Where is the cause of frequent poisoning deaths after villagers use clean coal?

 Where is the cause of frequent poisoning deaths after villagers use clean coal?

It is reported that many villagers in Xinglong County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, died of carbon monoxide poisoning after burning clean coal promoted by the local government, including a 13-year-old girl. At the moment, the girls father is also being rescued in the hospital due to gas poisoning. A disaster caused by coal ball is coming to this family.

Not only that, in Tangshan, Hebei Province, six villagers died of gas poisoning, and there are still dozens of villagers in the hospital. The accident also points to gas poisoning after using clean coal.

There is no need to deny the promotion of clean coal itself, but the frequent poisoning deaths of villagers after using clean coal inevitably make people wonder: what is the problem? Who should be responsible?

The problem really lies in improper human operation?

Gas poisoning is not a strange word. Every winter, there will be occasional gas poisoning. The cause of the accident is mainly due to poor ventilation.

But this years Hebei Province has repeatedly revealed that the location and time of the incident are quite concentrated, which is hard to say normal. In the evening of October 22 alone, 11 people were admitted to a hospital of Tangshan workers hospital for treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning, the voice of China reported. Medical staff said that in the past winter, a small number of villagers will also be hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning, but this years number is especially large.

Under the background of replacing bulk coal with clean coal in some places this year, its hard not to attract attention. According to villagers in Kaiping District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, starting from the winter of 2019, the local village committee informed the villagers that for environmental protection reasons, the villagers are no longer allowed to use bulk coal for heating as required. The letter of commitment signed by Kaiping District government and residents disclosed by the media clearly requires villagers to consciously use clean coal and refuse to burn poor bulk coal.

Clean coal is a better choice for heating and environmental protection. The next question is, is there a problem with this clean coal?

According to the media survey, the clean coal used in many villages was not from the same source, but from multiple coal distribution companies. Is there a unified standard for the production and approval of these clean coal and is the quality qualified? Officials in Xinglong County, where the incident occurred, responded that there was no problem with the inspection of clean briquettes, but no response from other places.

Tangshan involved in a coal distribution company staff told reporters: including our Tangshan Municipal government meeting said carbon monoxide poisoning this incident, can only be determined as man-made improper operation.

But the problem is really all about human misoperation?

Many facts disclosed by the media give a negative answer: according to Shangguan news report, the promotion of clean briquette in Hebei Province advocates one household one furnace mode, which is to promote the use of clean briquette special stoves. But according to a reporters investigation, Xinglong County promotes clean briquette this time, adopting the principle of voluntary subscription, and will send a matching stove for every two tons ordered. This means that many local residents are using the old stoves that used to burn loose coal to burn new clean coal.

Not only that, the family members of the poisoned inpatients said that at the beginning of the purchase, the relevant staff did not give safety tips or inform the use instructions, and they all used the clean coal distributed according to the past experience of using bulk coal.

According to a person in charge of a coal Distribution Co., Ltd., since clean briquette is smokeless and tasteless, even if special supporting stoves are used, supporting facilities such as smoke exhaust pipes must be installed to ensure good ventilation, otherwise it is very dangerous.

According to the facts disclosed at present, the reason for the frequent occurrence of gas poisoning seems to point to the fact that many residents did not use the equipment matched with clean coal, or there was an accident when using the old furnace to burn clean coal.

Who is responsible for the death of gas poisoning?

Equipment is not matched, operation is not correct These may be superficial problems. What is the deep question? Who should be responsible? The media exposed a lot of chaos, which gave an account. To sort out these chaos, the main problems can be summarized as follows:

1. Is there any problem with the qualification of coal distribution company?

There is no final conclusion about the quality of clean coal. For the clean coal produced by many local coal management companies in Hebei, there is no doubt that it needs to be inspected and checked one by one. Coal supply covers hundreds of villages and towns, with a wide range of sources and lots. Whether these multi-source and multi batch clean coal are qualified or not, further investigation is needed.

In addition, the qualifications of many operating companies themselves need to be reviewed. According to the survey, Tangshan Borui briquette Co., Ltd., one of the companies providing clean coal, was registered on September 21 this year, while Tangshan Baimashan briquette Co., Ltd. was simply cancelled in early November. It may be necessary to explain more about the supply of coal for peoples safety to a newly established company and a company that has been written off - although the newly established and written off do not represent the quality problem of coal, they are also easy to be suspicious.

2. Is there sufficient relevant equipment as required?

Specific to use operation. Although the promotion and use of environmental friendly clean coal in Hebei Province advocates the mode of one household and one furnace, there is a certain sense of bone in the practical operation. In some places of Xinglong, only one supporting furnace will be sent for every two tons ordered, which is somewhat contrary to the requirements of one household and one furnace.

In addition, according to the relevant requirements, the promotion of clean briquette requires the distribution and installation of carbon monoxide alarm and exhaust fan. However, according to the reporters investigation, in some places, the relevant departments in the process of issuing the carbon monoxide alarm, there are problems of untimely installation or even omission. The lack of immediate ventilation and early warning also increased the risk of gas poisoning. In some villages, after residents were hospitalized due to gas poisoning, relevant equipment was installed urgently.

The coal burned by the dead before the accident. Picture from Beijing News

3. Are the use methods and safety tips fully promoted?

The hidden danger is not only that, the residents usually use bulk coal for heating in the past years, and suddenly use clean coal which has never been used. There is no doubt that the use methods and safety tips need to be promoted and prompted.

But on the practical level, according to many villagers, no matter the suppliers or the local government, they failed to do well, and some places sold the coal balls to the villagers without safety tips.

It may be wise after the fact that no one wants to have the tragedy of gas poisoning, but it is also necessary to sort out the existing work mistakes when the tragedy has happened.

In this, it needs to be reiterated that coal upgrading has never been as simple as coal change, but a system engineering. How to place the stove, whether to set the flue, how to light the coal, how to seal the stove, how long to open the window for ventilation These details may be related to the users life safety, but also need detailed science popularization; and the timely and complete installation of those supporting equipment is particularly important.

If there is any problem in any of these links, accidents may occur. Murphys law has never failed in coal safety. In view of this, it is necessary for local relevant parties, suppliers and other parties to make the worst plan, do a good job in safety redundancy, require high standards for tables, put the popular science and supporting equipment provided in place, establish safety accounts, and write off the risk points one by one.

After all, clean coal heating involves a wide range of areas. On the left is environmental protection, on the right is safety, which needs to be considered and balanced. It is important to carry out environmental protection, but safety is the first priority. In other words, if you cant stand the cold, its a rigid need. If you cant stand the cold, its a rigid need.

Today, the tragedy has already happened, and the relevant parties cant end it with a sentence of improper operation of residents. We need to continue to promote the investigation, which is also used as a node to check all potential safety hazards, so as to ensure a safe winter.

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