Eating more of these six foods can supplement vitamin D even in the sun

 Eating more of these six foods can supplement vitamin D even in the sun

Vitamin D is called sunshine vitamin, because the body can synthesize vitamin D through the sun. However, in the case of less sunlight in winter, runners need to supplement vitamin D through food to prevent its deficiency from affecting the body and training. The following six foods are rich in vitamin D.

Greasy fish

Fatty fish such as salmon, herring and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are not only good for brain and heart, but also provide more vitamin D for people. The fat in this kind of fish helps the body absorb more vitamin D. Whats more, the leptin they contain can also help the runners muscles recover.

Fortified milk and orange juice

One cup of fortified orange juice can provide about 17% of daily vitamin D, and one cup of fortified milk can provide 16% of daily vitamin D. Although there is not much vitamin D in fatty fish, it is also a good supplement.

Fortified grain

Vitamin D is added to many cereal foods. When eating this kind of food, it is better to eat it together with fortified milk or orange juice, which can better supplement vitamin D.


Eggs dont just provide runners with lean protein. An egg can contain as much as 7% of the vitamin D they need every day. Although eggs contain cholesterol, its OK to eat two or three eggs a day. And eat the whole egg, because vitamin D and the fat it absorbs are in the yolk.


Brown mushrooms and white mushrooms contain more vitamin D, especially for vegetarians, they can replace eggs, fish or milk by eating mushrooms to prevent the loss of vitamin D in the body.

Cod-liver oil

A spoonful of cod liver oil can provide 1360 international units of vitamin D for people, but under normal circumstances, people can consume 600 international units of vitamin D every day, which shows that it is rich in content.