Trump said he doesnt mind the foreign ministrys response to the economic and trade agreement reached after the election

 Trump said he doesnt mind the foreign ministrys response to the economic and trade agreement reached after the election

The U.S. House of Representatives has just passed the so-called Uyghur human rights policy bill 2019. The case deliberately slandered the human rights situation in Xinjiang, Chinas efforts to depolarize and combat terrorism, maliciously attacked the Chinese governments policy of governing Xinjiang, seriously violated international law and basic norms of international relations, and seriously interfered in Chinas internal affairs. China expresses strong indignation and firm opposition to this.

The problems related to Xinjiang are not human rights, nationality and religion at all, but anti terrorism and anti secession. Xinjiang once suffered from extremism and terrorism. In the face of the severe situation, the government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, in accordance with the law, has cracked down on terrorist activities and attached great importance to source control, including actively pushing in the work of extremism, and constantly promoting economic development, national unity and social harmony and stability. These measures ensure that there has not been a terrorist attack in Xinjiang in three years. They are generally supported by 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and they have also made positive contributions to the cause of global counter-terrorism.

The international community has generally made positive comments on the policies of the Chinese government. Since the end of 2018, more than 1000 people, including more than 70 national and regional officials, international organizations, news media, religious groups, experts and scholars, have visited Xinjiang. They praised Xinjiangs experience in anti-terrorism and de extreme work for reference. In March this year, the Council of foreign ministers of the organization of Islamic cooperation adopted a resolution appreciating Chinas efforts to care for the Muslim people. In July, more than 50 permanent representatives to Geneva jointly sent letters to the president of the United Nations Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner for human rights, in which they spoke highly of Chinas respect for and protection of human rights in the work of counter-terrorism and de radicalization. In October, more than 60 countries spoke enthusiastically during the third committee meeting of the 74th session of the general assembly, praising the great progress of human rights in Xinjiang, China. All these strongly prove that the U.S. sides taking Xinjiang related issues as an article is totally against the facts and the mainstream public opinion of the international community.

We would like to warn the United States that the affairs in Xinjiang belong to Chinas internal affairs and cannot be interfered by any foreign country. The U.S. bill deliberately discredits Chinas counter-terrorism and de radicalization measures, which will only further expose its double standards on counter-terrorism, and will only let the Chinese people further see its hypocrisy and sinister intentions.

The Chinese government and people are unswervingly determined to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests. It is absolutely impossible for the United States to use Xinjiang related issues to instigate Chinas national relations, undermine Xinjiangs prosperity and stability, and curb Chinas development and growth. We advise the US side to immediately correct its mistakes, prevent the above-mentioned Xinjiang related laws from becoming law, and stop using Xinjiang related issues to interfere in Chinas internal affairs. China will make further response according to the development of the situation.

Q: the house of representatives of the United States discussed and passed the Uyghur human rights policy bill 2019 this morning. U.S. representative Smith said the Chinese government has detained millions of people on a large scale in Xinjiang, and the crackdown is called a modern concentration camp. U.S. Speaker Pelosi said Chinas treatment of Uighurs angered the collective conscience of the world. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: I dont know what do you think of those members of the United States? Ive heard that many U.S. congressmen dont even have passports, havent visited China, or even Xinjiang. How can they represent 1.4 billion Chinese people or 25 million Xinjiang people? It is conceited and arrogant to make unjustifiable accusations and completely untrue comments on the situation in Xinjiang!

On the issue of ethnic minorities, it is too ignorant, shameless and hypocritical for these American politicians to talk about conscience with China. Have these American politicians really forgotten?! More than 200 years of development of the United States itself is a history of blood and tears of Indians. The Indians were the natural owners of the American continent. In the nearly 100 years of the 19th century, the American army, through the westward movement, expelled and killed the Indians, occupying millions of square kilometers of Indian land and seizing countless natural resources. The U.S. government has also imposed a policy of forced assimilation on on the Indians. It has been expelling, killing and persecuting the Indians for a long time, and does not give them due civil rights. Today, the number of Indians in the United States accounts for only 2.09% of the total population of the United States, and they are in a very difficult situation. The infrastructure of Indian agglomeration is very backward, lack of water and electricity, and the network is not available. They are faced with many difficulties, such as unemployment, poverty, disease, and snail housing. Dont the US legislators and politicians really know these shocking facts? Where is their conscience?

