Li Tie: coach of the first team of the national football team? I think its too much. Now the goal is to play well in the East Asia Cup

 Li Tie: coach of the first team of the national football team? I think its too much. Now the goal is to play well in the East Asia Cup

On December 3, Beijing time, the national football selection team gathered in Shanghai for the East Asia Cup in the middle of this month. This morning, Li Tie, head coach of the selection team, was interviewed. In the interview, he said that the league match schedule was too long, the players were very hard, the team didnt have much time to prepare, the Football Association didnt ask for results, but everyone knew that it was to fight for the country, and would definitely go all out.

The teams preparations for these days

Li Tie: many players are taking part in the training for the first time. Its only a few days. The players are very hard. They have experienced the longest season in China. After meeting them, I also thank them. The next arrangement is four-day training from the 4th to the 7th. I went to Korea on the morning of the 8th by morning flight. After I got there, I had one day of training, including pre match training on the 9th and preparation for the match on the 10th, which is basically the same as the League rhythm.

Does the training rhythm allow the players to adjust more

There is no time to adjust. As we said before, we are going to fight soon. When I came to the team this time, I am very sure that they are the people who want to play for the country. Every one of me called one by one, which I am very sure. Its the same with Japan as preparing for an important league.

Performance objectives of this competition

Thank you very much for the trust of the association and chairman Cheng. They have been reducing our pressure during this period. In fact, they have not put forward any requirements for our achievements, but they have put forward high requirements for us in other aspects. For us, I always think that there is no small game in the national teams game, any national teams game is very important, and we will definitely go all out.

How about the preparation of physical reserve

At this time, there is no reserve. This is the most tiring stage in the league. Everyone is the same, including Japan and South Korea, and they are the same. This time is actually a test of willpower for players. In fact, what we can do in these two days is to pass on our ideas as soon as possible, including some basic things about our preparation for the game in Japan. In fact, there are some other aspects of players physical fitness. Its impossible for us to change him dramatically in three days and four days.

The influence of Lippis resignation on the team

Its over. For me and my team, I think this team is the national team now. We are going to play a class a game on behalf of China. I am really proud to be the head coach of this team, which is also a very important dream of my life. Im very happy, including Im talking to my players. When you have the opportunity to work for your country, please cherish it.

Do you have any idea about the position of the top 40 coach

You think too much. All we need is to play well in the East Asia Cup. There are many reasons why we cant come, but Im sure they all want to play for the national team.

Are the technical and tactical concepts completely passed on to the players

The time is too short. I dont have such a big idea. We only have nine days in Wuhan. Here is four to five days. Its impossible to make players fully familiar with our ideas in such a short time, but we can only do our best.