Its worth 130 million! 18 people arrested in Shenzhen

 Its worth 130 million! 18 people arrested in Shenzhen

In April this year, Shenzhen Customs anti smuggling Bureau received a report that electronic products were smuggled along the eastern coast of Huizhou. The information provided by the informant was only the vehicle information attached to the name of an automobile repair factory, and the smuggling location and personnel were not clear.

Case handler: Cao Kehui, our intelligence personnel, according to the clues of the report, conducted a careful investigation for about half a year, and preliminarily determined the personnel structure and framework of the smuggling gang.

The investigation by the anti smuggling department found that the members of the gangs headed by Su and Wang were all villagers of an island in Daya Bay, Huizhou. They had close kinship and clear division of labor among the members of the gangs.

Cao Kehui: the sea transportation is also divided into the open sea and the near sea, including the part near the beach, and a separate group, which is responsible for lightering and shipping. During the whole smuggling process, a large number of water watchers are employed to cover the smuggling activities.

Watching the water is to watch for smuggling. Every time when loading the goods, the water watchers will drive the vehicles at the intersections along the way to monitor the whereabouts of the law enforcement departments. The consignor is the owner of electronic products in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Fujian and other places. They often smuggle electronic products such as mobile phones into China from non customs places by sea for profit.

Cao Kehui: first of all, they are familiar with the price of electronic products, and the sales channels and customers are relatively fixed. When there is a corresponding sales demand, they will purchase them in Hong Kong, and then hand them over to these customs clearance groups for smuggling.

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