Analysis of Sherlock on the plain by Fujii

 Analysis of Sherlock on the plain by Fujii

Distinctive rhythm

Three color collocation shows Poetry

The movie Sherlock on the plain, which was jointly completed by a new director and a group of non professional actors, attracted the attention of the whole industry. Fujii, who is a guest of todays film review, thinks the film is so special, looks absurd and interesting, but actually warm and touching. On the spot of todays film review, Fujii said that the film reminds her of the movie detective Hunter Zhang starred by the same all ordinary actor and the movie grey monkey with dialect dialogue and rural theme. Fujii pointed out that Sherlock on the plain is anti elite, anti detective and anti type to some extent, with its own unique rhythm.

In the face of todays film review, Fujii continues to say that Sherlock on the plain is also very special for the use of red, green and blue basic colors. She pointed out to todays film review that the blue color of the film not only has the feeling of summer, but also gives people the feeling of chivalrous charge. The very striking red color is the super British clothing color in the film, which makes him stand out from the simple environment around him. At the same time, the red goldfish is also the magic pen of the film. The vibrant green color highlights the rural fields in the long shot The green scene gives the film poetic quality.

There is balance in the integration of Tuku

Chivalrous men build cool feet

Many netizens use local cool to describe Sherlock on the plain. How can the two concepts of Earth and cool which are not used in this movie be integrated? In the face of the questions raised by todays film review, Fujii admitted that the film found a tacit balance between native and cool. She told todays film review that the story of the film comes from the countryside and has a earthy flavor, but the cool energy in its bones cant be stopped, and it comes from the wild wisdom of resolving when the characters encounter difficulties.

One of the plots in the film impresses Fujii, that is, to adjust the monitoring at the entrance of a small sales department. The protagonist Chao Ying contacts an old man he knows, and the old man contacts a relative of the boss of the small sales department. In the next scene, everyone will watch the monitoring video together. Fujii pointed out to todays film review that the logic of the characters in the film is not black or white, they all have their own survival philosophy. On the scene of todays film review, Fujii said that the film should be called Don Quixote on the plain, because the protagonists make her feel like a chivalrous man. They still stick to their morality no matter the wind and rain, blackmail or grievance.

Fear of misleading

Poetic films are flawed

In the publicity materials before the show, Sherlock on the plain is a collection of absurdity, comedy, local cool, detective and other labels. Will this dispel the original character of the film? To this end, Fujii to todays film review will be frank, because these labels may make some viewers misunderstood after watching the film. When it comes to the feeling of watching the film for the first time, Fujii told today film review that he would not adapt to it a little bit because of its slow, but when he finished watching it, he would have different harvest because of its romance and poetry. In her opinion, the process of seeking the truth in a poetic way will make people feel that the pursuit of the murderer is no longer important. The three brothers have used their own way to seek comfort and return to life itself.

Label style propaganda may have a negative effect of misleading the audience. Fujii pointed out to todays film review that the lack of typification and commercial sense does not affect the quality of good films. As a publicity strategy, the label offensive is nothing more than to attract more audiences to the cinema to watch good works. For Sherlock on the plain, Fujii also introduced it to the audience through todays film review. In her opinion, it is a very poetic, romantic and chivalrous realistic masterpiece.

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Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao, nk5655