The US House of Representatives may vote in December to impeach trump

 The US House of Representatives may vote in December to impeach trump

Impeachment investigation into the next stage

CNN reported Thursday that the 300 page report detailed weeks of impeachment investigation and evidence collection, claiming Trumps misconduct included abuse of power, national security breach and unprecedented obstruction of congressional investigations.

The report does not define whether Trumps actions constitute serious crimes and misconduct, but gives a detailed record of the relevant practices of Trumps government, which will be the factual basis for the debate on whether trump should be impeached. As the report was transferred to the House Judiciary Committee, Trumps impeachment investigation entered the next stage.

According to Fox News on the 4th, after receiving the official report from the intelligence committee, the judicial committee will take over the impeachment work to confirm whether the reasons for impeachment are sufficient, whether the impeachment terms are drafted, etc.

According to the report, the judicial committee will hold a hearing on the morning of December 4 to hear the opinions of Pamela callan, a law professor at Stanford University, Noah Feldman, a law professor at Harvard University, Michael Gerhardt, a law professor at North Carolina University and Jonathan Tully, a law professor at George Washington University on the constitutional basis of impeachment. Of the four, only Tully is a Republican.

The hearing on April 4 was the first one held by the judicial committee of the house of Representatives since the impeachment investigation began. Since the focus of this hearing is on the constitutional basis for impeachment of the president, the witnesses present only include legal experts, and there are no factual witnesses present. The judicial committee will then hold more hearings to decide whether or not to impeach trump and what charges to impeach him.

The house of Representatives may vote as a whole in December

At least four impeachments against trump, including abuse of power, bribery, contempt of Congress and obstruction of justice, will be discussed at the first hearing Thursday, Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and Democrat of New York State, CNN reported earlier.

After the report was released on the 3rd, the White House refuted the Democrats allegations. White House press spokesman Grisham said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Jeff Schiff and Democrats failed to find evidence of the presidents misconduct. The report is more like Democrats struggling to prove their point with nonexistent evidence..

Trump, who is attending the NATO summit in London, accused Democrats of unpatriotic conduct and harm to the country in their impeachment investigation Wednesday.

Before that, the White House replied to Congress on December 1 that trump or his lawyer would not attend the impeachment public hearing against trump on December 4, on the grounds that impeachment investigation was partisan and unfair.

According to the constitution of the United States, after the house of Representatives launched the impeachment investigation, the judicial committee investigated, and then decided whether to initiate impeachment. If it is decided to initiate impeachment, the impeachment provisions shall be drafted and submitted to the whole house of the house of representatives for voting. As long as there is an impeachment clause passed by a majority in the voting, the impeachment investigation will be officially put on the record. If more than two-thirds of the senators think the impeachment clause is established, the current president will be removed.

At present, Trumps impeachment investigation has entered the judicial committee investigation stage. According to the associated press, it may take several days for the House Judiciary Committee to work out an impeachment clause. If the Commission decides to impeach the president in the second week of December, a full House vote is expected in the third week of December.

But even if the house of Representatives passes the impeachment clause, its hard to win the support of more than two-thirds of senators in the Senate. According to the surging news, the Republican Party now controls the Senate by a majority of 53 to 45. To oust trump, Democrats need to win the support of at least 20 Republican senators in the Senate. As long as Republicans do not rally against trump, impeachment is unlikely to pass.

In September this year, the speaker of the house of Representatives and Democrat Pelosi announced the start of the impeachment investigation of trump. The reason is that an intelligence official reported that trump used military aid as a chip in a telephone call with Ukraines President Vladimir zelenski in July, and asked the Ukrainian side to investigate and collect the black materials of Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and his son in the 2020 presidential election.

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