23 year veteran: give back my job and Im willing to shut down the company

 23 year veteran: give back my job and Im willing to shut down the company

Zhu Ruihua, a veteran of Dancheng, Henan Province, told the upstream news reporter that in 1996, those who didnt arrive at the settlement went to Shantou and pedaled three-year tricycles. When I was a soldier, my ambition was to go to work in the government and do something for the people. Im 47 years old. Give me back my work and Ill be able to do it for a few more years.

On December 2, zhuruihua went to the Yilu town government of Dancheng county to find zhuruihua and report that he was replaced. Photography / upstream news reporter Niu Tai

My replacement file is my army file

Upstream news: when did you know about being replaced?

Ruihua: my family lives near the government of Baima town. I often go for a walk in the government yard. In October this year, I saw that the town government posted a list of guidance for retired soldiers in government placement work, on which there was a person named Ruihua. At that time, I felt very uncomfortable and had some problems. At the same time, I was thinking about the coincidence of the same surname.

Upstream news: what did you do later.

Zhu Ruihua: my surname is relatively small, so I reflected this problem to the town. The town attached great importance to it. A town leader accompanied me to the county human resources and Social Security Bureau. Once the files were transferred out, I was replaced by a fake.

This file is my military file, including the political examination form, the withdrawal form, the names of my parents and my brother, etc.

Upstream news: what department did you find later.

Ruihua: they went to the Bureau of Veterans Affairs to report the situation. They said that only one Ruihua was arranged to work in the town government in 1996. I joined the army in December 1992. I was a soldier in Harbin. After I came back, some of my comrades arranged work.

u25b2 on December 2, the discharge certificate of Ruihua. Photography / upstream news reporter Niu Tai

My replacement said, what should you do?

Upstream news: have you ever found this Ruihua to replace you?

Ruihua: Ive looked for many times. Ive used all kinds of methods. I cant find them. During the period, I only called once and said he took my place. He said on the phone, what should you do? Im busy outside now. Since then, there has been no contact.

Upstream news: he asked you to take 100000 yuan to return your work through the middleman. What do you think?

Ruihua: Im so angry. He took advantage of me. I didnt ask him for compensation. He also asked me for compensation. There is no such reason in the world.

Im a party member. I believe in the organization. Work doesnt come back to me as soon as he says it. It must go through organizational procedures.

The file of Yilu town staff Ruihua shows that the entry unit source is veterans. Pictures / provided by interviewees

A family of four lived in Tongpu in Shantou and rode tricycles for three years

Upstream news: How did the relevant departments tell you about the resettlement after you retired.

Zhu Ruihua: after I retired to my hometown, they said that they asked me to wait for so many years, until the result of being replaced by others.

When my second son was just in his arms, our family of four went to Shantou. I graduated from junior high school and joined the army. I wrote materials in the army. My diploma was too low to find a job, so I had to ride a tricycle and earn twenty or thirty yuan a day. At that time, we had no money. We rented a large shop with a curtain in the middle. Our family was crowded with four people. Its too dirty and messy. Sometimes I cant sleep. I still have to pedal the tricycle the next day. When I cant reach the guests, I will take a nap in the back seat. After three years of cycling in Shantou, I went to Shanghai.

Upstream news: whats your job in Shanghai?

Ruihua: I thought, if you cant ride a tricycle all your life, you still need to know some skills. After I arrived in Shanghai, I started as an apprentice of water and electricity workers, and I didnt make much money on tricycles at the beginning, but I had to raise my wife and children. When I returned to Dancheng in 2008, I didnt save any money.

A message sent by Ruihua to the replacement. Pictures / provided by interviewees

Having public office can realize the ambition of serving the common people

Upstream news: whether things are better back home.

Ruihua: I borrowed 30000 yuan and opened a shop selling plumbing equipment. Now I have set up a small decoration company called Ruihua decoration company. If you are lucky, you can make 100000 yuan a year.

Upstream news: you are making more money than working in the town government. Do you want to go back to work?

Ruihua: Yes. When I was a soldier, I joined the party and set up an ambition to do something for the people. At that time, they could be resettled to the government or public institutions. Having a public office is an honor of my life, and I can also realize my ambition to work for the common people. Now we have to work hard for a living.

Upstream news: whats your idea now?

Ruihua: give me back my work and my wages. I can do it for a few years. Ill do it well. If the organization allows me to go to work, I will shut down the company, and people with public office cant do business.

Upstream news: today, a joint investigation team has been set up in the county to investigate. The person who pretends to be you is also under investigation.

Ruihua: no one has come to see me yet.

Upstream news: if there are twists and turns in this matter, will you solve it through legal means?

Ruihua: lets see the development of the situation and make a decision.

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