China practices a system of regional ethnic autonomy, upholds the equality and unity of all ethnic groups, respects and protects freedom of religious belief in accordance with the law, protects normal religious activities, and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of religious organizations, places of religious activities and religious citizens. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy equal legal status and the rights of election and being elected, participating in the management of state affairs, freedom of religious belief, receiving education, using their own languages and characters, inheriting their own traditional culture and so on.

It is not a human rights issue, a national issue or a religious issue, but an anti secession and anti terrorist issue. Since the 1990s, especially after the 9.11 incident, the three forces have created thousands of violent and terrorist cases in Xinjiang and other places, causing a large number of innocent peoples lives and property losses. In particular, the July 5 incident in Xinjiang, which shocked the world, killed 197 people and injured more than 1700. It is in response to the United Nations action plan to prevent violent extremism that Xinjiang carries out its education and training work on the basis of drawing on and absorbing the experience of the international community in anti-terrorism.

I dont know if those members of the US side have read it carefully? Perhaps they never care what resolutions or action plans the United Nations has adopted. The United Nations action plan for the prevention of violent extremism points out that poverty, unemployment, lack of employment opportunities and low level of education, as well as arbitrary distortion and utilization of religious beliefs, ethnic differences and political and ideological systems by violent extremist groups are the background and causes of violent extremism. According to the action plan, people from violent extremist groups should be provided with educational opportunities, vocational training resources and economic opportunities to encourage them to break away from violent extremist groups. Therefore, many countries in the world have set up depolarization center and education transformation center to carry out depolarization transformation. In some countries, terrorists and high-risk groups are educated and transformed at the prison and community levels. There are also countries, as I mentioned yesterday, such as the United Kingdom, through the transformation and secession project, which require terrorist personnel to participate in training, and set up isolation centers to prevent the spread of ideas about extreme terrorism in prison.

Practice has proved that the measures taken by Xinjiang, China, are exactly the positive response and beneficial exploration and practice to the relevant action plans of the United Nations. As we all know, the current security situation in Xinjiang has improved significantly, and there have been no terrorist attacks for three consecutive years. Chinas preventive anti-terrorism and de extreme efforts have won the support of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and also the general support and positive evaluation of the international community. Chinas efforts and achievements in counter terrorism and de radicalization deserve the appreciation and learning of the United States, rather than stigmatization.

The U.S. side selectively forgets its cruelty in persecuting and killing Indians, ignores the history and tragic reality of the Indians, but slanders and discredits Chinas successful ethnic policies, especially those related to Xinjiang, and attempts to use these problems to provoke Chinas ethnic relations, undermine Xinjiangs prosperity and stability, and prevent Chinas development and growth Further exposure of the US sides double standards on counter-terrorism will only make the world further understand the hypocrisy and sinister intentions of the US side. After all, whats the situation in Xinjiang? Only 25 million people of all ethnic groups have the most say, and only 1.4 billion Chinese people have the most say. How can those American congressmen represent the Chinese people and the people of Xinjiang? Why do they judge us?

In recent years, under the banner of human rights and counter-terrorism, the United States has set off wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other places, causing millions of innocent people to die and a large number of refugees to be displaced. Only when the U.S. completely flouted the right to life and development of people in other countries did it really enrage the conscience and anger of people with conscience all over the world! It must be pointed out that terrorism and extremism are the common enemies of human society, and counter-terrorism and de extremism are the common responsibilities of the international community. The 9.11 incident is not far away. The US side should not forget the pain and scars. If the U.S. side continues to play with double standards on the issue of counter-terrorism, or even attempts to infringe upon the sovereignty and security of other countries, it will only have its own consequences and damage the interests of the United States itself.

I just heard that the associated press and other foreign media are broadcasting live today. I want to ask you to send a message to ordinary Americans. Do you know what ordinary Chinese think of the stupid bill just passed by the US Congress? They see it this way: the United States has messed up Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Now they want to mess up Chinas Xinjiang and Hong Kong. This is just their wishful thinking and wishful thinking, absolutely impossible to succeed! I hope you will convey the strong voice of the Chinese people from the heart to the ordinary American people. Thank you!

