Chinese cities love to rob celebrities, even XiMenqing

 Chinese cities love to rob celebrities, even XiMenqing

Learn history well and dont let bad movies mislead the next generation. This is the grand goal of the protest. The theoretical support of the protest was that Zhuge Liang was from Nanyang, and he himself said, the minister is the one who sets up clothes and works in Nanyang.

Its just a small episode in the battle for celebrities in major cities. There are many more ways to fight for celebrities. It was concluded that this was Fuxi running east and West, the Yellow Emperor for home, Zhuge everywhere, Nuwa blooming everywhere..

Recently, even Guojing and huangrong had to start first. Xiangyang, Hubei Province, was going to spend 1 million yuan to build statues for them.

What are you thinking about when you want to build a tourist area and spend a lot of money to promote the city that is the hometown of famous people?

Historical celebrities, we must seize them

As smart as Zhuge Liang would not have expected, people after his spirit have been fighting openly and secretly for many years in order to strive to be his hometown, and the brilliance is no less than that of seven captured Meng Huo.

Wuhou Temple, located in Nanyang, Henan Province, is the former site of Zhuge Liangs Gonggeng in Nanyang. There is also zhugelu in Nanyang, which is also the place where the famous Sangumaolu and Longzhong strategy took place.

On August 10, 2012, Nanyang Wuhou Temple, also known as Zhugeliang temple, in Nanyang City, Henan Province, is said to be the place where Sangu moulu took place

However, the ancient Longzhong in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, also introduced itself in this way [3]. The embarrassment that ordinary people encounter when they introduce themselves to the same famous person does not appear at all between cities.

Even Mr. Guo Moruo, the leading historian, did not know the situation. His front foot was just in the temple of Wuhou in Nanyang, Henan Province, with the title of ZHUGE Caolu [2]; his back foot was also inscribed with a plaque for Zhuge Caolu in the ancient Longzhong of Xiangyang, and he wrote two poems on the spot in the temple of Wuhou in the middle of Longzhong: to see a teacher, to sing for Liang father [4].

It may be that his reputation is not as loud as Nanyang. Xiangyang has made great efforts to use Zhuge Liangs business card:

On the landmark Zhugeliang square in Xiangyang City, there is a bronze statue of Zhugeliang, which is about 18 meters high and weighs 35 tons. It is not only the largest Zhugeliang in China, but also the largest sculpture portrait in China. Since 1993, eight Zhuge Liang cultural festivals have been held in Xiangyang, sometimes every other year, sometimes every seven years [5] [6].

In Xiangyang, Hubei Province, the 18 meter high bronze statue of Zhugeliang is surrounded by high-rise buildings in modern cities

Of course, Nanyang has also held ZhuGeliang Cultural Tourism Festival, but during the publicity, Xiangyang will sincerely ask, how did we do Xiangyangs activities elsewhere [7].

Xiangyang also has Zhuge Liangs famous university, Hubei University of Arts and science, which uses Zhuge Liangs motto of being indifferent to his ambition, being peaceful and far-reaching. Although the slogan of go to Zhuge Liang to study in the University they said when they enrolled, it didnt seem very indifferent [8].

However, Zhuge Liang should be glad that his hometown can choose one from the other. Zhu Xi is not so lucky. He is in a hurry to be his hometown.

In 2010, before the 880 anniversary of Zhu Xis birth, Youxi County, Jianyang City, Wuyishan City, and Wuyuan City, Jiangxi Province, all rushed to claim Zhu Xis hometown.

The stamps of Zhu Xis birthday were issued by Youxi, and the scenic spot of Zhu Xis hometown was built; the holy land of Neo Confucianism tourist area and Zhu Zis life experience area were built in Wuyi Mountain; and the ancestral hall and square of Zhu Xi were planned in Jianyang. The total cost of projects in various cities has reached 4 billion [9].

On April 3, 2015, in Wuyuan Xi garden, Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, fourth grade students dressed in ancient costumes paid homage to Zhu Xi

4 billion is not much. After all, Jianyang City has built a cultural, leisure and tourist resort with an investment of 1 billion yuan. However, until the end of 2012, the total annual financial revenue of Jianyang City exceeded 1 billion yuan for the first time [10].

Dont think old Zhus hometown is hard to find. After all, there are not many famous people competing in four places. In the Three Kingdoms period, there were five provinces and seven places competing for their former residences. Even Joes graveyard, three places.

