Two tigers reveals that the depression of fanwai Qiao Shan has become low wage disease

 Two tigers reveals that the depression of fanwai Qiao Shan has become low wage disease

Qiao Shan Hospital becomes a low wage patient with depression

In the exposed seeing a doctor chapter, Qiao Shan went to the hospital for treatment due to depression. The doctor asked repeatedly, are you satisfied with yourself, are you satisfied with your work, have you ever had the impulse to go away frustrated? after getting the affirmative answer from Qiao Shan, the doctor said the situation was very serious. However, after Qiao Shan asked doctor, is there any help? Ushering in the high-energy reversal of the plot, Qiao Shan changed from depression to low salary disease, and finally resignation is good doctors prescription laughed at everyone.

The doctors three consecutive questions in the seeing a doctor part not only correspond to Yan Nis three consecutive questions about life in the happy spot notice, but also refer to the work and life of young people. The depression and impulse to go away from work pierce the hearts of countless audiences. The kidnapper Yu Kaixuan, played by yew, is also like everyone in life and work. In the face of their dissatisfaction with their work, they often have the impulse to get frustrated and go away and get into anxiety. Yu Kaixuan and Zhang Chenggongs two roles in the film, from entanglement to reconciliation with themselves at the end of the film, also bring a warm color to the cold end of the year and clear the anxiety of young people.

The first billion breaking film of the same film won the top box office in a row

In addition to Qiao Shan, ge you, Zhao Wei, Fan Wei and pan Binlong, who starred in the movie two tigers, are all powerful. The film starts from the story of the stupid bandit Qiao Shan kidnapping the best hostage ge you. However, the kidnapper turns into a puppet and the hostage turns into a boss. From this point on, a ridiculous kidnapping case begins. In the process of doing three things for ge you, Qiao Shan and Zhao Wei, Fan Wei, Yan Ni and pan Binlong also have a lot of stories that are not funny. The combination of powerful actors and comedians has produced a wonderful chemical effect, bringing a surprising warm comedy at the end of the year.

In the previous 8-city super front show, the film has been widely praised by audiences and filmmakers from north and south. After the release, the box office trend of the film is also optimistic, becoming the first film of the same period that has exceeded 100 million yuan, and breaking through the encirclement under the attack of Hollywood film blade out of sheath and Disney animation ice and snow strange fate 2. It won the box office crown not only on the first day of release, but also six consecutive days Disney animation ice and snow 2 won the top box office on that day, and it has been the top box office movie in the same period since its release, becoming the first movie in the same period.

The movie two tigers is on the air.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)