Veterans replaced in government for 23 years

 Veterans replaced in government for 23 years

In an interview with Yilu town government, Ruihua sent a message to Ruihua through an intermediary: give Ruihua a sum of money, you come to work, 100000 yuan is not enough.

On December 2, zhuruihua went to the Yilu town government of Dancheng county to find zhuruihua and report that he was replaced. Photography / upstream news reporter Niu Tai

Ruihua was replaced for 23 years

In October this year, Baima town released the governments guidance list for the placement of retired soldiers. Ruihua found that there was also a person named Ruihua on the list, who had been placed to work as early as 1996.

In 1995, after I retired from the army and returned to my hometown, I ran to the Civil Affairs Bureau to ask about my work, and they kept me waiting. When I didnt settle down in 1996, I went out to work. Did someone replace me? Thinking of the past, Ruihua is full of doubts.

Recently, he found the personnel files of Ruihua through his friends. It is stated in the file that zhuruihua, born in 1979, worked in 1992 with 28 years working experience, and the source of entry unit is veterans. Currently, he is a senior worker with a monthly salary of 3489 yuan.

When you are a soldier, you cant be a soldier at the age of 13. After confirming that there was a problem with the file, Ruihua found a report from the Bureau of retired servicemen affairs of Dancheng county and was informed to investigate.

On December 2, the head of the Bureau of retired servicemen affairs of Dancheng County said that only one person named Ruihua had been arranged to work in Yilu town government of the county, and was replaced.

Who operated the substitution? Why is the green light all the way? What will be done with the fraudsters. In response to the reporters questions, the person in charge said that further investigation would be carried out.

The file of Yilu town staff Ruihua shows that the entry unit source is veterans.

You pay for your work

An address book has been published in the party and government office of Yilu town. On December 2, the upstream journalists did not see the name Ruihua in the address book. He owed the bank money and didnt come to work for a long time, several staff members said

Xie Fujun, Secretary of the Party committee of Yilu Town, said that xiruihua does work in the government. I dont know whether its cadres or ordinary staff. Since 2016, I have to ask the organizing committee about the specific situation.

He Zhi, organizational member of Yilu Town, introduced that xiruihua is a general staff member of the town government, and his wife is a member of the town team, with the post of deputy director, section member, in charge of organization and personnel.

Xie Fujun and he Zhijun said they did not know that he Ruihua was suspected of replacing others.

In an interview with Yilu town government, zhuruihua received a phone call from an intermediary who said: give a sum of money to zhuruihua, you come to work, 100000 yuan is not enough, what procedures are well handled for you. It means that you spend a lot of money to solve the pension problem, how good is it to take a pension, and what do you want to find a reporter to report?

Hearing this, Ruihua was angry and said, whats the reason that I risked my name and changed my life, and I didnt ask him for compensation or money?

The reporter used the office phone number of the local town government to contact Jue Ruihua and his wife for many times, none of which was contacted.

Veterans have been working as impostors for 23 years

I have not been resettled since I retired from the army in 1995, and I didnt know that other people would replace the file employment until I saw the resettlement list in October this year. On December 3, Zhu Ruihua, who lives in Dancheng County, Zhoukou, Henan Province, told the Beijing news that the person who replaced his file is now a cadre of the peoples Government of Yilu Town, Dancheng county.