Among them, in Jiayu County, Hubei Province, Erqiaos hometown was built in the local hot spring scenic spot, claiming that Erqiao is a famous local family; Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, developed a farm into Erqiaos hometown, the theme of which became a farmhouse, and Erqiao became a rural girl.

On July 4, 2018, Xiaoqiao tomb, Yueyang Tower Scenic Spot, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, is one of the important tourism projects in Yueyang Tower Scenic Spot

Anhui Buried Hill is also fighting for the hometown of Erqiao. Although they can only find a rouge well that is hard to distinguish history at first, they have built Erqiao Park, Erqiao road and Three Kingdoms buildings after hard work

Theres a reason why the buried hill works so hard. In addition to the hometown of Erqiao, its city name card also includes the hometown of Anhui, the source of Anhui, the place of Zen, the ancestor of Peking Opera and the hometown of Huangmei. Hometown of Erqiao is the most valuable business card, of course, we should pay more attention [11].

No matter how many places there are to fight for Erqiao, somehow we know that Erqiao is a Chinese. But some famous people, even abroad, will come to fight together.

For example, up to now, no one knows which hometown Li Bai was thinking of when he bowed his head to think of his hometown:

The birthplace of Li Bai is Mianyang, Sichuan Province. He is regarded as a giant IP that can rival the giant panda. His reclusive place is Anlu, Hubei Province, which advertises hometown of Li Bai, hometown of Ginkgo biloba. Tianshui, Gansu Province, even takes out Li Bais self-report - Bai, clothing in Longxi, exiled in Chu and Han, laughing at the competition of other cities [12] [13] [14].

On the evening of October 25, 2018, the performance of Libai cultural festival in Mianyang, Sichuan Province

At the conference to commemorate the 1300 anniversary of the birth of Li Bai, former Kyrgyz president Akayev proudly said that Li Bai is his hometown [15].

Even Li Zhi, a thinker in Ming Dynasty, could not help but Tucao Li Bai: Yu said that Li Bai was not born at all times. They are also Brazilian, Longxi, Shandong, Kuaiji, Xunyang and Yelang [16].

Virtual character, also need to set up a home

Its understandable to compete for historical celebrities, after all, they existed. Maybe it just happened to cross the mountains and the sea, making all the places have some names.

But how can so many cities jump out to settle down for the fictitious characters in the myths, legends and story books?

Some experts have investigated Niulang and Zhinvs Hometown, Yanya Township, Yiyuan, Shandong Province. There is also a research center for the legend of the Chinese Cowherd and the weaver girl, which studies the legend of the Cowherd and the weaver girl in Yiyuan at the same time [17].

There is also a cultural center of Cowherd and Weaver Girl awarded by the peoples Association in Lushan, Henan [18]. They believed that the story of cowherd herding cattle and weaving women and weaving cloth must have developed in the central plains where farming civilization is developed.

On August 23, 2009, Lang Zhinv gathered at the magpie bridge for her work. In Guangzhou, there is also Zhucun, Tianhe District, the No.1 Qiqiao village in China, where the Qixi Cultural Festival will be held

The more important point is that there are more than 40 places with cattle in Lushan Mountain, and there are cattle herders everywhere [19].

Yunxi County, Shiyan County, Hubei Province, thinks that it is the birthplace of the story of Cowherd and weaver girl, because there is a river in their county called Tianhe, which has the same name as the river in the sky [20].

Yunxi people built a 12 meter diameter man-made moon beside the Tianhe River, the largest man-made moon in the world [21]. At night, the Tianhe river is full of light and color, which is very suitable for Cowherd and Weaver Girl dating. Although the seventh day of July, when Niulang and Zhinv are dating, is not the night of full moon.

On October 5, 2017, in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, a giant 10 meter high artificial moon appeared on the wall of Zhongxuan tower. This kind of artificial moon is not uncommon.

Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, who are also one of the four great love stories of ancient Chinese folk, have not escaped the similar fate. They were not only forced to settle down everywhere, they were even forced to bury everywhere.

By 2012, there were 17 historic sites related to Liang Zhu, including 1 temple, 6 reading places and 10 tombs. There are four hometown of Liangzhu Culture awarded by the Chinese peoples Association alone.

In Runan County, Zhumadian City, which was first awarded the hometown of Liangzhu, there are not only Tomb of liangshanbo and Tomb of ZhuYingTai, but also story scenes such as lachrymal well, one step three hole bridge, hongluoshan academy and Baiyi Pavilion.

In order to make the hometown of Liangzhu more famous, the town of Ma Township where these sites are located is also renamed Liangzhu town [22].