Q: President trump said yesterday that he doesnt mind postponing the conclusion of the economic and trade agreement until after next years general election. Last week, he signed the Hong Kong Bill on human rights and democracy. This week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Uighur human rights policy act 2019. Does China believe that the U.S. government links economic and trade issues with human rights issues?

A: what do the US think and plan to do? You should ask the US. For us, Chinas policy has always been consistent, clear and to the point.

We have a consistent position on economic and trade issues. We stand for and believe that only in the spirit of equality and mutual respect can a mutually beneficial and win-win agreement be reached that is acceptable to both sides and is in the common interests of the two peoples.

We have repeatedly expressed the solemn position of the Chinese government on issues involving Hong Kong and Xinjiang. No one should underestimate the determination and ability of the Chinese government to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests. Ive also noticed that the Chinese media, even the American media, have a lot of comments and ideas on these issues. I dont think we can see the current practice of the United States any longer. We all hope and call on China to take more drastic actions to resolutely counter it. As I said just now, the Chinese government is determined and fully capable of safeguarding our sovereignty, security and development interests. Anyone who wants to interfere with and restrain Chinas development and growth by involving Hong Kong and Xinjiang can only be delusional.

Q: will the passage of the Uyghur human rights policy act 2019 by the US House of Representatives affect the conclusion of the first phase of the Sino US economic and trade agreement?

A: if the US side takes actions that harm Chinas interests, it must pay its due price. This is unlikely to have no impact on China US relations and cooperation between the two countries in important areas.

Q: can you further explain what pay the due price specifically means? What areas of the US will be affected? Yesterday, the editor in chief of the global times tweeted that China is considering imposing visa restrictions on U.S. officials who have behaved badly in Xinjiang, possibly banning Americans with diplomatic passports from entering Xinjiang, as the U.S. plans to pass the Uyghur human rights policy act 2019. Now that the bill has been passed, can you provide further comments?

A: as I said just now, we have noticed that in recent days, Chinese media and American media have many guesses and interpretations. Many people cant see the hegemonic actions of the US side - totally irrational, bandit, unreasonable, wrong, stupid actions. They also give us ideas. We thank them for their concern. Please rest assured that the Chinese government is fully capable of safeguarding our sovereignty, security and development interests. As for what kind of action to take, please dont worry. The price will come after all.

Q: it is reported that a US leader recently said that China has become very strong, which is largely achieved with us money. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: thats ridiculous! Looking around the world, which country in the world has the ability to rebuild a China with money? Its ridiculous! The achievements of Chinas development did not come down from the sky, nor did they depend on the gifts of any people or country, but all the Chinese people did it with their own diligence, sweat, wisdom and courage. If anyone hasnt seen this clearly, I can only say that there is a real lack of education.

I would like to point out that since the statistics of foreign investment in 1987, China has actually used more than US $200 billion in foreign investment, of which US investment in China is more than US $80 billion, accounting for only about 4% of Chinas foreign investment, only this proportion. But we all know how much the United States has benefited from the cooperation between China and the United States. How many American families have greatly reduced their living costs because of Chinese goods? American enterprises have made great profits. 97% of US respondents said that it is profitable to do business with China. According to the report of the US China trade National Committee, the US exports to China alone supported more than 1.1 million US jobs. In 2017, with a global loss of 11 billion yuan, GM Group took nearly 13.4 billion yuan from its two joint ventures in China! Qualcomms sales in China account for 58% of total operating revenue. That is to say, how many American enterprises did China feed and fatten?! I hope they will make a good calculation of this account.

Q: it is reported that President bucker of El Salvador is on a state visit to China. Do you have any other information to introduce?

A: at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Salvatore paid a state visit to China in from December 1st to 6th. Yesterday, President Xi Jinping held fruitful talks with President Booker. The two heads of state witnessed the signing of a number of cooperation agreements in economic and technological cooperation, agriculture, trade, investment, tourism, sports and other fields. The two sides also issued a joint statement.

