I invited half of the entertainment industry to live on the hot search

 I invited half of the entertainment industry to live on the hot search

Before last years ceremony, the editor in chief posted a micro blog: Cosmo will live in a hot search tomorrow, with a confident tone.

As a result, 11.28 melon day was hit, leaving no residue.

Not this year, a series of hot searches appear.

Lets talk about the last group photo

When the Cosmo group photo is magnified#


Some netizens sent questions from soul:

Lets zoom in on Kangkang

Metro old man looks at mobile phone.jpg

Deformed deformation, compressed compression (wechat upload will also compress a little)

Chen Yao also specially made micro-blog Tucao: I found a fake me.

Im sorry, but I cant help it

I cant show my face in the group photo, it doesnt matter that we still have gestures!

R1se, youve worked hard

Ah, Zhang Yanqi, is the gesture not ready?

It doesnt matter. Were showing our faces, though its a little broken

It turns out that even stars cant hold group photos

Its like me taking graduation photos

Of course, people are beautiful and handsome, but they are all mosaics after being magnified n times. After all, they are composed of tens of millions of pixels

Chen Xuedong and sunnee on both sides

It is said that Ni Ni led Lin Yun to the front station during the group photo session

Praised by netizens as grand

Some netizens said it was convenient to say bad things about my ex boyfriend Feng Shaofeng together

Its really amazing

Come to Kangkang host

Zhu Dans partner Wang Yaoqing is quite novel

As a result, both hosts turned over

First of all, Zhu Dan apologizes for the mistake and sends three tweets in succession

Call Lin Yun Lin yuner and Zhang Lina Zhou Lina. You cant distinguish between delireba and gulinaza

I feel a little embarrassed across the screen

Also said: Leo does not allow himself to make mistakes.

I dont carry this pot

Lets see Wang Yaoqing again. He said on the stage that this is Lin Zhilings first fashion activity after marriage, and its also the prenatal

But then I realized whether I had made any mistakes, and immediately changed my tongue.

Brother Yao Qing, dont talk nonsense. Look, it scares sister Zhiling

Lets take a look at a wave of hot Search about modeling

#Delireba figure#

Some netizens use the metaphor of walking disco shining light ball

Indeed enough.

Dynamic diagram status OK

Although Zhang Yishan didnt attend the ceremony, he was a fashion trendsetter since he was a child

If you dont believe me, look at the same post of Liu Xing#

Chen Turing, a yellow skirt is quite atmospheric, but the hair is so tight, does the scalp hurt?

Well, she admitted that Chens scalp is a little sore#

If you want to win in a refined map, the best way to win is to release the map to see the map of Chen linyuner#

Its really the same as the red carpet

#Xu Weizhous translation to Yu yadang#

One to be serious, one to listen to

Is it English or Korean?

Theres also a net friend, P figure, Shen Yue, Xing Fei, exchanging shapes#

No matter how you change it, this shape is my second aunt who is going to play mahjong

Theres also the nostalgia card:

#Han Geng and Jin Xiche embrace#

After many years, brotherhood still exists! This is the spring of CP powder!

Sure enough, this hug is on the hot search, into the live long see series of leaderboards.

Then, Chen jinxiche and Zhu Xudan took a picture#

You know, Jin Xiche once chased the play the story of killing the Dragon by relying on the sky and was crazy about Zhu Xudan

I even wrote a little composition about her true feelings

How can the organizers miss the chance to post (upload) the body (energy) into (hot) micro (search)?

Arrange the group photo immediately! But the artists are also very happy. Kim Hee Chul is very naive.

Then came the signature of Kim Hee Chel

Why? Seems familiar?

Its just like his days shape.

Contribution hot search entry: Chen Xiches signature changes with hair style#

Worthy of the soul of freedom!

It has to be said that Kim Hee Chels visit is too valuable


Wei Dachun, the fashion cattle walking on the red carpet

The younger brother of Wu Lei who incarnates a green dragon

In order to save time and sleep, Xu Weizhou, wearing pajamas, went on stage

But in this way, the strange shape is a little strange, but the fashion performance of the stars is really good, for this grand ceremony also Hin spell.

To say that the winner of the whole event should be the Yellow bull who has deducted Xiao Zhans signature!

Mr. Shi asked:

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