However, in the local version, Zhu Yingtais real name is Zhu, while Liang Shanbo is affectionately called Liang fool of my village. The Hongluo mountain they read is just a small slope, after all, Runan is plain [23].

Liangzhu scenic spot, which was originally built for the development of tourism in Runan, is now in a bad situation. Apart from two tombs and two rows of landscape trees, the rest is desolate [24].

I dont know what the scholars who worked hard to study Liang Zhus origin in Runan are trying to prove. After all, its hard to prove this point of view - because no historical records and ancient books have recorded that Runan is related to Liang Zhu [25].

On October 9, 2019, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, overlooking Liangzhu Cultural Park, located at the tomb and temple sites of liangshanbo and ZhuYingTai in the Jin Dynasty, is a love theme park

But this may be the benefit of virtual characters: because there is no clear truth, they can fight everywhere.

For example, XiMenqing, the fictional rogue, profiteer and rapist in Outlaws of the marsh and plum in the Golden Vase, has several cities to fight for his hometown. In the planned related tourist areas, the homes of Ximen Qing and his wife and concubines are not enough. More advanced planning is needed, and live performances such as Ximen Qing first meeting Pan Jinlian and Wuda catching traitors are also arranged [26].

And Nezha in the myth and legend has many hometown including Yibin, Jiangyou, Tianjin, etc.

No celebrity, just a little bit

It doesnt matter if a city has no historical celebrities or legends. As long as you have something to do with celebrities, you can fight for celebritys face.

For example, the poet Du Mu, whose hometown is Xian, Shaanxi Province, has no doubt. Therefore, no one is fighting any more. However, his Xinghua village, which asks where the restaurant is, and the shepherd boy points to Xinghua village from afar, has been fighting endlessly.

Shanxi Fenyang insists that it is an authentic Xinghua village, so it first registered the trademark of Xinghua village and created Xinghua village Fenjiu, claiming to be the wine capital, which is the birthplace of Chinese wine and wine culture [27].

Xinghua village Gujing, Fenjiu Group, Fenyang County, Shanxi Province

However, Xinghua village in Chizhou, Anhui Province, didnt pay for it. They believed that Du Mu came to Xinghua village to write this poem when he was the governor of Chizhou. Even the wine pots that Du Mu claimed to drink were preserved here [28].

Two cities also filed a lawsuit for the trademark of Xinghua village. It was not until eight years later that the dust finally settled. The trademark of Xinghua village was divided into two parts, wine was in Shanxi Province, and tour was in Anhui Province [29].

And Tao Yuanming, who is sure to be from Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, but where is the peach blossom garden.

There are more than ten places, including Taoyuan County in Changde, Hebei Panshan, Zhushan in Hubei, Xingzi County in Jiangxi, Dayou cave in Chongqing, which all have their own Peach Blossom Garden, and each place can give you a set of explanations [30].

Taohuayuan scenic spot, Changde City, Hunan Province, covers an area of about 1600 mu, with a total investment of about 5 billion yuan / official website of Changde Taohuayuan scenic spot

The most famous is Taoyuan County in Changde, Hunan Province. They even invested nearly 10 billion yuan to transform the local scenic spot and expand the Taohuayuan by 10 square kilometers [31]. Of course, this is certainly not Tao Yuanmings original intention of not bending down for five Dou meters.

And those who dont even have the edge of celebrities, you have to find the words and sentences in celebrity articles.

For example, the fire of Langya Bang in the past few years has made Langya the object that cities are competing to claim.

Shandong called Langya has always been in Shandong. In the spring and Autumn period, there was the city of Langxie in the state of Qi. According to Li Daoyuans shuijingzhu, Langyatai is on Langya Mountain in Shandong [32].

In the Langya Mountain scenic spot of Chuzhou, Anhui Province, after the broadcast of Langya list, they changed the original Huifeng Pavilion into Langya Pavilion

Chuzhou, Anhui Province, was not satisfied. After all, the first two sentences of the story of the drunken man Pavilion, which said, if you look around chujieshan, you will see the beautiful scenery, you will see Langya. Chuzhou has been certified for a long time [33]. Can others deceive you, or can Ouyang Xiu deceive you?

Those famous people who travel all over the world will not think that any words left by themselves will one day become the interests of future generations.

According to this trend, if people hear Henan Bangzi the winter solstice is over three days, the Lord Jesus was born in Zhumadian.. Three doctors sent a box of apples and five Jin of pork and ten jin of noodles. Its hard to imagine what they would interpret.


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