UEFA president: if you have a big nose, its easy to offside. I dont like var

 UEFA president: if you have a big nose, its easy to offside. I dont like var

If you have a big nose, its easy to go offside. We will discuss this issue with the referee and give the offside 10-20cm tolerance. If the offside is less than 1 cm, then it can not be blown.

Two weeks ago we had a coaching summit with klopper, Guardiola, Allegri, Ancelotti and Zidane, he said of handball decisions. We showed a handball case where half of them said handball and the other half said no. So how can the rules be clear? We dont know! For example, Manchester City versus Liverpool, should we play handball? No one can explain what handball is, what is not, and what is intentional handball. The referee is not a psychologist. Who knows if you mean to handball?

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Cefelin doesnt like var: English referees sometimes dont watch VaR, but Italian referees can watch it for half an hour. Ive never been a fan of var. now, assistant referees dont raise their flags. Theyve been waiting for var. Players dont celebrate goals and are waiting for var. The first game I remember was the 1978 World Cup final, where kempers scored and Argentina won 3-1 against Holland. The referee made mistakes, just like the players made mistakes, we spent a week discussing the referees mistakes. But right now, its technology that decides everything.

Im not a fan of VaR, but unfortunately if we dont use VaR, well be killed, he said. In the European Cup, we have to use var. Because in case of dispute, the team will complain and want to see var. There was no VaR in the European preliminaries. My motherland Slovenia was eliminated because of the opponents obvious handball. I was on the spot at that time. I was angry and the fans shouted at me. They were ashamed of UEFA. It doesnt matter. Im used to it. There are good things in every bad thing. The positive part of it is that now everyone knows that I will not interfere in the game.

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