The 18-year-old girl was drunk and raped, and called the police. The man involved: prostitution did not negotiate a good price

 The 18-year-old girl was drunk and raped, and called the police. The man involved: prostitution did not negotiate a good price

Qingdao girls quit their jobs and hide at home because

Han: I cant eat. Many people are passing on my story. I cant sleep well. I dare not turn off the light at night.

In the past month, it has been the most difficult day in Xiaohans life. Facing the gossip of others, Xiaohan finally chose to close himself and quit his job to hide at home.

What happened to this young girl, what cant be recalled?

Han: at 10:30 p.m. on October 24, I just went to bed and lay down. A friend of mine surnamed Jiang asked me to go out and said that he had a birthday, so I said I would not go.

Considering the time is too late, small Han declined politely, but after a while, another male friend of small Han surnamed Luan called again.

Xiao Han: he said that he had driven downstairs and asked me to hurry down.

Xiaohan said that she and the two male friends who asked her out met by chance, and left wechat for each other. Because of the face of their friends, Xiaohan finally went down the stairs, and was taken to u Le Di KTV on Heshan road by Luans friend.

Small Han: add me 7 people, each other is male, said before there are 4 women, but there are no women, I asked them about those women, they said women are still on the way. Luan took a bottle of white wine, similar to the kind of foreign wine, they had to let me drink that.

Xiaohan said that in the process of drinking, the six men of the other side drink beer. Only they drink the foreign wine with a high alcohol degree. Xiaohan, who is not good at drinking, soon gets drunk.

Xiao Han: I couldnt stand up when I was drinking. There was a separate bathroom in that compartment. I went in and locked myself there. I heard the birthday man outside the door and asked me how I was doing. I said youd better play first. The man surnamed Luan said let me out and send me back later.

Xiao Han recalled that in the early morning of the 25th, they left KTV and fell asleep in the car. They lost their memory. When they woke up again, they saw a horrible scene.

Han: I went to the bathroom when I felt like vomiting. The man also wanted to come in. I was not as strong as him, so the other side came in. Then he raped me. When I struggled to hit him, he dragged me to the bed in the bedroom. His clothes were taken off by him.

In shock, Han gradually regained consciousness. She recalled that a man surnamed Liu was the one who raped him. They didnt know him before they went to the banquet. After the violence, the man surnamed Liu left and followed him closely. The friend surnamed Jiang then entered the house

Is a party a conspiracy at first?

Xiao Han: touch my face over there and ask me whats wrong. I cried and begged him to take me out. He said he would take me out. Then he touched me and kissed me. I told him to call the police after I went out. Then he went out.

After that, Xiaohan quickly dressed up, and several other men came into the room, chatting with each other. Xiaohan took the opportunity to run out, hid in the stairwell and called 110. Xiaohan recalled that he might have heard the alarm. Several other people left the hotel and passed the police overnight investigation. Soon, all the men came to the case. The man surnamed Liu suspected of raping Xiaohan was controlled, and several others participated in the investigation.

Little Hans brother: the anger of our family cant be expressed. Just beat my sister twice. Its physical and psychological damage. No one can tolerate this kind of thing.

A birthday party, for young Han, turned into a nightmare of torture.

After that, Xiao Han quit his job and stayed at home all day. The family hoped that the public security organs could bring the perpetrators to justice, but things were far from so simple. A few days later, Xiao Han was called to the police station again.

Xiao Han: let me make a new record. The police said that the other party has negotiated with me about the price. What do you mean by negotiating the price? I dont know what they are talking about. They said that I called the police only when the price was not negotiated. They meant that you were a prostitute.

Soon after, similar rumors spread to Xiaohan and his family. For a while, Xiaohan became a bad girl in other peoples eyes.

Han: I have a job. I cant make money through prostitution. I also had a holiday at that time. I cant do this with them.

Little Hans brother: turning black and white has done great harm to my sister. I cant accept the storm. We dont want to find the media to expose this matter, but the other side is going too far. We cant bear it.

Was insulted small Han completely collapsed, the pressure let small Han family can not lift their heads, finally the family decided to discuss a view for small Han through the media.

What happened that night? Is it really a conspiracy from the beginning, as Xiao Han said? What is the relationship between Xiaohan and these friends?

The reporter got in touch with Xiao Luan, the friend who picked up Xiao Han that night.

Is it a rape or an active relationship?

Luan: after drinking at night and getting on the bus, I asked her where to go. She said it was OK. I asked my friend where to go. My friend sent me a location. They said playing poker. When I went to the room, it wasnt opened properly. Small Han opened the room with her ID card. She seemed to have a conflict with her boyfriend. She drank a little more. I took a look at her when I left, and I felt very clear.

Small Luan told reporters, small Han did drink a lot of wine in KTV that night, when he was ready to leave, his other friends proposed to open a room to play poker, small Han also joined, almost ten minutes after opening the room, small Luan left in advance, then heard about small Hans encounter.

Luan: I think its impossible for so many people to have this happened. Have they ever talked about the price? I really dont know. Because four of them sit together for drinking, three men and her. I sit there with a friend.

Han: hes lying. From entering the hotel to leaving together, hes all in it. He didnt leave in advance. I doubt that they have the same caliber and want to shirk the responsibility and put all the responsibility on my victim.

Until now, hotel surveillance video has become the key evidence. The reporter came to the scene of the incident, Furong Town Hotel on the third Yellow River Road, Jimo district.

The front desk staff of the hotel said they have no right to provide video recording, and the hotel is not clear about the registration process of the front desk that night. What is Xiaohans state before he arrives at the hotel? Is it a forced or voluntary room? Whether the KTV monitoring can give the answer, the reporter went to u ledi KTV on Heshan road.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, KTV monitoring can not be retrieved. Is Xiaohan raped or the relationship with them?

In order to find out the reason, the reporter consulted the public security police station of Jimo economic development zone.

Police said that at present, the investigation of the case is close to the end, the facts are clear, basically excluding the prostitution of small Han, the next case will enter the stage of public prosecution.

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