Behind Lao Rongzhis arrest: the key role of high technology in the detection of old cases

 Behind Lao Rongzhis arrest: the key role of high technology in the detection of old cases

Police of Xiamen Public Security Bureau arrested the fugitive Lao Rongzhi in a shopping mall in Xiamen on November 29. According to Xiamen police, Lao Rongzhi refused to admit his real identity after being arrested. After DNA comparison and identification, it was finally determined that Lao Rongzhi himself was the target of arrest.

Lao Rongzhi was responsible for the murder of seven people and escaped for 20 years. The successful arrest of the suspect in this case also depends on the application of scientific and technological means.

In recent years, with the help of science and technology, some old cases, such as silver serial homicide and Wu Xieyus mother killing, have been solved. Science and technology have greatly improved the efficiency of criminal investigation, so as to effectively crack down on crimes.

Cloud sword action major results

According to surging news, since 1996, Lao rongzhigang and her boyfriend faziying have committed crimes in Nanchang, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Nanning, Hefei and other places. Lao Rongzhi lures the man who looks like a rich family by using the hue, swindles him to the back of the rental house, kidnaps and extorts money by means of holding a gun, holding a knife, robbing and so on, and brutally kills 7 people before and after.

On July 23, 1999, faziying and Lao Rongzhi kidnapped a man with a gun in a dormitory of a company in Hefei. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene of the crime. Faziying was caught on the spot, while Lao Rongzhi escaped under his cover. On December 28, 1999, faziying was executed, while Lao Rongzhi, his partner, was at large until he was arrested in a shopping mall in Xiamen 20 years later.

According to the police information circular issued by Xiamen public security bureau, Xiamen police found the fugitive Lao Rongzhi in the cloud sword operation after analysis and judgment.

Cloud sword operation is to arrest suspects with internet cloud services and cloud platforms as the sharp sword.

On December 3, the Ministry of public security, Xiamen police, arrested Lao Rongzhi, who was determined to be a major outcome of the cloud sword operation . Statistics from the Ministry of public security show that more than half of the fugitives captured in the cloud sword operation are captured through scientific and technological means and big data research. The comprehensive application of high and new technology has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of pursuit, and the efficiency of criminal investigation has been steadily improved.

In the investigation of Lao Rongzhi case, face recognition big data and DNA ratio play an important role. Xiamen police revealed that Lao Rongzhi refused to recognize his real identity after being arrested. The staff of DNA identification Office of Siming branch of Xiamen public security bureau, through the comparison and identification of the DNA of Lao Rongzhi, finally determined that the arrested object was Lao Rongzhi himself.

In the face of the evidence of DNA comparison issued by the police, no matter what kind of repudiation Lao Rongzhi made, he could only plead guilty and plead guilty.

High tech becomes the normal service for criminal investigation

In recent years, through the use of big data resources and high-tech, such as DNA, fingerprints, monitoring, etc., the public security organs have been able to crack many cases, and high-tech plays an important role in the process of criminal investigation. The surging news found that behind the successive breaking of these old cases, there are many murders and suspects years of abscond career.

From May 1988 to February 2002, nine women in Baiyin City, Gansu Province and two women in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia were killed. Gao Chengyong, the criminal suspect, escaped for 28 years from the first offence to arrest and arrest.

Because of the cruel means of criminal suspects, the social impact is extremely bad, causing serious panic in the local area. In the past 28 years, in order to solve this century mystery, the police have collected 230000 fingerprints and more than 100000 people for DNA screening.

In the second half of 2015, with the progress of DNA library construction and blood sample collection, a relative of Gao Chengyong, Gao XX, was collected blood samples due to illegal crime. Baiyin Public Security Bureau further investigated and included four relatives of Gao Chengyong into the DNA collection scope. When Gaos fingerprints and DNA were extracted, he showed alarm. After comparing the fingerprints with the DNA, the police soon found that his fingerprints were highly consistent with those at the scene of the murder, and then arrested him.

Face recognition and other high-tech also play an important role in the process of criminal investigation. Surging news previously reported that at 4 a.m. on April 20, 2019, Wu Xieyu, the suspect in the case of mother killing, entered the T2 terminal of Chongqing Jiangbei Airport. During the period when door 3 entered the explosion-proof safety inspection area and waited for inspection, Wu Xieyu was photographed four times by the monitoring equipment, and each similarity comparison was greater than or equal to 98%. The similarity of the four snaps was also related to the photos when he was wanted.

From Gao Chengyongs case, Wu Xieyus case to the present case of Lao Rongzhi, we can see that scientific and technological means play an important role in case detection. Science and technology serve for criminal investigation, and high and new means can improve the efficiency of solving cases. Science and technology are not limited to immediate cases, but also have great significance for solving old cases.

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