The training organization said that the parents found out that they had been cheated only after they had passed the college entrance examination

 The training organization said that the parents found out that they had been cheated only after they had passed the college entrance examination

Mr. Wang felt that he had been cheated. There are many parents who have the same experience with him.

Mr. Wang is from Xian. In June 2017, his son graduated from junior high school and failed to enter the general high school. But also want to go to high school, he found a way in front of several schools in the west of Xian City, and finally found a way, at the gate of Xinde middle school, there is an education and training institution called handi , claiming to be able to apply for Xingpings student status, but it must be in Xinde international class for high school, which is a loan.

Mr. Wang said that at that time, in a classroom of Xinde middle school, he paid 35000 yuan to Xu, the person in charge of handi, including the loan fee and the student registration fee. In August of that year, the child entered Xinde middle school and has been in high school so far, there are more than 20 people in the same situation as my child, who have paid 30000 to 80000 yuan to handi.

In November of this year, when applying for the college entrance examination, these parents asked Henderson for the information of student status, but there was an accident, at first, they refused, but later they said they could handle it. They provided us with the student status certificate and the ideological, political and moral assessment form issued by a school in Xingping, Shaanxi Province. When we took this form to enroll, we were told it was fake In the end, I have to register as a social youth.

Mr. Wang said that parents thought that they had been cheated by handi and Xinde middle school, so they wanted to find handi and return the fees paid before, but handis office was withdrawn, and the person in charge sometimes answered the phone, sometimes didnt answer, and never resolved the matter.

On the afternoon of December 4, a reporter from the Chinese business daily contacted Xu Mou, the head of handi. She said a word and hung up the phone. When she called again, a man said that she did collect some money from parents of students and promised to apply for student status. Now, handi no longer exists. Xingping school cheated handi, and handi was helpless. Parents demands can be found in xindezhong Learn international class solutions.

As can be seen from the wechat screenshot that Xu, the person in charge of handi, sent to the parents, when the parents questioned the student status, Xu replied that they were also victims. Xingpings school ran education without conscience.

Mr. Sun used to be a teacher in the international class of Xinde middle school. He said that the international class was jointly set up by handi and Xinde. The two sides are in a cooperative relationship. The teacher is only responsible for teaching. Handi is in charge of the student status.

Now, parents are full of questions. They believed in the training institution when they thought that the children could go to school in Sindh middle school. As a public school, why does Xinde middle school participate in this matter? Whats the role in this?

On the afternoon of April 4, a reporter from the Chinese Business Daily reported the incident to the Education Bureau of Lianhu District. The Education Bureau said it attached great importance to the incident and had launched an investigation.

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