NATO Secretary General and trump have breakfast: as always, the US will pay for it

 NATO Secretary General and trump have breakfast: as always, the US will pay for it

Stoltenberg (left) and trump from Reuters

As usual, its a good breakfast. We had an omelet, some sausages, toast and orange juice. Its a big breakfast, and as always, the United States will pay for it.

RT described in the article that Stoltenberg joked about the endless military spending dispute within NATO that day. He may be bemoaning in a joking way that NATO members are reluctant to contribute to his private dinner with trump, just as they are unwilling to contribute to NATOs collective defense mechanism.

Since the founding of NATO 70 years ago, the United States has been playing a leader in its collective defense mechanism. U.S. President trump issued a NATO outdated theory after taking office, and repeatedly urged other NATO members to increase military spending. Military spending has become a major threat to NATO unity in recent years.

In 2014, NATO members agreed to increase their defense spending to a level equivalent to 2% of GDP within 10 years, but many countries, such as Germany and France, have made slow progress on this issue, causing Trumps dissatisfaction. Some media reported that diplomats familiar with the operation of NATO were the sources. NATO members other than the United States agreed to share more of the organizations operation costs. All parties expected to reach an agreement before the London summit. However, until now, there is no definite information that the parties have reached an agreement.

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