British media: Trudeau, Johnson and markron suspected that trump was joking privately

 British media: Trudeau, Johnson and markron suspected that trump was joking privately

Leaders gossip? British media exposure: Trudeau, Johnson and makron privately tease trump (source: video synthesis)

Global network reported that on the evening of December 3 local time, a reception dinner to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of NATO was held in Buckingham Palace as scheduled. That night, British Prime Minister Johnson, French President Marcon, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and others showed up. However, a video of three people chatting unexpectedly became popular on the Internet. In the video, three people talk and laugh, and the subject of their chat seems to be president trump of the United States.

Johnson, Malone and Trudeau chatted at the dinner party. )

According to the daily mail, the three leaders seemed to be talking about trump and its press conference, but they did not directly mention Trumps name in the conversation.

(screenshot of Daily Mail report)

In the video, Johnson first asks mark long, is that why you are late?

Trudeau rushed to say, he was late because he had a 40 minute press conference.

What kind of press conference? According to the daily mail, what Trudeau said should be a press conference jointly held by trump and markron. According to the New York Times, the two sides held a tense 45 minute press conference and had a heated debate with Turkey over NATO.

Then Trudeau went on, Oh yes, yes, he announced....

Then, Trudeau said and rowed, look at the people in his (trump) team. Theyre jaw dropping!

Russia today (RT) also reported the news. RT looks at three people as gossip boys and mentions that the three gossip boys seem to be very happy.

(screenshot of RT report)

NATO held a summit in London from December 3 to 4. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the organization. According to the arrangement of the summit, leaders of NATO member countries will review the achievements of the organization in the past 70 years, discuss how NATO can meet new challenges and determine the future development direction. However, on the eve of the summit, NATOs internal contradictions highlighted, casting a shadow on the summit.

The United States and France have been arguing about NATO for a long time. Just before the NATO summit, Ma Kelong was bombarded with very insulting criticism about NATO brain death. When trump and Ma Kelong met on December 3 local time, the two launched a frontal confrontation on the issue of extremist organization Islamic state (is) militants. During that time, trump suddenly joked to the horse sitting beside him, do you want some good is fighters? I can give them to you.. Whatever you want. In the face of this sudden question, markron pleaded with trump, lets be serious.

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