anger and announced that it would be forced to take retaliatory measures.

New York Times: Germany accuses Russia of being behind the scenes

New York Times reported Thursday that the German federal prosecutor announced that the Russian government had something to do with the killing of a Chechen man in broad daylight in August this year. Federal prosecutor Peter Frank said the case had risen to a high level of national security and that he would take over.

After the statement was released, the German Foreign Ministry informed the Russian Embassy in Berlin on the morning of the 4th that it decided to list two diplomats as unwelcome and deport them on the grounds that the other side was unwilling to cooperate with the investigation, with immediate effect.

On 23 August, a man was shot dead in a park in Berlin. The dead, identified as zelimkhan khangoshvili, 40, a Georgian former commander of the Chechen separatist Caucasus emirate, went to Germany in 2016 to seek political asylum. The organization has been at war with the Russian army and has been listed as a terrorist organization by the Russian government.

Photos of the dead from Russian media

After months of investigation, investigators identified the killer as Vadim krasikov, a Russian hired killer. Witnesses said they saw the killer riding a bicycle near the victim, shooting him in the body, two in the head, and then fleeing the scene. Hours later, the perpetrators were detained by the police and have been detained since August.

The new york times compared the case to Londons nerve agent incident, saying it heightened concerns about Russias hired murders in Europe. German lawmakers have called for a joint European response to the shooting in Berlin.

Federal prosecutor Frank said in a statement that although the authorities initially believed that Russia was involved in the incident, it was only in recent weeks that sufficient evidence was collected to support these suspicions, which also escalated the murder of Georgian men from a simple murder to a threat to national security.

There are full and real indications that the killing of gongoshvili was either ordered by officials of the Russian Federation or Chechen Autonomous Republic, Frank said

Immediately after the statement, the German foreign ministry ordered the expulsion of two diplomats from the Embassy in Russia on the grounds that the other side was unwilling to cooperate in the investigation.

Russia (RT) reported today that the Russian Foreign Ministry responded by taking measures to deal with the expulsion.

A Russian congressman said Russia would pay for itself, while foreign ministry spokesman Maria zaharova condemned Germanys politicized approach to the murder investigation.

We believe that Germanys claim to expel two employees of the Russian Embassy in Berlin is groundless and unfriendly, zaharova said. We will be forced to implement a series of retaliatory measures.

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