Life with you reveals different world posters and word-of-mouth feature

 Life with you reveals different world posters and word-of-mouth feature

Netease Entertainment reported on December 4 that directed by Lu gengxu, starred by Xu Jiao, Xie Binbin, Yan Zidong, snh48, Huang Tingting, LV shaocong and Jin Zhiwen, the campus youth love film life has you specially starred by Bao Jianfeng and Zeng Li is currently in the nationwide hit. At present, the box office has reached nearly 40 million, with pure and beautiful love stories, assisting an emotional folk song Song, which hits the audience directly, is praised as the most suitable love film for lovers this winter. Today, the film released a poster of different world. Xu Jiao and Xie Binbin seem to be in different world looking at each other, and their eyes are full of yearning for their lovers. At the same time, the audience also bravely expressed their understanding and understanding of love, which is thought-provoking.

Xu Jiao and Xie Binbin look forward to a perfect ending in parallel time and space

In the newly released different world posters, Xu Jiao and Xie Binbin each take their own world as the center and look at the distance as if they are lovers in another world. In the film, Ou Yang, played by Xie Binbin, does not know what his dream is at first. After meeting Fang Yao, played by Xu Jiao, he is gradually attracted by the girl who shines for her dream. At that time, there was light on the dreamer. This light could not only illuminate himself, but also others. Therefore, with the help of Fang Yao, Ouyang gradually found his love for music and even changed his life.

In this story about youth and dreams, the love ending of Ouyang and Fangyao has aroused many guesses from netizens. The writer adopts the polyphonic narrative mode, giving the story five different endings. Are they really together in the 90s? Is the re encounter of middle age real? Can we make up for the regret? Everyone who has seen the film has his own interpretation. Just as I believe in the beautiful promise of you in life , I also believe that in a parallel world, Ouyang and Fangyao will have a perfect ending and wish them happiness.

Audiences interpretation of life with you still full of longing for love

Since the movie life with you was released, it not only awakened the youth memories of a generation, but also made many audiences believe in the beautiful love again. After watching the movie, many people think of their loved ones, their secret lovers who failed to tell, and their friends who accompanied them to spend a good time on campus. After watching this movie, I think of the way I used to be crazy about love. For him, I became a better myself. No matter where you are in the world, the positive energy you bring to me will always encourage me to move forward. Said the audience emotionally. But when asked about regret and regret, we all gave a negative answer. Its youth. Its because of regret that its unforgettable and makes this memory more beautiful.

More audience said, you are the only one in life describes a very ideal state of love, which is a beautiful promise. Although it may be a lifelong regret, it is the goal pursued by many people. Every time I dont believe in love, I will watch this movie again and get back the beautiful vision of love.

The movie life has you tells the story of Fang Yao, a female student in the Foreign Language Department of Shuimu University, and Ou Yang, a male student in the architecture department, who met each other in the best years of their youth, and then became the most precious memories of each others pure love stories. At present, they are in the national hit.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)