Russian official: we have the strictest Anti Doping system and should not be double labeled

 Russian official: we have the strictest Anti Doping system and should not be double labeled

At the end of November, the independent compliance review committee of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) proposed to ban Russia for four years in major international events on the grounds of data fraud from the Moscow Anti Doping laboratory. Gazayev said that similar punishment has no precedent in the history of the worlds sports, which is too severe for a sports power like Russia. He pointed out that the Wada Executive Committee will make a final decision on the suspension on September 9, before which various relevant discussions are of little significance.

Garzayev said that Travis Taggart, head of the US Anti Doping Agency, recently called for a complete ban on Russian athletes from participating in international competitions, which was also vigorously advocated by some western media, with the purpose of putting pressure on the Executive Committee of Wada to make a decision against Russia. He believes that some forces have both political and sports considerations in promoting the ban. For example, Taggarts comments are the same as the British medias call for countries to boycott the World Cup before the 2018 Russian World Cup football match, all for the purpose of suppressing Russia politically. In addition, not allowing Russia to participate in international competitions will help some sports powers to exclude competitors and win more medals. However, this will have a rather negative impact on Russia and the world sports: many Russian athletes who have worked hard for many years will be delayed, and the brilliance and appreciation of many events will be greatly reduced due to the lack of participation of high-level Russian players.

Western media actively make the public opinion that only Russia uses doping, but in fact, doping is a problem facing the sports world all over the world. There should be no double standards in the International Anti Doping work, said gazayev. all the athletes of Norways modern two skiers are asthmatic (and therefore eligible for certain drugs), but it seems that no one has any objection to this. He proposed to verify doping data of U.S. and Norwegian athletes, and allow major sports countries to send their representatives to Wada and other institutions to ensure the objective and fair decision-making of the latter.

Gazayev said Russia has the strictest Anti Doping system. First of all, the national legislation stipulates that those who take or instigate others to take stimulants and illegal drugs shall bear the criminal responsibility; secondly, a special committee has been set up in China according to the instructions of the president and keeps close cooperation with the International Olympic Committee and WADA; thirdly, the state has spent a lot of money to rebuild the Anti Doping Agency and set up its own doping test with Wada and the UK Anti Doping Agency System. All these work will help the Wada Executive Committee to make a proper and correct decision on the suspension of Russia. (end)

Source: Xinhua News Agency Author: Liu Yang editor in charge: Zhao Ruiqi