Lux Rex warms first cross dimensional press conference strength witness different fragrance beauty is unstoppable

 Lux Rex warms first cross dimensional press conference strength witness different fragrance beauty is unstoppable

Hundreds of fans gathered at the conference, the cool opening dance ignited the whole audience, and the powerful dancer incarnated into the real infinite girl, bringing the power of beauty and self-confidence. Warm, as the c-person of the conference, was awarded the brand ambassadors letter of appointment, and delivered a speech on the spot, encouraging everyone to pass on confidence with fragrance, making the beauty unstoppable. No matter in speech, interview or street dance, warm has no time difference across dimensions in the whole process, so it can be said that the state is very good.

In fact, from the second dimension to the third dimension, fragrance has always been the most important key word for Rex and warm cross-border. Before that, Rex launched six limited edition fragrance shower gels in combination with the symbolic modeling of warm in the game. In the first cross dimension press conference of warm, Rex once again upgraded the joint famous fragrance shower gels.

Warm on site and a group of Coser cooperate for the first show, one-on-one restore the classic shape of the game, open a highly determined visual feast that shocks the whole audience, warm the whole process to explain the inspiration source, mysterious and reverie of lotus fragrance, perfect interpretation of the players favorite fairy song of prayer set of temperament, while the full open peony fragrance of the gas field is like the warm Queen of blood shape, revealing A handsome firm 6 sets of amazing costumes show, let the audience cross the miracle continent in a second, and give the fans a visual experience of each fragrance of the shower gel, pushing the atmosphere to the climax.

Whats more, Chen Yiwen, a well-known dubbing star, was invited to the conference. From behind the scenes to in front of the stage, Chen Yiwen also had her own unique explanation for fragrance. She confessed that fragrance has its own characteristics. Its your own smell business card, which can make you different in life. Chen Yiwen performed different flavors of Lishi in the way of creative CV, and Off stage fans played a smell interaction with their own CV temperament.

In addition, there are many interactive games, such as the nationwide answer contest, you bet me and so on. Fans have actively participated in and won awards, but the most exciting one is still the unveiling of the grand prize. The unique warm and charming skin of the same lotus is determined to be the ultimate prize, attracting the eyes of all people, and will eventually bring confidence and confidence to the lucky carp.

The first cross dimensional press conference of Rex warm shows Rexs avant-garde attempt and thinking in brand marketing with the combination of two and three dimensional fashion and the interaction of virtual and reality. At the same time, the cooperation with virtual idols enriches Rexs interpretation of beauty and self-confidence. Beauty is not only a visual impact, but also a olfactory memory. Rex warm cross dimensional Fragrance: to create a sense of beauty with fragrance, and encourage every girl to be brave. Unlike fragrance, beauty is unstoppable.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Pan Jingxian, nq0184