Chen Luyu talks with Diao Yinan and Hu Ge about the details of breaking up the new film Xiaoqun funeral

 Chen Luyu talks with Diao Yinan and Hu Ge about the details of breaking up the new film Xiaoqun funeral

At Cannes Film Festival, director Quentin Tarantino said in an interview after the show, I love it, I was really interested in it, and I loved it more the next day.. Director Kang Honglei also gave a high evaluation after watching the movie! Its a powerful movie, like rough wine, straight to your nose and soul. Its full of flavor and stamina!

Behind the bizarre capricious creation is the calm and open-minded

In the post show communication, Chen Luyu asked Diao Yinan, director, if there is more discourse power in the film shooting, will it be closer to the original, or even a higher level of presentation? Director Diao Yinan nodded his approval and said that the film gave a lot of space for creation, and the producers had no restrictions and were relatively free in the creation process. So I also hope to get a good return at the box office. Then Chen Luyu asked Diao Yinans opinion that the translation of fireworks in the daytime involves the spoiler? He said, some films are not afraid of spoilers, such as the party at the south station, which can stand watching.

Hu Ge takes off the mens uniform and regains the correct understanding of performance

When it comes to the small details of the design in the film, Hu Ges own ham eating details are discovered by Chen Luyu, who laughs and blooms in a flash. Chen Luyu says he has a sense of achievement as an audience. As Hu Ge himself said, he never broke up and became Zhou Zenong. Take off the mens uniform and let the public see me in plain clothes. He succeeded. Compared with Liu Aiais role created by GUI lunmg, the special design of taking cigarettes and taking cigarettes is very grounded. Under the directors opinion, self-expression has been improved, and the whole person presents a sense of loss, which the director laughingly called small loss.

At the end of the show, the audience asked Chen Luyu what he thought about the treatment of the two womens final ending? Chen Luyu said that the director in the film for the design of female characters, the individual is identified. The two women who are at the bottom of the society, even the marginalized people who are bullied and insulted, are the most unlikely to be together. Their strength is extremely powerful. Feminism is still very strong. Just like the female characters in deadly woman and crazy flower at the end of the road, they will feel this kind of alliance at a certain stage of life.

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