Shenyang high building fire fighting passage blocked property: road traffic police management outside the community

 Shenyang high building fire fighting passage blocked property: road traffic police management outside the community

Some owners questioned that the property was not evacuated in time, while the property said that the parking position was on the curb, not under our control.

At about 21:00 on December 2, a fire broke out in the thermal insulation materials of the exterior wall of No. 102 commercial and residential building, block a, Sr international new town, Hunnan New District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. According to the official microblog of Fire Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of emergency management @ China Fire protection, the fire building had 25 floors in total, and the fire location was the exterior wall of the 5th floor and above. At that time, the fire was basically put out, and there was no casualties.

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According to the cover news report, the staff of Hunnan District Emergency Management Bureau said the fire could not be controlled in the initial stage because the nearest fire passage from the building was blocked by vehicles, and the fire burst to the roof in only six minutes.

According to a live video posted on the Internet, many people surrounded the suspected car owners and asked, do you want to ask the traffic police As the fire brigade said, the car is in the way, understand? The owner said, what does the fire upstairs have to do with me?

On December 4, a staff member of SR international new town property management company said that the road occupied by private cars in the online video occurred outside the community. It is not clear whether the road occupied by private cars is a fire channel or not. At present, the East police station of Hunhe Station has stepped in the investigation.

On March 3, the staff of the property management company said in an interview with surging news that the emergency channel in the community is managed by the property, and the emergency channel is separated from the road outside the community by stone piers to prevent the emergency channel from being occupied by vehicles.

At the time of the incident, there were three fire corridors leading to Building 102 on the fire floor, namely the East, West and south side buildings.

According to the above staff, the private car sometimes stops at the side of the fire passage. When the fire broke out, the fire passage leading to the west side of Building 102 was blocked by the private car. There was a conflict between the private car and the owner and there were quarrels. However, the traffic police are responsible for the traffic below the curb, not us. After the firefighters arrive, the property cooperates with the fire department in evacuation.

On April 4, the police in the office of the East police station of Hunhe Station told surging news that the road outside the SR new town community really belongs to the jurisdiction of the East police station of Hunhe Station. However, the police did not disclose more information about the occupation of private cars in the fire fighting passage.

Earlier, according to CCTV news, the public security organs had investigated the owners of the fire fighting passage that night.

On the afternoon of March 3, a resident on the 102nd floor of SR international new town told the surging news that according to his understanding, the fire building was originally designed as a star hotel, with 25 floors in total, hall and haizhirun Hotel below the 5th floor, residence above the 5th floor, special fire elevator on each floor, and two fire passages.

The resident said that the room was on fire at about 9:20 p.m. on the 2nd. He saw that the fire passage was blocked by private vehicles at that time, and the property was not dredged in time, leading the fire truck to rush to the fire site in time for rescue.

In response to the case that the fire passage was blocked by private cars, on December 4, surging news called the Emergency Management Bureau of Hunnan district and the Propaganda Department of Hunnan District Committee for many times. As of the press release, no response had been received.

The surging news noted that in the early morning of December 3, @ China Fire news stressed that the fire truck passage is the life passage! No occupation, blocking or closing!

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