The establishment and development of diplomatic relations between China and Saudi Arabia has opened the door to China Saudi Arabia cooperation. President Bookers visit to China is undoubtedly a milestone for China Saudi Arabia relations, which has brought China Saudi Arabia relations to a new historical starting point and will usher in a brighter future. The progress of exchanges and cooperation in various fields since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Saudi Arabia more than one year ago also proves that the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Saudi Arabia is in the fundamental interests of the two peoples. As president Booker pointed out, although China and Saudi Arabia have not established diplomatic relations for a long time, they have great potential. Both sides are fully capable of becoming good friends and partners of each other. He believed that developing relations with such a great country as China and sincere friends would bring opportunities for the development of the country and tangible well-being for the people. Saudi Arabia is committed to developing long-term friendly relations with China. Saudi Arabia reiterated that it will fully abide by the one China principle and support Chinas peaceful reunification. During President buckers visit to China, the two sides signed a number of bilateral cooperation agreements, which will expand broader areas for future cooperation and bring win-win results. We look forward to strengthening exchanges with Saudi Arabia and further expanding bilateral cooperation in various fields. In particular, we welcome more Salvadoran friends from all walks of life to visit China.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Saudi Arabia, some Salvadoran friends have come to visit China. They didnt know much about China before. They thought that China was a mystery before. When they came, they became Chinese fans. I believe it speaks to the common feelings of many foreign friends in their contacts with China. China is such a big country. If you dont come to China for a walk and a look, its really difficult to understand the real China only by some one-sided reports from some western media. When I came to China, I found that todays China is so modern, so open, so progressive and so friendly, which is totally different from the reports of some western media. In this sense, it is very important to strengthen people to people exchanges.

Yesterday, Chinese leaders expressed their invitation and wish to welcome more Salvadoran friends from all walks of life to China for a walk and a look. We believe that with the people of the two countries getting closer, exchanges and mutual trust increasing, China Saudi Arabia relations will have a broader and solid social and public opinion foundation, and China Saudi Arabia relations will enjoy long-term, healthy and stable development.

Q: President trump said he doesnt mind signing the US China trade agreement after next years US general election. What is Chinas comment on this? How to evaluate the current Sino US trade consultation process and atmosphere?

A: can you recall that since the Sino US trade frictions took place in March last year, did China ever say when an agreement would be reached? No

The US side has always said that we need to reach an agreement, no agreement, when we want to reach an agreement, or I want to reach an agreement, I dont want to reach an agreement. China didnt say that, did it?

Chinas position on economic and trade issues is consistent, clear, and very clear, with a high degree of consensus. We believe that a trade war is not in the interests of any party. In the context of globalization, China and the United States have such profound interests, and China US cooperation is crucial to the recovery and growth of the world economy. Not only the people of China and the United States, but also some international financial organizations and the whole world hope that China and the United States can reach a mutually beneficial and win-win agreement through consultation, which can contribute to the recovery and growth of the world economy, which is in line with the wishes and expectations of the two peoples.

However, if the normal and legitimate wishes cannot be met, and if we are confronted with unilateralism, protectionism and trade bullying, we have no choice but to take resolute and decisive measures to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests. Chinas position has always been very clear.

We will not set a time frame for reaching or not reaching an agreement. Our attitude is consistent and clear. Consultation must be based on equality and mutual respect. The results must be mutually beneficial and mutually acceptable. We hope that some people in the United States will listen more to the voice of the people.

Q: can you provide more details on sanctions against us NGOs? Will capital flow to these organizations be restricted? Or restrict access to mainland China?

A: it seems that you are in a hurry. All of you think that these organizations are guilty of many evils and should not be beaten, right? Whoever hit the board will feel pain. Take your time.

Q: have these sanctions come into force? If not, when will it take effect?

A: I have just answered this question. Take your time. If you cant see it, please bear it first, OK?

Q: on the Xinjiang bill of human rights, you just said that China will make further response according to the development of the situation. If the bill is formally signed into law, will China take countermeasures or retaliatory measures?

A: if you plant a melon, you will get a melon. If the US side takes measures that harm Chinas interests, it must certainly be countered.