Ready to challenge BBA? 287000 new generation S60 presales

 Ready to challenge BBA? 287000 new generation S60 presales

[new car knowledge points

(red car: sports suit, grey car: luxury suit)

1. The latest family look

The appearance of the new S60 is almost the sedan version of the polestar1 after the family style design. The front design of the whole car is the same as that of the polestar1. At the same time, in order to take care of more consumers needs, the new car launched two sets of models to cater to the tastes of different consumers. The overall outline of the sports version and the luxury version did not change much, but some details of the decoration changed.

2. Provide 6 body colors

All models are available in 6 body colors, including marine limestone metallic paint, lava red metallic paint, cowboy Blue metallic paint, maple Brown Metallic paint, agate black metallic paint and crystal white pearl paint, with low-key and simple style and active colors.

3. Original size

The new car is still a standard medium-sized car with no deliberate L lengthening. The length, width and height of the new car are 4761, 1850 and 1437mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2872mm. In terms of length, width and wheelbase, it has a slight advantage over BMW 3 series standard wheelbase models.

4. The tail is still charming and sporty

Whether its a sports suit or a luxury suit, the tail of both models is still charming. Like Volvos brand-new S90, thunderhammer LED tail lamp and two chrome exhaust lamps on both sides make the new cars texture and sense of movement further improved.

u2191 sports interior, u2193 luxury interior

5. The interior is cold with a sense of Technology

The new S60 extends the Nordic cool style of S90, looks simple in layout and design, but is still the standard of a luxury car in details. The new car is not only equipped with citysafety urban safety system and cleanzone clean cockpit as standard, but also equipped with PA automatic driving aid system, 4C adaptive chassis, Harman Caton sound, 360 degree panoramic camera and other equipment according to different models.

u2191 sports T5 power, u2193 luxury T4 power

6. Conventional power T3 / 4 / 5, plug-in hybrid power T8

Four power specifications are provided for the new car. The 2.0T engine with different adjustment of pure fuel power is T3 (163 HP, 256n u00b7 m), T4 (190 HP, 300N u00b7 m), T5 (250 HP, 350n u00b7 m); the hybrid plug-in model is T8 power, which is composed of 2.0T engine and motor. All the power is matched with 8-speed automatic transmission. The suspension forms of the new car are front double wishbone independent suspension and rear multi link independent suspension, among which T3, T4 and T5 models are front wheel layout, T8 models are four-wheel layout.

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