Zhang Shangwu, a gymnastics champion, has been jailed after becoming a thief

 Zhang Shangwu, a gymnastics champion, has been jailed after becoming a thief

The news came out of the bag. The netizen wrote: the day before yesterday, the bag was lying on the ground. Now that people have caught it, maybe all the old accidents can become a story: police and people through train - Shanghai to force! And published the progress of criminal case inquiry, the screenshot with the words Zhang Shangwu is suspected of theft.

The netizen also replied that he had lost his mobile hard disk, notebook, manuscript, pen and so on, and said that the finance involved was enough for Zhang Shangwu to go to jail for several years.

The netizen also wrote: do you know that there will be no news since the 26th? Because I was caught stealing the bag.

Zhang Shangwu had been active in social networks before. After July 26, there was no sign of any change.

Zhang Shangwu, born in Baoding, Hebei Province, was elected to the national gymnastics team at the age of 12 in June 1995. He won two gold medals in the 2001 Beijing University Games. He was officially retired three years later because of a broken Achilles tendon in his left foot during training in January 2002. In July 2007, he was sentenced for stealing at Beijing xiannongtan sports school. Four years later, he was released and begged in Shijiazhuang, Tianjin and Beijing. On October 14, 2011, after 110 days of being employed by Chen Guangbiaos company, he offered to resign.

Source: Netease sports editor: Liu Jie, ns6529