Japan recruits college students again! Rookies play in the East Asia Cup

 Japan recruits college students again! Rookies play in the East Asia Cup

Japanese manager Mori Baoyi

The East Asia Cup is not an international A-level event, so Japan did not recruit any players to play in Europe. Manager Mori has recruited a large number of young players from Japan. In this list, only Sasaki has reached the age of 30. Of the 22 players, 11 have never played for Japan, and 12 are of Tokyo Olympic age.

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In the new Ding list, the most concerned are the attacking midfield Tanaka Bi and the centre half Tanaka Juntai. Tanaka Bi, 21, a member of Japans Olympic team, scored twice in his previous warm-up against Brazil. Tanaka Juntai, 22, is a student at Osaka Sports University.

College student player Juntai Tanaka

Nowadays, in Japanese football, talent has a blowout. During the Copa America, Japan brought a large number of young people, including kuihei, who is now playing for Real Madrid, Yukui Abe, who is now playing for team B of Barcelona, and KEISHI Ueda, who was a college student at that time. In the national team competition in November, Japan even formed two sets of lineups. The strongest team, mainly players from Europe, played in the world preliminary, while substitutes and young players played in the warm-up. Today, Japan will play in the East Asia Cup with the squad of the National Olympic age players as the main body. In the first match, Japan will play the national football selection team.

East Asia Cup Japan 22

Goalkeeper: Hirofumi Nakamura, kensuke Oshima (no appearance of national team), and jinsuke Da

Guards: Sasaki, Shi Wucheng, Miura, Nakamura, Watanabe (national team 0), Guhe sun (national team 0)

Midfield: Zhongchuan Huiren (national team 0), Oshima Letai, qiaobenquan, Suzuki Musashi, Inoue Kobayashi, Xiangma Yongji (national team 0), Morishima (national team 0), Tanzhong Juntai (national team 0), yuantengxi (national team 0), tanzhongbi (national team 0)

Forwards: Xiaochuan Hangji (national team 0), Ueda Qishi, Tianchuan Hengjie (national team 0)

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