The first full lineup of the vanguard was assembled and appeared in super SA group

 The first full lineup of the vanguard was assembled and appeared in super SA group

Different from the breathtaking and exciting environment displayed by the towering and turbulent waterfall of the leader poster, the released charge version poster is presented with the visual effect of a powerful figure group image. For the first time, all the members of the pioneer action team are assembled to show the hard core image of each member fighting against the enemy! In the face of the enemys gunfire, Jackie Chan is resolute and leads the team to fight back with a submachine gun; Yang Yang is spirited, aggressive and shows a sense of strength; Allen is ready to go, and his strength shows the heroic demeanor of the pioneer; his mother Miya and Zhu Zhengting are not afraid of difficulties and tenacious resistance; the whole pioneer action team cooperates with tacit understanding and is ready to die to complete the task Safeguard the dignity of the pioneer.

The film pioneer tells the story of the pioneer team rescuing Chinese hostages. Led by Tang huanting (Jackie Chan), the commander-in-chief of the pioneer international security team, Lei Zhenyu (Yang Yang), Zhang Kaixuan (Allen), Miya (mothers Miya), and the God sculpture (Zhu Zhengting), etc., the pioneer action team has gone to earth to carry out rescue and rescue around the world, and has been involved in a sensational plot.

Tang Jili, Jackie Chan, personally guides the pioneers, which is a super action blockbuster

Director Tang Jili and Jackie Chan have worked together for 30 years. They have jointly created the police story series of Longs action, longs comedy and longs life, and created a new years movie with Hongfan district. These classic films with both public praise and box office revenue have become the memory that generations of audiences cannot surpass. In the film shooting process, Tang Jili, a martial arts born director, has more extreme requirements for the big scenes and action plays. Jackie Chan went to the battle in person to guide young actors from the action parts of shooting and fighting. The whole crew went around the world to take pictures and launch into the water. They not only used various new weapons and equipment, but also trained several actors.

The film pioneer is directed by Tang Jili, leading the roles of Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Allen, Muqi Miya and Xu Ruohan, and specially invited to play Zhu Zhengting.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)